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We sleep and grow thin? Yes!

While all mass media propagandize a healthy lifestyle, offer different diets, exercises to be in a tone, to remain harmonous and young very few people know that it is necessary just to relax and to have a sleep. At least 8 hours. On a good sleeping surface. Here that tell about it scientific researches.

Canada, 2008. Volunteers were divided into 2 groups, on 70 people. One of groups fell down for 8 - 9 hours a day, another - for 5 - 7 hours. Results of research were stunning: in a week those who slept less began to gain weight!

USA, 2009 , Ohio University. Scientists proved that not only duration of a dream influences the weight of the person, but also that, in the dark he sleeps or with the turned-on light. During 8 - and weeks experts turned on for the night experimental the soft light. At the end of research changes in body weight were recorded - animals put on the weight 1/3 bigger, than usually.

Russia, 2009 - 2010. Experimental scientific laboratory XK Ascona . Long researches in the field of a dream led experts to a conclusion: the regular dream on the qualitative, sprung sleeping surface, reduces probability of obesity. So, volunteers were divided into 3 groups on 7 people: one group fell down on a rigid surface, another - on too soft. The third group fell down on the qualitative sprung surface.

A month later obvious distinctions in appearance of examinees appeared: the first and second group of volunteers began to make up for loss of energy and mood food, a consequence of what not only the figure, but also a state of health in general worsened. Scientists came to a conclusion that the dream on a qualitative surface gives less troubles, and leads to sufficient production of endorphin and a leptin (the name of hormone, by the way, comes from the Greek word to grow thin ) accelerating exchange processes and stimulating physical activity. And good rest controls gastronomic rushes.

Relying on results of researches, specialists of the " company; Ascona drew a conclusion that the good orthopedic mattress is capable to prevent many illnesses: back pain, it is warm - vascular diseases, obesity, sleeplessness. Moreover, the regular dream on an orthopedic mattress improves memory, attention.

" company; Ascona 20 years invest means in innovations and development of technologies, doing everything for satisfaction of needs of the person for a healthy and comfortable sleep. In Modern laboratory of a dream of the " company; Ascona various models of orthopedic mattresses are constantly investigated to do them more elastic, comfortable and durable.

For all the time of work specialists of the company came to a conclusion that special a mattress for weight loss does not exist, but one can be told for certain: the regular dream on a qualitative orthopedic mattress reduces risk of development of obesity and is warm - the vascular diseases leading to obesity.

You need only to choose that model which will suit you from all range. And it is a matter of taste and individual preferences.

" company; Ascona presents mattresses of exclusive brands at the market.

the Collection of mattresses of the Askona brand is developed taking into account individual preferences. Comfort and quality - the business card of a product.

Mattresses of the Mediflex brand are developed under the leadership of the academician, the Dr.Sci.Biol. V. I. Dikul for prevention of diseases oporno - the motive device. And since March 1 there is a new, advanced collection of mattresses of Medifleks. In honor of this event the previous collection is available with unknown discounts - 70%! It is a unique opportunity to take care in due time of the health. By words B. I. Dikulya, it is much easier to choose the correct mattress today, than to treat a sore backbone tomorrow .

For judges of the real comfort and adherents of active lifestyle mattresses of the American Serta brand are created . The Serta company carefully investigated the world market of mattresses and - producers chose from all Russian companies Ascona also delivered the equipment to Russia. You can choose from two collections - Serta Every Day and Serta Every Night - that model which suits you!

Elite mattresses of the American King Koil brand combine traditions of creation of mattresses manually with application of innovative technologies. King Koil are the mattresses created for those who prefer only the best!

Remember that a mattress - it is rather a need, than luxury. A lot of things depend on quality of a sleeping surface. And it not just words, and the facts confirmed with scientific researches and experience of millions of grateful consumers!