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What does the chef hide? The confidential tool in kitchen of the maestro

As is beautifully and dexterously cut by products of the maestro of cookery! Looking at work well-known the chief - cooks Jamie Oliver and Alain Ducass, there is a wish to repeat this enchanting spectacle in own kitchen. But products do not keep within harmonous slices, and are rumpled and slide on a board. Matter in skill?

Not only. Pay attention to chopping boards which use the chief - cooks. They are not similar to rectangles habitual to us from glass or plastic. As a rule, it is wooden face boards - the professional kitchen tool.

Than are good face boards?

Thanks to the massiveness and existence of small legs of a board are very steady. They should not be held, cutting products.

On a face board products do not slide. In usual boards of fiber of wood products " are located parallel to a surface, and; go on them, as on rails. And in a face board of fiber products " are located perpendicularly, and; get stuck on them.

On a board from face wood zatuplyatsya less knives. When you cut, the knife blade enters between fibers, but does not saw them together with products. As a result you waste less efforts, and the knife remains sharp longer.

Products are very durable. They are done of strong breeds of a tree, using face part of wood. It is 1,5 times firmer than lateral wood of which make usual chopping boards.

Professional chopping boards from a tree are hygienic. On researches of scientists from Denmark, Germany, the USA, on wooden boards much less microbes, than on plastic and glass.

At last, face chopping boards are beautiful. They are brought together as a mosaic, from pieces of wood of different breeds of a tree, making beautiful drawing. Such board should not be hidden in a case - it will become decoration of kitchen. Production of face boards - a true art and the separate story.

At all advantages chopping face boards have one shortcoming - difficult to find them in shops. However, the Internet where it is possible to order a face board of serial and even single production comes to the rescue.

It is interesting that chopping boards which you see in hands the chief - cooks are most often made to order. A board for the cook - as a violin for the musician. It has to conform to all requirements of the maestro. Only then in kitchen masterpieces will begin to be born.