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How to avoid mistakes at the choice of the teacher?

On writing of this book I was inspired by one of my subscribers who asked me to help it to understand a question simple at first sight: At whom to study?

Also cited as an example concrete surnames from which it was necessary to choose.

If I wanted to get off somewhat quicker it, then just would print a name of the worthy in my opinion lucky who for very round sum is ready to throw out a heap of the most valuable knowledge before the sufferer`s face.

But time of people asks you a question, your opinion means to it not indifferently and has a certain value. He expressed you the trust, showed respect, and it is devil-may-carely simple to treat it - naprosto beastliness.

Besides I understood that now thousands of people ask similar questions. The problem of the choice faces all of us so often that sometimes it seems to me that to it there will be no end at all.

And if in trifles we are able to afford to act at random, then mistakes in the main, fatal decision can cost us too expensive.

And business even not that you will be sorry about the money spent in vain. I speak about irreplaceable losses of those of months and years of your life which to return you, alas, nobody yet not in forces.

Reflecting and analyzing all these things understanding that it is necessary to approach it responsibly came.

Therefore I decided to lay out to you the way as well as that needs to be done to reduce probability of a mistake as it is possible closer to zero.

Besides I complicated to myself a task also the fact that wanted to make it most fully and at the same time extremely briefly and simply.

Probably it is necessary to remind that everything that you will read here is not absolute truth and it is provided as is.

There is a strong wish that you attentively read everything that is written below and surely derived from this real benefit.

Weigh magic the algorithm consists of five simple steps which you have to make and if you are not ready to act that and you should not read further.

You do not receive any advantage from reading and just in vain will spend the time.

Well we will start?

So, I provide in your full order this miracle step-by-step algorithm which is capable to work efficiency wonders only under one indispensable condition - its practical application.

It is enumerable all those steps which you will have to make.

Step #1: Definition of the purpose.

Step #2: Glance deep into yourself.

Step #3: Studying of the candidate for your teachers.

Step #4: Generalization and analysis of all collected information.

Step #5: Check of the received result through Sixth Sense .