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Resonance of

That the general between sounds of fine music, driving on a swing, a thunder-storm and a prayer? How we are connected with the Earth? And what occurs when healers work?

With transition to a new century, as usual. Much less often statements about the future of the mankind as look met. If not to take into account global cataclysms like flooding - a freezing or collisions with an asteroid, then, perhaps, the most important, pronounced large-scale phenomenon capable to influence strongly the person, are electromagnetic fields. Even for those at whom the invisible world is inhabited by angels, demons and other entities it is really penetrated by the electromagnetic oscillations, vibrations of the most different frequencies generated by both the person, and the nature. However we see less than one percent of all this magnificence.

Extend these fluctuations in a wave mode. It is remarkable that fluctuations and waves of any nature are described by the same equations. And if to deal with some concepts convenient for reasonings on fluctuations and waves, then we quite unexpectedly will be able to come to very different phenomena in lives of which precisely thought, but there is nobody was to ask . Let`s begin with what it is easier to feel.

Here, for example, the delightful phenomenon - a resonance. Not only musicians know that if not a resonance, then music would not exist. A string pinch, in blow of a hammer to it or an air stream in a tube the performer creates only weak initial fluctuation. It would remain unnoticed if not the resonator or, in other words, the case of the tool which is capable to respond to each frequency, to strengthen it, to give a timbre. It is possible because this resonator has resonant frequencies, that is it is capable to strengthen, paint and prolong some fluctuations of a string. But not any, but only those which are close to so-called own frequencies. And these last depend, first of all, on the sizes and a form of the case - the resonator. And from a set of subtleties where enter a type of wood, its humidity, etc. Here - that is also shown skill of the manufacturer of the tool about which we so often hear. In case of success the tool will sing in the performer`s hands in full accordance with that music that it sounds in his soul.

Is interesting that, on modern concepts, bodies and systems of a human body have own frequencies of fluctuations which the sound wave strengthens or suppresses, thereby influencing their functions.

Happen resonances and other look. Mechanical, for example. It is possible to feel well a mechanical resonance, indulging in all in favourite cheerful occupation - rocking on a swing. Entertaining itself or the child, we apply force of the necessary direction at strictly certain moment. The exact formula is quite difficult for definition of this moment, strangely enough. But everyone easily defines it instinctively. Very strange the person who tries to shake a swing would look, pushing them at the wrong time, that is not in a resonance with own frequency of its fluctuations. Here it is pertinent to tell, at last, what is fluctuation frequency. It shows how many once a second a swing will come to the same place of the trajectory. Well, we will tell for definiteness, - to that place where they are pushed. And if the frequency of fluctuations of a swing coincides with the frequency of pushes, there is a resonance phenomenon - then scope of fluctuations of a swing will increase. For our further reasonings important that at a resonance certain external influences are synchronized in time with internal properties of system, that is the principle " is most realized; in due time in the right place .

the Phenomenon of a mechanical resonance is capable to do also terrible harm. The case of destruction of the bridge in which the company of soldiers marched is known. Mostto, probably, paid off on very big loadings. But resonance! Who could assume that own frequency of fluctuations of the bridge will coincide with a rhythm of advance of a company. Soldiers marched in step, synchronously measured out the pace as one big soldier. And with that frequency which was resonant for this bridge! Since then in the charter it is noted that at movement on the bridge it is necessary to force down a step.

We got acquainted with sound and mechanical resonances. And now it will be easier to deal with the most interesting resonances - electromagnetic.

We live in a layer between the Earth`s surface and an ionosphere which lower bound is at about 80 km and is called Hevisayd`s layer. If to present Earth in the form of orange of 5 centimeters in size, then this layer will be on the ball 3 millimeters, that is this layer very close to Earth. The long-wave radio communication is possible only thanks to Hevisayd`s layer because from it there is a reflection of the radio waves which are bending around Earth. The earth - the good conductor of electric current, anyway on it for this purpose is enough water, and two thirds from it - salty water of oceans. In an ionosphere is to what too to provide conductivity - the sunlight tears off electrons from molecules of gases of the rarefied atmosphere, plasma is created. In space between these spheres - air, the weak conductor. The symmetric spherical condenser formed two the carrying-out spheres placed each other turns out. At the same time Earth is loaded negatively, and an ionosphere - is positive. Such system is called a wave guide, in it electromagnetic waves well extend. Those waves which are resonant for this huge natural wave guide can bend around Earth several times. Absolutely similarly to how the sound resounds in volume of a musical instrument. What it is frequencies? Such task in 1949 was set for the students on classes in electrophysics of professormyunkhensky technical university by Vinfred Otto Schuman. If to approach a question roughly and simply, it is enough to know the sizes of Earth and its ionosphere to calculate these frequencies. It turned out that in a cavity Earth - an ionosphere can extend (to resound) electromagnetic waves of quite low, even ultralow frequency - 10 hertz. Soon Schuman also experimentally found such waves and published article about it in some physical magazine. These waves and began to call - Schuman`s resonances. And from where they in general undertook, these waves, in a cavity Earth - an ionosphere? Lightnings! Them, it appears, it is a lot of near Earth - on average about one hundred categories in a minute. Lightnings make the whole range of electromagnetic oscillations. But only those from them that coincide with own frequencies of a natural wave guide, that is with the calculated frequency about 10 hertz, can bend around Earth several times in a second. Nobody first gave special value to these opening, even Schuman. Especially as on most - that business on the world earlier similar ideas already wandered. Their author is the ingenious Serbian Nikola Tesla - created artificial lightnings at the end of the nineteenth century. He found out that at the category waves of very low frequency appear. And they can deeply get into Earth without easing because resound with own fluctuations of Earth. Moreover, the standing wave which is running all over Earth is formed. These researches of Tesla then were not supported - time did not come. It came in 50 years - with Schuman`s works.

