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Whether it is necessary to combine products? And you try!

the Best diet - that which is pleasant. Believe, the person who really is a good judge both of food, and of maintenance of a healthy lifestyle so will tell. It will never exhaust itself(himself) with starvation, to drink on three, and even it is more, kefir liter a day, to infinitely gnaw apples. What for? That for several days to dump couple of kilograms, and then to gather twice more?

Day of the person interested to grow thin the person reminds a constant lesson of mathematics. Since the morning work is already humming: calculation of calories, fats, carbohydrates and proteins, division of portions and even weighing of products. Perhaps, it is better to learn to combine them correctly? Sometimes it is much more important than calculation of caloric content of a dish. Right connection of products will bring to you not only long-awaited loss of kilograms, but also will strengthen health. Let`s not forget great Socrates`s words: We live not in order that is, and we eat to live .

Today I offer you five pair combinations of products which not only perfectly will approach any meal, but also considerably will affect appearance.

Flakes and sunflower seeds of a sunflower will help to strengthen immunity.

Add a half-cup of seeds of a sunflower to your usual morning flakes from whole grain. This combination will provide more than hundred percent of your daily requirement in an alpha - tocopherol, the most active form of vitamin E. As antioxidant vitamin E protects cages from damages. Fried eggs and red paprika will make by

skin young and gentle.

eggs contain minerals - calcium, magnesium, zinc, iodine, iron, phosphorus, and vitamins - A, B2, B6, biotin, B12, D and folic acid. However in them there are no carbohydrates and vitamin C. And these substances, certainly, are necessary to our organism. If you want to combine advantage and love to eggs, cook fried eggs with vegetables.

The additive of only one - two cups of sweet pepper in this dish will present to an organism a good portion of vitamin C. And it is fine news to your skin! By the way, researches of British who within several years watched two groups of women showed surprising results: women who used more vitamin C had the skin less inclined to dryness and emergence of wrinkles.

Yoghurt and sprouts of wheat will revitalize hair and nails.


It is thought, about advantage of yogurt all have already heard a lot: he improves digestion and helps an organism to cope with infections. And only a quarter of a cup of sprouts of wheat contains a half of standard daily rate of zinc, the major mineral which helps the fastest restoration of cages and promotes immunity strengthening. By the way, shortage of zinc causes apathy, irritability, fatigue, memory impairment, not healing wounds, a hair loss and diseases of nails. Learn to eat this dish, and compliments of people around will not keep themselves waiting long.

Vegetable salad together with a tinned salmon will improve work of a brain and heart.

of 100 grams of a tinned salmon, added to salad, contain a half of week norm the Omega - 3 fats. These mysterious fats the Omega - 3 Very much now speak about them. They practically became a synonym of healthy food. Fatty acids improve work of heart, brain, eyes and joints, reduce cholesterol level. By scientific researches it is proved that fats the Omega - 3 prevent and improve a state at eczema, an allergy, asthma, Alzheimer`s disease, a depression and nervous diseases, diabetes and many other illnesses.

the Vegetables fried in hot fan and fresh cabbage are necessary for healthy sight.

about 12 mg of a lyutein and carotene which help to struggle with a cataract and age changes of an eye bottom contain Polchashki`s

of chopped cabbage. The vegetables fried in hot fan perfectly assist an organism in digestion of these important nutrients.

Agree, not so already and it is difficult to prepare these dishes. Especially as many of them always near at hand. A question in another: if you got used to a big breakfast with bacon, cheese and a roll and to a full-fledged dinner, it will be not so simple to you to change the habitual menu. But here it is necessary to choose: to you health or the stomach filled to the full is more important?