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How to choose a diploma subject? The Question of the choice of a subject of any scientific, student`s and in general written work, not to mention the thesis, basic value has

. Still, from this point the brain of the author of any of these works begins to work that is called on the end result that is on creation of a concrete intellectual product. In our case it is the thesis.

With what to begin? Of course, from the choice of a subject of the thesis, only as to make it so that:

and) then not to regret about the made choice that, generally speaking, there is a complex philosophical problem;

) too not to complicate to itself life writing of the thesis which subject did not find still due studying in scientific researches;

in) not to enter the long-term conflict with department of higher education institution and the research supervisor;

of) that can tell nevertheless some word in the solution of the problem studied in work, it is essentially important for any scientific work, and that, undoubtedly, the thesis is.

Further. Choosing a subject of future thesis, of course, it is quite good to glance in methodical recommendations about writing of final qualification (degree) works (VKR) of higher education institution. There are some councils in this respect.

As a rule, it is absolutely fairly specified in methodical recommendations that the subject of the thesis has to be coordinated by the student with the research supervisor that, certainly, is correct. Students are granted also the right of the independent choice of a subject with the subsequent its coordination with the head of the thesis and the statement at faculty meeting. But here in some recommendations there are certain strange additions: Performance by the student of work on independently certain subject is considered as non-performance of VKR and is estimated unsatisfactorily research supervisor. With the text of such work the student is not allowed to protection of BKP .

Interestingly and how then to be in situations when the student has accurately expressed interest in some certain scientific problem, in a practical field of activity in which it works for a long time and successfully if there are wishes in this respect of his employer etc. Following the same methodical recommendations, the student can choose also such subject which was a little studied by him in the course of training in higher education institution to expand the knowledge in the respective area. At the same time it is always necessary to mean; that the choice of a subject has to be reasonable . So who makes the decision on that, this or that subject is reasonable or not?

In this regard it is rather interesting to glance in textbook of methodics one reputable Moscow legal higher education institution where it is in black and white written that any specifications of subject VKR by the student are carried out from the sanction of the head of the thesis . Moreover, after the choice of a subject, it goes for coordination to the relevant department of higher education institution for its examination. At the same time, in the course of check at department the name of a subject can be changed to more harmonious and correct its compliances of concrete specialization and literacy of its formulation from positions. In case of discrepancy to these criteria, the subject can be rejected and it is offered to student to choose other subject .

Fine, just no comments! But if nevertheless the annoying student seeking to tell the any word in jurisprudence chose that subject for the thesis which to it to liking (and on his soul), then this subject in an official order was recognized as unusable, changed or replaced and the student will be obliged to write VKR on a new subject. Word unusable it is simply delightful in relation to a thesis subject! How to correlate its sense to the words scientific work hot topic etc.?

Well, students are diploma students, strain brains, think how to combine your personal scientific interests, the practical importance of a subject of work and it suitability from the point of view of higher education institution, for research in future thesis, - and forward!

And if it is serious, then it is not clear at all for what, in methodical recommendations of higher education institutions such rigid restrictions are necessary? What will the law student write work how to sell the Homeland or to make the explosive device? In our legislation there are so much gaps, and in any its branch, and in jurisprudence there are so much difficult, decades of not solved problems that, in fact, any, even the narrowest subject, can be reasonably recognized as actual! So why to the student not to try to develop her?

As a result council such: you find, dear students are diploma students a reasonable compromise between your scientific interests, real opportunities to write and defend the thesis, without entering in a corkscrew and the research supervisor, his addictions, interests and opportunities to give you real help in writing of the thesis.

Actually, all our life - no other than a compromise, so anything new