Healthy curiosity sometimes forces researchers to look through books and magazines on divisions of science, far from specialty. To be to Schuman`s resonances buried in the annals of history of science if not curiosity of one psychologist who remained the unknown who was looking through the physicist - the technical periodical press. Having read Schuman`s publication, he was struck dumb. The main frequency of a resonance - about 10 hertz - coincided with the main rhythm of a human brain - an alpha - a rhythm! Why?! Of course, he at once called Schuman. It is extremely surprising that rhythms of Earth and a mozgachelovek in a condition of quiet wakefulness coincide. Schuman connected to works of a studentavypusknik, future successor Herbert Koenig. This student was fond of unusual business. He investigated as those who can find in the earth water or minerals by means of a willow rod, lozokhodets work that is. Further we will see all notability of this circumstance. In the doctoral dissertation Koenig reported about more exact measurements of the main frequency of a resonance of Schuman - 7,83 Hz.

Was succeeded to measure also higher harmonicas of the first frequency. They average 14, 20, 26, 33, 39, and 45 hertz. It appeared, and to these frequencies there is a compliance in a range of the waves radiated by a brain of the person! In a word, the frequency strip of change of biocurrents of a brain lies within change of resonant frequencies of a cavity Earth - an ionosphere in quiet conditions. Oscillatory " system; the person - habitat is in an equilibrium state. It cannot be casual coincidence! If we consciously suited everything for life on Earth, better would not make. to Measure by

Schuman`s resonance - it means to some place on Earth to make record of intensity electric and magnetic water separately depending on time or from frequency. Despite global importance, there were few works on Schuman`s resonances until recently. Perhaps because military - for contact with submarines are interested in this range of frequencies, such waves get deeply into water and into the earth. Or perhaps because to measure Schuman`s resonances - a difficult task. They are too weak against own electric and magnetic fields of Earth which in 10 thousand, and even in 100 thousand times more. To measure Schuman`s resonances, standard electronics (amplifiers - preamplifiers) and very unusual antennas is necessary. For measurement of electric field the ordinary antenna would have to be 20 thousand kilometers long. Therefore use the special, spherical antenna together with the amplifier. To measure magnetic fields - all tricks are necessary too. Movement of people, animals, rocking of trees at wind can cross out laborious works of groups of geophysicists and radio electronics engineers.

Where measure Schuman`s resonances? Yes on all Earth. In America and in Australia, in Finland, Germany and in Russia, in England and in Iceland.

better to understand the phenomenon, to know well why it depends. Frequency and intensity of natural pulsations of Earth - not constant fixed values. As showed further researches, they slightly change under the influence of the following factors:

Geographical place. Most strongly Schuman`s resonances are noticeable near the world centers of thunder-storms. If to consider data from satellites of NASA on places of emergence of lightnings for many years, it is possible to notice that lightnings generally happen over the earth, but not over a water surface. Most of all them in Africa. So on modern views there the person also appeared.

Time of day. At night the Sun does not ionize the atmosphere on a dark side of Earth, and Hevisayd`s layer disappears here, and with it and shumanovsky waves. From the dawn the upper bound of a near-earth wave guide is restored and again Schuman`s waves appear. The earth has a rest and wakens together with us. Or it we - with it.

Purity of air. Increase of frequency is observed if in air there are a lot of water vapor, gases.

Surrounding situation. The electromagnetic smog from all electric equipment blocks vivifying natural splashes in resonances of Schuman in hundreds of times. They are extinguished also by some construction materials. Perhaps therefore dogs and children want to walk even if just returned from the street.

of Flash on the Sun. Researchers claim that at magnetic storms or in the conditions of electromagnetic fields of a technogenic origin when the frequency of natural resonances of Schuman changes, the condition of old men and children worsens, there are hypertensive crises, epileptic seizures and suicides more often.

A how nevertheless is carried out influence of magnetic storms on the person? Perhaps, the situation is so. At flashes on the Sun properties of a layer of Hevisayd - the upper bound of our natural resonator change. It leads to changes of frequency of a resonance of Schuman. In 1665 Christiaan Huygens noticed that if nearby two pendulums with close, but nevertheless various frequency from each other begin to fluctuate, then after some time their frequency of fluctuations will become identical. And it is the general law. To each oscillatory " system; easier to fluctuate in a step, than separately. Means, Schuman`s resonances for us are as if a ritmovoditel. Schuman`s frequency changed for some reason - it leads to change of frequency of electromagnetic oscillations of a brain and deterioration in a condition of the person. Thus, through Schuman`s resonances health of the person is connected with a geophysical condition of Earth. Moreover, it turned out that not only physical health, but also sincere and just ability to think. The brain works in the mode an alpha - a rhythm (at frequency about 8 hertz) when the person, being in a condition of a muscular relaxation, solves creative problems. At most of the people having accurately expressed an alpha - a rhythm ability to abstract thinking prevails. Occasionally people in whom total absence an alpha - rhythms is found meet. They freely think of visions, however experience difficulties in the solution of problems of abstract character.

