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Who such Cherubina de Gabriac, or Virtual reality of the beginning of the XX century of

The Grey twilight bespriyutny,

Heart - tasting bitter. I am one,

Ya one with the Spanish lute

at a window.

Kaplt drops, a chiming clock beats,

Fade roses on tables.

the Pale face of the sick infanta

in mirrors.

The echo of a song of toledsky

to me sings from darkness.

Voice gentle, voice children`s...

where you.

Books unnecessary volumes,

of the Branch of park on glass...

the Pale face of the sick infanta

in a gray haze .

In 1909 editorial office of the new symbolist magazine Apollo Cherubina de Gabriac received verses from the mysterious author by name . Verses described Catholic Spain inquisition time, knights and wars of crusaders, amazing beauty of the poetess, her aristocratic origin, fanatical Catholicism, mysticism, spiritual sufferings, frank sensuality and demonic pride.

Cherubina de Gabriac made such impression on editors that they believed in her and welcomed as new poetess and poetess of the future which was expected by the Russian modernism. Innokenti Annensky saw in it Future woman . Byron in a female appearance, but even without lameness - wrote about it Marina Tsvetaeva later, reflecting on an author`s image of Cherubina... September - November, 1909 in the Russian literature of steel, according to Tsvetaeva, Cherubina`s era . (Marianna Landa)

These hands with me it is unapproachable

Among night silence of my dreams,

As is pleasant as it is sweet - criminal

to Twist them with garlands of roses.

I kiss the divine

lines On palms a sacred pattern...


In depth begins to sing far the menacing chorus.)

As I love these thin brushes

I of the nails extended enamel,

Oh, suntan of these hands zolotisty, Than Lebanese poludny grieve with


These hands as flexible clusters,

All shine in stones expensive.

But left sharp nails

Slightly noticeable signs on them .

The adjusted poetess Elizabeth Dmitriyeva , the teacher of a gymnasium studying the Spanish medieval literature in Sorbonne was Cherubina mystically. In life Dmitriyeva was not a beauty, limped from the birth, but nevertheless many found it attractive. U E. Were the romantic relations with Voloshin and Gumilev, and both were her suitor for the hand in due time. Koktebel, St. Petersburg salon of Vyacheslav Ivanov Tower - were then habitats of these poets. Maksimilian Voloshin also offered Dmitriyeva secretly from all this mystification, and became her coauthor.

Only once one as a fern, I

Blossom fire at spring, drunk night. .

Come for me to the forest center,

To a bewitched circle, come, break me!

Love me! I you am close to all.

Oh, concede to my love damage,

Ya as almonds, it is deadly and bitter, is more gentle than

, than the death, is more deceptive and taste bitter .

Cherubina`s success was enormous. Akhmatova remembered that these years in the Russian literature the place vakantnost " was sharply felt; the first poetesses which soon for a short time was also occupied by Cherubina then to concede to Akhmatova and Tsvetaeva. Makovsky, editor of the " magazine; Apollo received the clever, thin, refined letters shifted by dry herbs and flowers. Nobody saw the beautiful Spaniard, half the Russian by origin, but all could draw to themselves a portrait of the dream.

I - in the exhausting reference

In these damned walls.

Blue, gentle veins

Fight on pale hands.

I count the beads;

Heart - as mountain almonds.

Behind cover of a lattice

Smoky cries crystal.

Even Ronsar sonnets

did not open to me grief.

Everything that was told by poets,

I Know long ago by heart.

Darkness you will not drive away sad

the Sign of a sacred cross.

A Took away from the princess of disgraced

even the clown .

Falling of a new literary star happened also promptly, as well as its emergence. The pseudonym managed to be opened, and behind it there was a woman who was not meeting excited esthetic expectations of literary public. And then suddenly the verses which had unqualified success even in such exacting literary judges as well as. Annensky, suddenly lost value . Scandal was followed by Voloshin and Gumilev`s duel.

Cherubina`s cult was smashed, and not less passionate criticism in exchange appeared. Both her appearance, and verses as secondary, imitative or even not by it written was condemned. Most the deceived Makovsky wrote about Dmitriyeva, as about the terrible chimera which rose before him instead of beautiful Cherubina with whom it was in love .

Became Razblacheniye strong blow for Dmitriyeva. She left literary circles and for a long time left poetry. Contemporaries, and in later time literary critics, began to consider Cherubina`s creativity minor in relation to literary scandal over her name. The name of Cherubina de Gabriac for long time was forgotten, and only in the last ten years publications of its verses and the biography appeared.

In the Morning the dialect ball grows dim...

Ya - one The cricket sings...

On my leg a crystal


the Way, bequeathed to me since the childhood, -

to Live one past dream.

of Glory pathetic inheritance...

Behind the

window of Alien shadows millions,

of Grey buildings a long line,

I of a tatter of Sandrilyona -

my " dress;.

And from Cherubina - it turned out sadly and life of justice and did not promise. In that history many different circumstances coincided. As for judges - Annensky, for example, did not live up to Cherubina`s exposure. By the way, among its verses were also rather pretentious:

With my regal dream

One I wander about all Universe, my

C contempt for life perishable,

With my bitter beauty.

The queen of an illusive throne

I was put by destiny...

Crowns a proud curve of a forehead

of Red my braids a crown...

Yes, thought the first after a story about Cherubin - is impossible, it is impossible to open incognito. The fairy tale will come to an end, the scenes will be bared, the velvet will be a deryuzhka, diamonds - bottle fragments of glass. Thought the second - whether it is worth extending morals of this history to virtuality in general? Here it is about conscious mystification when the person put on someone else`s order, and a carnival it was not declared. In the virtual already habitual to us people seldom can support long and seriously markedly the image differing of the present, they are more often or such what are, or unconsciously embellish themselves...

A in the history from Cherubina many, especially those whom it touched personally felt offended. It is easy to present (and somewhere I about it read) that Dmitriyeva showed to Voloshin letters which were written to Cherubina by the fascinated Makovsky. That quite could allow, as answers they, giggling, composed together. And in general - stole an ideal from society, and it before world wars and revolutions was much more naive also vostorzhenny, than now.

Anyway, its literary destiny on it did not end. Dmitriyeva married, seriously was fond of Theosophy and anthroposophy, was engaged in Munich at Rudolf Steiner , and in several years returned to verses. In 20 - e years wrote together with Marshak plays for children`s theater, was engaged in the translations, met the future bibliographer E. Ya. Arkhippov who collected and published all her creativity. From the Soviet power Dmitriyeva - Vasilyeva suffered already for anthroposophy, she was arrested and sent from Petrograd. And shortly before death, living in Tashkent, it created one more mystification - wrote a cycle of verses The Lodge under a pear tree - on behalf of the fictional exiled of the Chinese poet Li Xiang Zi.

On a table blue - a green bouquet

of Feathers peacock...

Perhaps I will remain on many, it is a lot of years

Here in the desert...

If you stepped on hoarfrost,

Means, also strong " ice is close;.

That has to come, will come .