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What is Anarchy of

We often use such words as anarchy, the anarchist, anarchical, so-called punks draw an anarchy symbol at themselves on jackets and backpacks, but the majority of them do not know what is it.

Anarchism is a political philosophy and a way of life. The anarchism recognizes from the fact that in the system founded on the government and operation, people cannot normally live and develop. We have to and we can change own life, having established control over it, having relieved itself of political leaders to whom our passivity is favorable, of owners who profit on our work, from ideological systems which separate us from our brothers and sisters and do us powerless.

Anarchists realize that the state does not unite human society, and on the contrary, destroys it, divides people into the nations and classes, prevents people to achieve through joint efforts the purposes which they set to themselves independently, to operate the life. The state a source of violence and wars, its main task - not to care for interests of its inhabitants, and to protect the power property and interests owners of life holding people in obedience.

Anarchists are sure that it would be much better to live in the self-coping communities which would regulate the work and an exchange of its products, to live in collectives which could solve own problems with direct participation of all whom they concern (democratically or consensus).

What principles? Anarchism - personal philosophy and the international movement. Anarchists do not recognize borders between the people, our movement at the same time local and international. They try to understand the system of oppression existing where they live and, at the same time, to realize the situation in global universal system to change the existing system and to find the valid freedom. Anarchists aspire to society in which there will be no classes, division into the rich and the poor, national hatred, borders, lawlessness.

It is necessary to replace the capitalism based on domination of the government and transnational institutions by system at which control and property over means of production belongs to direct producers. To replace huge city agglomerations, huge plants and operation of the earth and natural resources on wear, the communities of smaller scales which are making thrifty use of environment and realizing the responsibility for the future have to come.

Anarchists oppose representative democracy at which the person turns in anonymous small screw huge the brutal car, in one of hundreds of millions of citizens of the state when they cannot follow all actions of bodies which operate them. They consider that people not only have to operate really own life, but also feel as part of society, have an opportunity to operate collectively process of the work and distribution of its fruits.

The power which is carried out allegedly from our name ignores interests of a general population, adopts and carries out laws pleasing to even against the will of the people, and resorts if necessary to drastic measures for suppression of public discontent (however, in an arsenal of the power there are also more effective methods, like washing of brains by means of means mass information ). In such world it is possible to survive, but it is impossible to live. Anarchists want to live, but not just to survive!