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Where to take qualitative drinking water? From an artesian well!

are necessary for the Modern person of water much: daily shower or bathtub (200 - 300 liters at one stroke), drain, I`m sorry, tank, washing, dishwashing cars. Watering, pool, fountain. At such requirements the consumption of water can reach five and even seven thousand liters a day.

And if from a site to the closest water pipe of versts loads - neschitano? Necessarily you will think of other ways of water supply. Imported water of people, got used to the civilization benefits, will hardly be able to manage.

Well or well? Big needs for water can provide to

only wells from 20 to 180 meters in depth, depending on a depth of underground waters. To wells which eat a surface water, such task not on a shoulder. They can reliably provide water consumption to 100 - 150, in rare instances - to 500 liters an hour. Besides, sanitary quality of well water today very low. The civilization generously impregnated with the waste even the deepest levels of soils through which there pass water-bearing layers. Here both nitrates, and nitrites, and heavy metals. Often also bacterial pollution meet. Of course, the well is more expensive than a well, but health all - is more important.

Wells sandy and calcareous

the Depth of underground waters is defined by hydrogeological conditions. In the central region of Russia at a depth from 15 to 40 meters lie water-bearing sandy horizons. They are separated from the soil and soil by clay layers which protect them from superficial pollution.

At a depth from 30 to 230 meters and more are calcareous water-bearing layers, so-called artesian.

Productivities sandy there are enough wells, as a rule, for a cottage with usual city conveniences - a bathroom, a toilet. But if the house has the European level of comfort - several bathrooms, the pool, - that needs to be drilled an artesian well. Waters in them - be filled in, the real underground seas. And quality is much higher than it, than in sandy wells.

Service life sandy wells - years 20, but often happens - water leaves. For example, if in the horizon to drill one more well, say, from the next site. Artesian well works till 80 years.

A design and materials of an artesian well Purity of opening and isolation of the used water-bearing horizon are possible

as a result of a special design of a well. It, first of all, existence of an upsetting column necessary for prevention of a collapse of walls of a well at pass through friable deposits and isolation of the inappropriate water-bearing horizons. Special substances - kompaktonita are applied to isolation recently.

They are filled up in the isolated well site in the form of tablets and under the influence of water turn into the compact not polluting and impenetrable plastic, forming a reliable stopper at an entrance to the target horizon. Purity of the consumed water is provided also with materials of which internal pipes are made. Strong plasticity of food gradation, PVC or PND are applied to these purposes recently. Polyvinylchloride pipes are easy, durable, absolutely steady against corrosion, are strong. Ecological and hygienic purity of pipes PVC is proved by numerous tests. Pipes conform to requirements imposed to food plasticity.

Automatic water supply by

For drilling of wells use special installations. In a ready well lower steel thick-walled pipes. Immerse the deep pump with a diameter of 3 - 4 inches in them. From the pump comes to a surface and the pressure head pipeline is removed to the house. Frost penetration in water is excluded in the winter if top ogolovka of a well and an introduction pipe are deepened on 1,5 - 2 meters to the earth.

Water comes to the house through the membrane tank located in the cellar or on the first floor. This capacity small (100 - 200 liters) volume serves for maintenance of the set pressure. The borehole pump pumps in it water until pressure reaches the maximum value. At a water expenditure pressure in system and in a tank goes down, and the pump turns on again. Full analog of city water supply. Besides, the clock operating mode of the pump allows to minimize an electric power expense. Having mounted such system, the owner will not feel any discomfort with water supply for many years!

" spring water; on a turn-key basis

to take advantages of borehole water supply, it is not necessary to invite shabashnik. As a result of their dedicated work the site can turn into a huge colander. Where water underground murmurs, only god and the professional driller knows.

At first by all means it is necessary to consult with experts and to choose an optimal variant which will ensure functioning of system of water supply for 40 - 50 years. Drilling of a well, depending on its depth and complexity, will take no more than five days. After that it is necessary to perform a complex of works on development of a well. Powerful pumping of water for an assessment of its operational opportunities, a water intake on the full chemical analysis. It is necessary for the conclusion about compliance of water to requirements of state standard specification.

The following stage - installation of the pump, full construction of surface facilities for the well and a supply of water to the house. The owner has to receive the passport of water lifting installation with the indication of its main characteristics. This document is necessary both for bodies of local supervision, and at operation. Any serious crew will not undertake repair of a well, without knowing what pump is installed there.

But at the correct operation the well will serve belief and the truth not to one generation of inhabitants of the house. And no accidents, any rusty pipes will break habitual pleasure daily and beyond all bounds to use qualitative water.