Those who are inclined to research activity can track communication of own health (change of arterial pressure, for example) with changes in a range of waves of Schuman. It is possible to make it, visiting, for example, the site of Tomsk state university tsu. ru/. Data are updated each two hours. Besides, interestingly most to be convinced whether the frequency of shumanovsky waves really grows as it is reported sometimes about it. It would mean, neither more nor less, that there is an evolution of a brain of the person.

Appeared: own magnetic field of Earth pulses in the same range of frequencies, as a rezonansyshumana, and brain rhythms. It led even to some confusion. You can sometimes hear that Schuman`s resonances are just fluctuations of a magnetic field of Earth. But not the waves which are given rise by lightnings and bending around Earth in a natural wave guide.

Now the number of publications on Schuman`s resonances strongly increased - approximately up to one thousand a year. Let`s discuss two main reasons of it.

In - the first, was found a possibility of definition on Schuman`s resonances of temperature and storm activity in planet scales. Already it is precisely known that the air temperature of the lower layers of the atmosphere is higher, the it is more than thunder-storms, lightnings and rainfall. So, Schuman`s resonances are more powerful. On simple logic, measuring intensity of resonances in different places of Earth, it is possible to judge its average temperature. That is Schuman`s resonance is a thermometer for the mother - Earth. Average on the ground temperature - now a sore point for all people in general, and not just for scientists. Disputes do not cease whether already global warming began or it is a problem of our descendants.

With Schuman`s resonances, more precisely, with activity of a human brain at frequencies of these resonances, some researchers connect various effects of foresight, healing, hypnosis, searches of water and minerals by means of a rod or a frame. Doctor John Zimmerman, the founder and the president of Institute of bioelectromagnetism in Renault, the State of Nevada, was engaged in studying of extensive literature on activity of healers. He found out that at the beginning of a session at the healer connection with Schuman`s waves is established. Its right and left hemispheres of a brain are synchronized while usually they are slightly debalanced. Both hemispheres begin to work in an alpharhythm with frequency about 8 hertz. Then in an alpha - a rhythm also brain waves of the patient enter. These waves are synchronized with the healer`s waves. At patients during a session frequency balance between brain hemispheres is also observed. Figuratively speaking the healer attaches the patient to the electromagnetic field of waves of Schuman and to to pulsations of a magnetic field of Earth.

Exist the researches demonstrating that at meditation and during a prayer the human brain works with frequency about 8 hertz, in beat with Schuman`s waves and a magnetic field of Earth too.

Still we reflected mainly on a natural component of system of people - the environment of his dwelling. But there is already a concept electromagnetic smog . This chaotic radiation from various household and industrial electric devices. Its power already in hundreds of times exceeds a natural background. Of course, waves with a frequency an alpha - a rhythm very weak, their scope, or amplitude, makes only about 30 million shares of volt. It would seem, it is insignificant a little in comparison with own magnetic field of Earth and with technogenic fields. But frequencies - that coincide with brain rhythms! Remember resonant effects! From this point of view the devices working in the same range of frequencies as weak, but such necessary natural fields are dangerous to the person. Here, for example, cell phones. Their all researches harm were carried out taking into account only their thermal influence. But also information influence which nobody considers is very important. One of frequencies of radiation of the cell phone - the same 8 Hz - is connected with our individual cerebration. Therefore, from the outside, and from direct proximity, signals which are capable to interact in a resonant way with own bioelectric activity of a brain and by that to break its functions come to a brain of the person. Such changes are noticeable on the electroencephalogram and do not disappear a long time after the end of conversation.

Report that in America each employee of NASA has at himself a priborchik - an individual source useful electromagnetic waves with the wave band of Schuman, for improvement of health at to fine tuning to natural natural rhythms.

A here bees Bees die out. According to the conclusion of scientists of the German university Koblenz - Landau, in the USA and in some countries of Europe about 70% of bee families died. Their death is connected with loss of orientation under the influence of the technogenic electromagnetic fields generated by powerful antennas of cellular communication.

Mankind as a look has the extraordinary potential which as soon as began to study. Creativity gift, intuition, talent - without these qualities of people could not create that wonderful world in which he lives. And what if, the shrouded anthropogenous electromagnetic smog destroying thin settings of interrelations in this changeable, fluctuating world we lose the invaluable gifts?

... Dawn. On unsteady border between a dream and wakefulness Earth sends us morning hi at a frequency of 7,8 hertz - frequency an alpha - a rhythm of our brain. Whatever occurred, we in a resonance with the Earth and to all live on it.