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Children - happiness or punishment?

Are natural, at many escaped protest " now; Of course - happiness! Same children! .

But if we honestly look at what occurs when the child begins to grow, then we will see that often he delivers to parents of frustration and trouble. No, I am not going to attack children and to kindle discord between generations. But if you ever faced a problem of education of the child, then here you will find answers to some main questions which are connected with this subject.

For a start I want to pay your attention that the child is just the same person, as well as others. The only difference is that it has a small and weak body and a little life experience. The famous writer and the humanist L. Ron Hubbard in the book Road fortunately writes: Today`s children are a tomorrow`s civilization. In the modern world, giving life to the child, you, one may say, as if you throw it into a cage with a tiger. Children are not able to control the environment, for this purpose they have no real opportunities. To achieve success, the love and the help " are necessary for them;.

In all the rest it just the same, as I or you. It has same rights, it has desires and interests too. But, the most important, he is a personality! No matter how old is he - 1 or 16, he is a personality. And it means that he endures all that happens to it, and sometimes much more sharply, than adults. If you treat the child from this point of view, it will already solve many problems with education.

But some problems all the same periodically arise. Those who tried at least once to force the child to do homework will understand me, to go to bed in time, not to interfere with the adult or to obey parents when to him 14 - 16 years. And here the decision which L. Ron Hubbard gives: One rather effective means is just to try to be the friend to the child. Undoubtedly, children need friends. Try to understand in what the true problem of the child consists, and, without rejecting completely his own decision, try to help it to resolve it .

Begin to apply these data today, and already tomorrow you will be surprised with results which you receive. Also you remember - as far as the purpose to which you conduct the child was would, always try to obtain that he agreed for this purpose, and try to obtain his consent that the child is first of all the personality.

Certainly, sometimes it is difficult. Certainly, such relation will demand a large number of patience. But actually it is worth it.

Act this way, and let the consent and the real happiness reign in your house.

If you want to learn how it is possible to grow up happy, productive and purposeful children who will succeed in life, come to a seminar on March 6 to the " center; Applied formation of the CIS .

Leading a seminar - Bernard Percy - the honorary representative of Applied Education, the teacher, the consultant, the expert in the field of education of children and the solution of family questions. Successful family man and father of three children.

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