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Ideal picture of education. What would we want from school? Part 1

to hit the mark - it is necessary to see it. To receive some result - it it is necessary to have a clear view. Therefore at first it is necessary to describe precisely - that we want from education, from school, and after it it will be possible to move to realization of it to lives.

Unfortunately, I do not see that questions of cardinal changes in school were brought up - there are discussions about a salary, forms of the organization, teaching volumes, ways of testing. Laws and standards are written as though specially so that the ordinary person could not understand them. I do not see in them integral pictures - everything breaks up to parts of a mosaic. And from what I can understand not all meets at me a consent.

The American philosopher and the humanist L. Ron Hubbard introduced the idea that for children we have to reach higher level of a civilization, than we have. And this idea very much is pleasant to me. The present civilization - with crime, drug addiction, corruption is not that heritage which children are worthy. How to reach such education which would lift children on higher level than we have? I will try to state the thoughts at first in brief, and then to explain something in more detail.

The first and main: children have to learn to study, that is to be able to find knowledge, to estimate their fidelity, to be able to do them by the. At the same time have to learn to study without negative consequences for health - and sincere and physical.

The second - to what they have to learn:

1. to be able to create the body and health, to be able to cope quickly with injuries and diseases;

2. to be able to estimate people and groups on the purposes and on tone level (on the vital force and activity);

3. to be able to create and develop groups (including a family);

4. to be able to improve the life to be successful;

5. to be able it is good to communicate, and by means of communication to settle problems, to be able to understand other people and it is clear to state the thoughts;

6. it is sure to own fundamentals of natural sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, astronomy);

7. to know fundamentals of history and literature;

8. it is good to know 2 - 3 languages (including native);

9. to know the bases of the economy and legislations;

10. the nobility how to raise and raise children that they grew up healthy, clever, happy and successful;

11. to know traffic regulations and it is good to drive the car;

12. to be able to work at the computer and to use the Internet;

13. to be able to use different (main) household and office devices.

Certainly, teachers have to know and be able it too. And to be able to teach it children. Then their profession will become dear.

Now - is slightly more detailed. Now at schools every year of training the state of health of children worsens! And it is not, in - the first, an obligatory element of training - as it is possible for to study without weakening of health. And in - the second, leads to growth of various problems in society, and respectively it is desirable from this tendency to get rid. Not my simply good wish (with which, I hope, the majority agrees) - in 1960 - x years Ron Hubbard opened it, and then millions of people could observe and put it into practice that the wrong training can lead to various manifestations of the intellectual and physical plan, including to a headache, belly-ache, eyes, excessive fatigue and so on. Ways to correct such manifestations were developed too and many years are applied practically in all countries with invariable effect.

To be able to estimate knowledge and to do them by the - this ability now very much is not enough for school students. Orientation to a zazubrivaniye and that in textbooks the ultimate truth is written is reality of school. To take at least a ban on use of reference books on Unified State Examination in mathematics.

Someone can call the reason - for what the person should remember a formula of a sine of the sum of corners? Where it can be applied in life? If the solution of the trigonometrical equations of nothing except " is simple; mind gymnastics does not give why also to learn bulky formulas? Now it is quite enough know that such formulas exist also the nobility where to look for them - and you will always find them in reference books or on the Internet! If you did not learn to use them, then even if having learned by heart all textbooks, will not be able to solve any practical problem.

Now is more detailed what, in my opinion, should teach school students in 11 years at school (by the way why for all training duration is established to identical ? People - that all different!

So, on points.

1. To be able to create the body and health, to be able to cope quickly with injuries and diseases.

the First part would be correct to be studied on physical culture, in the theory. But when you see and you hear the sea of examples when people do not know rules of food, are traumatized out of the blue, smoke, drink and use drugs - it is visible that practice at many will not be coordinated with the theory. The second part - how to cope with injuries and diseases - has to be part of Fundamentals of Health and Safety. And again practice shows that units are capable to make something in this regard. While the timely help just saves lives or reduces weight of consequences of injuries and diseases. Now hope only on Ambulance .

2. To be able to estimate people and groups on the purposes and on tone level (on the vital force and activity).

the part of the vital data which is Completely absent at school - teachers are not able to distinguish juvenile criminals and their schoolmates silently suffer violations. And as to you such joke - in 90 - e years of the girl wanted to become currency prostitutes, and guys - racketeers ? Whether the modern school far left? Whether graduates can easily distinguish group with socially constructive behavior from antisocial? From where teenagers came to concourses of fans with a fight of all passersby? Why they do not understand - what real purposes of these fights? Can tell - that it is too difficult subject and even scientists - psychologists cannot precisely estimate people that they for this purpose should carry out a lot of tests and years 8 to practice. He agrees - for scientists - psychologists it is too difficult. But just with their emergence at school sharp degradation of education went. And if not to ask psychologists, and to look for data - they very easily will be. To me, at least has the luck to recognize them and I with success apply them many years. I want that also children got acquainted with them and could build the life and the relations with people not on slippery intuition, and on the checked and exact laws of life.

Be continued. And now allow to invite you to a seminar How to grow up happy, productive and purposeful children who succeed in life , - children who ADORE to spread the wings and to achieve the dream which will pass on March 6, 2011 in Applied Formation of the CIS .

The seminar will be held by Bernard Percy - the teacher, the consultant, the expert in the field of education of children and the solution of family questions. Mr. Percy is more than 20 years the Representative of the International Applied Education, the author of books and numerous and publications among which How to grow up the child councils of children to parents Help the child with " school;; cofounder and editor-in-chief of the " magazine; Converge . Successful family man, father of three children.

Kazarinov Igor Vladislavovich,

tutor of Applied Education