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Problem of the choice of clothes at women of

For any man the most real riddle why the woman has every morning a bad mood. As it will be good that could not be dressed-! Let the case burst with various blouses, skirts, dresses - all this not that!

The man of it will never understand, on his logic that the first came to hand, in that and went - if only the clothes were pure (not necessarily) and not mint. And important that every day it was unique and for this purpose it is necessary for the woman that the dress daily changed and did not repeat. But, even if in a case the mosquito of a nose will not undermine between dresses, all the same sets will remain the same therefore it is very important to woman to know rules of drawing up clothes, conforming to which it is possible to look every day irresistibly and not so as yesterday .

We will begin with the fact that the clothes should be selected so that all elements of clothes were combined among themselves. In that case, the more clothes, the there are more various combinations that will give you the chance every day to change, without changing at the same time clothes. Of course, it does not mean that it is necessary to refuse to itself things which very much are pleasant, but you will dress their maximum once - they are necessary too, but not in the main clothes. Let they will be your highlight.

Here in what there has to be the true variety of forms and styles, so it in accessories! The make-up can be not less various also. You can walk, for example, several days in one dress and to look each of these days absolutely in a new way. You need to change only jewelry, hats, color scale of a make-up and you already absolutely other woman! One day you, for example, made a natural make-up, used not striking jewelry - you the young elegant lady! And tomorrow you put on bright bright costume jewelry, make up lips with red lipstick - and you the cheerful adventurer who is looking for adventures.

One more moment which is neglected by many women it is age criterion in clothes. If to you already for fifty do not try to look younger, putting on clothes of the twelve-year-old girl - it will only add to you age and you will make impression ambiguous. Age it is necessary to carry with advantage, then you will look for all hundred percent, but not for hundred years! By the way, even rather young ladies try to try to look younger for example in twenty years put on a poyasoobrazny skirt and open a stomach. Of course, style of baby - a dale is very lovely, but please with it only the man and only house!

Choose dresses which will suit your build. Lovely women of curves it is not necessary to try to squeeze those forms in clothes several sizes smaller than put. Understand, at last, that if you even managed to get, say, into a dress of the forty second size, your the fiftieth from it will not become less! You will only emphasize the curvy shapes. Of course, it is necessary to emphasize forms, but only in certain places, and, for example, it is better to try to hide the sticking-out stomach.

Also would what build the lady not was it is necessary to consider the type of a figure. They are allocated by four: hourglasses, a rectangle, a triangle and the turned triangle. At hourglasses a slender waist, a breast and hips of approximately identical volumes. At rectangles the breast, a waist and hips are approximately equal in volumes - the girl`s figure - the teenager. At a triangle at a small breast pronounced hips. And at the turned triangle big shoulders and narrow hips - a boyish figure. Really, in it, a case, women with different types of figures can wear the same clothes? Of course, no! Therefore spit on fashion and its tendencies and choose what suits you.

Growth - here one more moment which has to be considered at selection of clothes. The fashion - the lady unpredictable and often offers that she will not decorate us at all. Striking example of that, short trousers. The girl who by nature small growth that, of course, is not bad at all, the little woman is much more attractive to the man - she so wants to be protected and preserved. The man feels like the man with such Thumbelina! But it is not necessary to cut off lovely ladies the tiny legs short trousers! It will distort proportions and by no means will not decorate you! Also very tall women should not extend the silhouette as you will look as Gulliver among Liliputians. You need it?

Well and of course footwear! Modern young girls literally do not take off a sneaker. Such impression that soon such lovers of sports style even under an evening dress will put on gym shoes. In the most sports shoes there is nothing bad, but it is necessary not to forget that it is intended for sports activities and only by sport. And the woman has to remain a woman and carry heels, though not really high and steady, but heels!

It is possible to remain irresistible (and it is even necessary!) always, for this purpose it is necessary to use the above-stated rules and the phrase: I have nothing to dress! will become for you less actual!