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About a kompozitorstvo!

Once I began to write music... Everything began with the fact that as that time, practising music on a piano, in one work I worked on very difficult place. The place it was rather big (about 14 steps) therefore I decided to work it in parts (motives) separate hands, then both hands in the beginning. After this work, having connected both parts together and having lost them, I unexpectedly for myself found a certain accord of chords which sounded incredibly beautifully and unusually! Right there I grabbed a music book and wrote down it. I wanted to continue. I began to touch what got chords and, likely, minutes through three, found worthy continuation. As a result it turned out indescribably beautiful harmonious sequence...

Changing it again and it slowly started over again cloying to me. In other words I got used to it and did not find in it something unusual, something unique any more. And here the idea came to my mind: and what if to try to impose on this harmonious sequence some melody, too unusual and unique what will turn out then?

of Neznayu as, but I composed a melody very quickly, besides it sounded really unusually, it was not simple.

A already then, from this small fragment turned out small work... And though it was written not by rules (melodic, a certain structure - a form was not harmonious) it very much was pleasant to me! For the time being) Since then I also began to write music, classical music. First of all I tried to find

in the Internet textbooks on composition, and those, fortunately, were. From all, two were the most successful in my opinion:

E. Messner - Bases of composition

I. V. Sposobin - the Musical form.

They, of course, became outdated already a little, but there rather clearly and clear everything many examples from various musical proivedeniye speak, given that facilitates material assimilation process. After careful and detailed studying of these textbooks it became really easier to compose.

Later I wanted to create the first collection of compositions in which I would like to place all the works.

At that time did not even come to my mind the fact that there are programs by means of which it would be possible to enter the musical text. I for some reason considered that some special firms are engaged in it, with a special oborudyvaniye) Later I incidentally learned about certain Finale which just for this purpose and is created! My pleasure was not a side-altar...

of Sibelius too the quite good program for writing of music, but personally to me is more to liking Finale. I use the version of 2010 (2010. r4) and meanwhile did not find any special shortcomings. The program works steadily, without failures and the most important the fact that it is very convenient and easy in development. Music on it can be written not only for a piano, but also for chorus, a string quintet, group of percussions and even for the whole symphonic orchestra! It is also possible to create and own structure. And it I would learn nothing if not this website - Musik - story. ru (see the reference below)!

Is remarkable as well the fact that for this program it is possible to download various plug-ins (for example Garritan Instruments for Finale). These plug-ins are useful that when playing in the program of your work (which you entered there, it is natural) it sounds not just as kakiyeto the separate sounds (lost to Windows by a synthesizer) and as the real work, alive executed! These plug-ins a huge number, but the best and realistic of them to find rather difficult.

To enter the musical text extraordinary easily. If you have midi - the keyboard, a synthesizer or a digital piano, it is possible to connect them to the computer, then to specify them in the program and then the musical text can be entered very quickly, practically to a raid (the stroke, dynamics, speed change nevertheless all the same will have to stop and specify some nuances, whether it be a sign - all this will have to specify most).

Of course, as well as much, me was necessary to ask itself a question more than once: And whether it is worth being engaged in a kompozitorstvo in general? Only you can answer this question and nobody else. Still people buy disks with classical music, still exist kakiyeto concerts / competitions / action among modern composers, and, at last, still classical music is used at cinema / computer games / to advertizing and it is not all list of involvement of classical music in the modern world.

I would like to finish the article with words of the famous composer - Michael Naiman: The Composition of music - the main business of my life by which I am absorbed. As writing of classical music demands strict discipline and high precision, scrupulousness and does not suffer haste and a stress, for me it is the meditative process which is very pacifying, one may say, and it helps me with life. Writing of music brings me huge pleasure...