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How it is correct to breathe?

Most of adults breathe incorrectly, for some reason considering that a body amount of air regulates necessary for it. Only when we have a short wind, we begin to worry and take various measures: we go on a diet, we try to do special exercises from time to time, we take medicine. Really having only got sick, the person understands how important the correct breath is?

If once a week, on Sunday, during walk you deeply inhale air and consider that something was made for the health, then deeply you are mistaken. As well as those who time in a year, having spent holidays in mountains or by the sea, think that during this time they swallowed air for the whole year.

To keep health and beauty, it is necessary to happen daily in the fresh air. Fresh air in necessary quantities does not replace either drugs, or massage, or bathtubs, or creams or lotions, or any other cosmetics. Even diligently kept diet will not promote updating of an organism if is not followed by the correct breath.

It is difficult to overestimate value of regular and correct diafragmalny breath. Moving to breath time, the diaphragm affects heart as a peculiar masseur, facilitating it work and helping at supply of an organism with blood.

Close bras and corsets complicate blood circulation and free breath. The close lacing of a waist can lead to regeneration of a diaphragm over time.

The mankind knew breathing exercises

About interrelation of breath and a psychoemotional state long ago. But the world around us changes, and many respiratory technicians do not suit any more the city dweller therefore training included the simplest and natural exercises. Conscious breath is of great importance.

Such type of breath is absolutely safe for an organism as the habitual rhythm does not change, and at the same time is useful to calm of thoughts and emotions. It is rather simple to monitor the breath, and after a while you will notice pleasant feeling of ease.

Daily breathing exercises at an open window or in the fresh air will help to keep health and youth for a long time. Free and deep breath will become for you necessary and natural. At daily exercises of 10 breaths and 10 exhalations it is absolutely enough. Excessive loading in this case is also harmful, as well as in many others. During breath it is important to relax muscles absolutely.

In the first days, carrying out breathing exercises, try to breathe deeply, forcing to participate in this process a diaphragm. Later, when it will not be necessary to control each breath any more, it is necessary to expand a thorax at the same time.

1. Lay down freely, having extended legs and hands along a trunk. Freely exhale air from lungs that the stomach was pulled in. You breathe at full relaxation of muscles, deeply incorporating a diaphragm. Do it slowly and quietly. Consider to 3.

2. Make an exhalation, having used on it is twice more than time, than on a breath. Consider to 6. Before making a new breath, count to 9 (the pause between an exhalation and a breath has to be three times longer than a breath). Than the pause is longer, especially and full the breath will turn out deep. Better to control the breath, put both hands on a stomach. At a breath you will feel how the abdominal cavity extends, at an exhalation - as it is again reduced.

3. If you want to do the second exercise by more effective, repeat it, having put the heavy book or some subject on a stomach. During breathing exercises relax stomach muscles as much as possible. You breathe only through a nose with the closed mouth, at the easy resistance of easily close lips. The purpose of these exercises - to accustom itself freely, to breathe rhythmically. Deep, uniform breath strengthens muscles, improves blood circulation, gives a correct posture. Such exercises can be done standing or sitting, in the fresh air or during a short break in work.

4. At colds it is useful to unite breathing exercises with simultaneous exercises for a nose. Close a forefinger alternately the left nostril, right and take a deep breath according to right and the left nostril, holding nearby a nose a small bottle with eucalyptus oil. Having made a breath the left nostril, close it a finger and let out the air through right and vice versa. Repeat exercise three times, inhaling oil, and then three more times already without oil.

Take care and good luck!