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How to pick up the aroma.

Spirits became for a long time the main component of style of each person therefore it is necessary to learn correctly, to choose their aroma. To pick up spirits, it is necessary to consider a large number of various factors which will help you with the choice of the aroma suitable for you.

The first of them is the season. Aroma which pleases you in summer and spring time can not be suitable for the winter period. It is the one summer best to select fresh and light flower, fruit or even grass toilet water.

the Important factor in a choice of perfume becomes also time of day. Choosing aroma, think for what time of day it will be necessary to you. The good beginning of day to you will be provided by aromas of citruses which excellently invigorate mentality. Smells of sea water with an easy air note perfectly will be suitable for the first half of day. And here the smells having muskatno - an amber or spicy shade, will perfectly fit into the second half of day.

Great value is in picking up spirits, has also momentary desire. Every year you change therefore also preferences in perfume do not remain invariable. Respectively, each woman has several various aromas in a collection of own perfume.

Should be not forgotten also that skin at each person has the specific smell. Own aroma of skin essentially differs from others that is connected with chemical and microbiological composition of its surface. For example, prevalence in a diet of sharp and fat products, gives to skin quite intensive aroma.

influence a smell of skin various drugs, vitamins and other pharmacological means Even more. Therefore you will be able to feel whether the pleasant aroma suits you or not. There is an interrelation between properties of skin and a shade of hair. Girls with dark hair have, as a rule, a fat skin, and with light - dry and thin. Fast evaporation of aroma is characteristic of dry skin. Therefore on it even the light smell of spirits will sound provocatively, and fresh flower or citrus aroma on fat skin will be imperceptible.

the Only independent factor which is not influencing a choice of perfume is your age. At perfume selection it does not matter. Spirits will not subdivide on age categories, it is necessary to choose only what really is pleasant to you.

the Choice of perfume to favourite - very pleasant and interesting, but at the same time very important and responsible process. Incorrectly picked up aroma is capable to cause a depression, bad mood and even a headache. Therefore if you felt in aroma something validly to you disturbing or reminding of something unpleasant, do not make hasty purchase at all how packing was beautiful and advertizing is attractive. Spirits are your second skin and air to which you breathe. Spirits from which to you not absolutely on themselves, exert impact and on all your shape: you lose identity and self-confidence.

I the last council - do not go in cycles in any one aroma. Use any opportunity to try something new. Test of spirits is an only way to open for itself treasures of the world of aromas.