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Why the company needs the website?

Typical problems which are solved by means of the website:

a) Support and advance of image of the company in the Internet ( an image component )

) Providing the most detailed information on services of firm ( information component )

in) Corporate advertizing on the Internet ( an advertizing component )

of) Involvement of new clients and partners, sale of services and goods from the website of the company ( a commercial component )

Let`s consider each of these points in more detail:

a) Image component. 21st century - century of information technologies. The enormous number of people in Russia and abroad use the Internet for business. At the business card of the firm respecting itself besides the address and phone there is always an address of the website on which it is possible to get acquainted with company services and e - mail. The website on the Internet for the normal company is similar to office, and the company without office - it is simply unpresentable not to mention that it is hardly possible to tell about such firm at least something positive. Presence at the company of the website - it is support of image of firm. It means that the company keeps up to date and uses all achievements of technical progress. The firm without the website always has smaller weight in the opinion of the potential client and this tendency steadily grows.

b) Information component. should tell New clients the same information on services and subtleties of work of firm. Now it is often possible to hear: You can receive more detailed information on our company, the offered goods and services on our website www. imya_firma. ru. The address of our website is specified on the business card . Information of many companies periodically changes, it is necessary to inform the growing number of clients on new changes and often it turns into a burden if not to use the website. On the website it is convenient to display all last changes of the company, news of firm, the change in price, services, conditions etc., then each current client can easily look at all new information on the website. Work with client base becomes simpler and becomes cheaper.

c) Advertising component. an Increasing number of the companies invest money in the Internet - advertizing and there is no wonder, it is the cheapest advertizing which allows to capture huge audience and to receive the maximum return. I will make a reservation that advertizing on the Internet is favorable not to all companies, it should be understood and previously to consult in agency the Internet - advertizing. The Internet allows to convey information (advertizing) on goods and company services to a large number of people, and it is huge plus.

d) Commercial component. From the website can sell goods and company services. The enormous number of potential buyers (Russia and the whole world) do the Internet by attractive trading floor. Not easy to adjust the business in the Internet, but it is very favorable. Well-known the Internet - PORTA shops of Russia. RU, OZON. RU, BOOKS. RU successfully sell already many years goods to buyers of all Russia. For descriptive reasons I will note that attendance of PORTA. RU makes about 20. 000 visitors a day! It is unlikely the physical office will stand such number of buyers. The second undoubted plus is automation of trade on the Internet. All operations on an extract of documents, accounts, a data recording in the database happen in the automatic mode and do not demand a large number of personnel.

Here we also understood why the organizations need the website, to the companies, businessmen.