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Whether the diet easily is given?

Everything began with jeans. They began to swear at me. At first quietly told: Oh . Then: Oh - yoy - yoy . Well and, at last, rough: Do not force us .

Then the husband was connected to jeans. He told: Ah, what puzechka - and tenderly frayed me for a delight subject.

Then I sobbed in a fitting room. The husband, having seen me standing in socks and a polo-neck took an interest in what business. On a yyya on me yyyya on me do not sew a bryuuuuuka. I can carry only a cover for a parashyuuuuut or a huge navolochkuuuua ... - provyla I.

Deification was the fact that to me as the pregnant woman, gave way in the bus. I, of course, sat down to sit down, but deeply in soul was offended. Also decided to fight against injustice in this life.

No, I did not go to fight with hooligans in the Batman`s suit, but began to thumb through methodically the websites with diets. Offers was so many that watch year - you will not reconsider. A diet rice (aha that even in a dream it is gentle to press to itself an enema), a diet kefiric (it is necessary to think, right after rice it will yield stunning result), on a blood type (having read about itself, understood that not with that blood type I was born), meat (a birdie it is a pity... hlyup), a buckwheat diet (to choke with unsalted buckwheat of 1 - 2 week?) and so on. Generally, chose several hours.

Chose. The diet consists of crude vegetables and low-fat dairy products. Generally, in the original there was a fat content 5% cheese, but I modified it in " at once; low-fat " dairy products;. The diet what is both to a milk bribed, and a tops of vegetable it was possible at any time. And to do exercises for a jaw - just my hobby.

Running forward, I will tell: the diet worked. Weight left. It is rather simple to sit on it. But the promise of diyetorazrabotchik that weight will not return, - full as if it is softer, nonsense. Conclusions diyetoposidelok:

1. It is possible to go on the diet based on crude vegetables only in their (vegetables) a season, that is in the summer - in the fall. In the winter of vegetables not only that not densely, so they still tasteless, expensive are also stuffed it is unknown than. When after a radish at me language reddened, I understood that, perhaps (!) it was not that radish which managed to dolezhat since summer.

2. One diet whatever remarkable it was, insufficiently. It is necessary to connect heavy artillery in the form of campaigns on trainings. At my absolute dislike for sport it was the most difficult. But also the most acting, what here.

3. The easiest weight leaves a face and a breast. Most difficult - with khm what is lower than a breast. In a week after the beginning of a diet my figure reminded a pear - " conference;: narrowly above and much more widely, than it would be desirable, below.

4. There are only crude vegetables - it is, maybe, and it is useful extremely as, but from them will not invent a big variety of dishes. Yes, salads. Salads, salads, salads, carrot, apple. Pickles and black bread dreamed me in nightmares. Once did not sustain - and the hlebushka tore to pieces a piece. Is more tasty than nothing in life did not eat.

5. The stomach sharply began to demand hot. In sense - on temperature hot, but only not tea. And therefore I criminal baked beet. And it was divine. And then in general dispersed and made vegetables on couple. As told scales (and with them I had short, but very pleasant conversation every morning), it did not affect quality of a diet. That is, there are crude vegetables or boiled - stewed - baked - differences any. What pleases.

6. It is necessary to leave a diet skillfully. To those who are not able to do it (we will not point a finger), the nature is unmerciful. Therefore before to decide on a diet, it is necessary to learn how it is correct to leave it, but not to throw the head in a whirlpool: three days on rice, and for the fourth day Kiev cake for breakfast.

7. The main thing - will power. And if it is enough not to lose mind at the sight of a chocolate and to go regularly to trainings (and it is even not important, on what specifically trainings, though on cross stitching), then it is not necessary to tear the hair, to dream 42 - y the size and big chocolate cake.