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Police thriller Sudden blow . How there passed the next day of Dirty Harry?

In an actor`s field Clint Eastwood passed three stages in the film career, on each of which he delayed and reached in own way some perfection. At first the Blond from the well-known spaghetti - westerns Sergio Leon, then the police detective from San - Frantsisko Harry Kellakhan by nickname Dirty Harry and, at last, drama character of widely known " pictures; The Baby on one million or Gran Torino .

In spite of the fact that and dollar trilogy and director`s works of Eastwood already strongly were a part of classical tapes of world cinema, Americans admit that for them Eastwood forever will remain Dirty Harry, the character of five pictures shot by different directors during the period from 1971 to 1988. The only tape to which statement Eastwood laid a hand is the picture Sudden blow 1983, the fourth part of this series about which the speech in this article will go.

The morning sun never lasts a day. Except for obstinate temper of Harry Kellakhan, the detective of department of murders San - Frantsisko who prefers to shoot at first, and then to say the word. Kellakhan, it Dirty Harry got the nickname not from - for the fact that he does not like to take a shower, and thanks to, very cruel, but at the same time to extremely effective way of fight against crime. If the domestic detective Gleb Zheglov claimed that the thief has to be imprisoned Harry stands on ceremony with criminal elements even less, without excess dialogues sending them to forefathers.

By itself, so defiant behavior does not please the police administration especially as Kellakhan in a coffin saw all regulations and instructions. Therefore when from Harry`s hands the next geek perishes, his chief, the lieutenant Donnelly, decides to send the pig-headed employee on extraordinary leave.

Our hero is obliged to obey to the order, but, as always, in own way. It goes to a small town where conduct traces of the strange murder which is looking like vendetta. Intuition does not deceive the cop. The young artist Jennifer revenges group of the thorough bastards who a few years ago cruelly raped her and younger sister Elisabeth then the last felled into a mental coma. The girl does only two shots - one in a groin, one in the head, settling scores with all tyrants serially. However bastards, having guessed a smell of the coming punishment, decided to turn into attack, and now the imperceptible avenger has only one hope for rescue - Harry and his right Magnum

Ya honestly watched all four movies about Dirty Harry`s adventures, including The Highest force (1973) and Reinforcement (1976), having left finally final part, Game in death 1988. Also has to admit, Sudden blow which director was Eastwood, practically does not concede on intensity of emotions to Don Sigel`s original.

Certainly, this image was given to the actor in his 53 years already far not so easily as 12 years ago when Eastwood was at peak of the physical shape. This fact cannot be suppressed. For this reason already in the early nineties Eastwood finally departed from heroism on the screen, preferring the serious drama roles which are not demanding parkour and sharp gestures and then at all got over on other side of a movie camera.

Sudden blow - the simple and honest police fighter in whom the evil will be punished, by all means, because kindly - not only with fists, but also with firearms. At the same time creators decided not to philosophize especially on the subject justice fulfillments extrajudicially having left this patient for modern society a question in a shadow of an action and a suspense. Eventually, actors for roles of villains in the movie were picked up so filigree that the viewer only also is eager when to these vile ugly faces it is rendered on full. Doubts aside. Press on a cock, Harry!

In a tape the actress Sondra Locke for whom " got the leading female role; Sudden blow became the sixth and last collaboration with Eastwood. Then their fruitful union broke up, and Locke, having lost a guiding star, dropped out of a holder of Hollywood. The young woman played, however, not bad, equally well representing from herself the finished bitch in Whatever one may do, you will lose or the lonely avenger in Sudden blow .

Eastwood is as usual good. All these Go on. Make my day frazochka and a cool frown still to it to the person. The actor is rescued by close ups because an old age, as we know, not the pleasure, and in the movements of the hero is already felt fatigue.

As for a plot, generally, it is few detective intrigue. From the very beginning the identity of the murderer is known to us, as well as the list of the alleged victims. For the thriller there is not enough tension, the narration develops enough predictably and the final typically Hollywood - villains are shot, and the main characters, having embraced, quietly leave a shot on a decline.

For Eastwood - a picture you will not call the director successful. So, the next first attempt at writing in well it a familiar genre. In the actor`s plan he had not to be zealous strongly too, Dirty Harry`s character at that time was to it as native. The good, sound movie of action which it is worth watching only for the sake of Eastwood. Well and music Lalo Chifrina, the recognized master of compositions for movies of a genre an action.