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Whether it is necessary to the gamer of Windows Vista?

64 - digit versions of the Windows Vista

64 system - the digit versions of the Windows Vista system available to all releases of Windows Vista, except release of Starter, provide the most high efficiency, reliability and safety, opening access to innovative computer technologies of the next generation.

64 - digit versions of the Windows Vista system are intended for serious users who feel the increased need for high efficiency during the work with the computer equipped 64 - the digit processor. In such versions innovative solutions of Windows Vista unite with the advanced computer equipment that provides a possibility of use of large volumes of memory, the increased safety and new level of reliability. Possibilities of safety, for example prevention of implementation of data and the Microsoft PatchGuard technology, provide additional protection against threats, and expanded opportunities of memory increase productivity of appendices for which work considerable memory sizes are necessary.

64 - digit Windows Vista versions are ideally suited for the organizations for performance of work for design (CAD/CAM), for creation of digital contents, for scientific and technical calculations and even for the resource-intensive financial analysis. All these tasks are carried out on computer systems with 64 - digit processors.

Among private consumers 64 - digit Windows Vista versions will interest first of all inveterate players, creators of high-quality files of multimedia and enthusiasts for whom it is important to take a maximum from digital devices and which work at the systems equipped 64 - digit processors.

64 - digit versions of the Windows Vista system are intended not for all computers. The system with 64 - the digit processor and 64 - digit system drivers is necessary for their work. Before installation be convinced that system, appendices and devices support 64 - the digit version of the Windows Vista system.

Characteristics of memory

All 64 - digit versions of the Windows Vista system support increase in memory higher than 4 gigabytes which are a limit in 32 - digit versions. The maximum memory size depends on release 64 - the digit version of the Windows Vista system.

Release of Windows Vista the Supported volume 64 - digit memory

of Home Basic

of 8 GB


of Home Premium

of 16 GB


of Ultimate

More than 128 GB


of Business

More than 128 GB


of Enterprise

More than 128 GB

of DVD - a disk with 64 - the digit

version If you bought a box version of a product of Windows Vista Home Basic, Home Premium or Business and want to receive the carrier with 64 - the digit version of the software for installation on the computer, visit a web - the Windows Vista hub to receive additional data on the order of such carrier. The disk with 64 - the digit version is also included in the package of delivery of a box version of the Windows Vista Ultimate system.

THAT is PROMISED to us by the NEW Exit of the New Windows Vista Operating System OS

already not once it was postponed, however all of us hope to see the long-awaited project of Microsoft in January, 2007. But here question: whether gamers should pass to Vista? The system, of course, is positioned as ideal for game PC, but than it is good? Now we will also understand!


We will begin with the fact that Vista will be not one. Microsoft plans the whole six versions of OS differing in a set of functions. The simply and cheap will leave under the name of Windows Vista Starter 2007. She is intended, as appears from the name, dlyanachinayushchy users who do not need all variety of opportunities of more completed modifications and there is no wish to overpay for them.

Windows Vista Home Basic - more advanced option, but also it will not give an idea of all innovations of Microsoft. Majority privates users, most likely, will stop the choice on Windows Vista Home Premium. This version includes expanded opportunities for work with multimedia applications. So, to watch telecasts (in the presence of TV - the tuner) and to keep record on DVD - disks in it it is possible without additional programs thanks to the built-in cover of Media Center. And frills like recognition of the hand-written text, say about what with Windows Vista Home Premium will pleasantly not only have a good time, but also to work.

Two more versions - Windows Vista Business and Windows Vista Enterprise - are designed for businessmen: the first - on small and average, the second - on large. In these modifications special attention is paid to safety of PC and work in a corporate network. At last, the most advanced Windows Vista Ultimate represents universal " cocktail; from opportunities of all called OS.

What to prefer, solve to you, but see the most attractive to the player Windows Vista Home Premium its rich multimedia equipment and comprehensive Windows Vista Ultimate.


One of the most noticeable innovations of Vista - the graphic Aero interface. It harmoniously combines beauty and functionality. For example, windows of appendices when moving on the screen do not reserve white traces any more, and three-dimensional icons please with the real shadows. One more noa - Hau - transparent windows. Besides, problems with fonts disappeared. In the Windows XP upon transition to higher resolution of an icon and text inscriptions decrease, it is necessary to adjust their size manually. In Windows Vista badges and letters always keep the set size. Games which in the Windows XP work only in the full-screen mode in Vista can be started in a window and even to change its sizes. In emergency you can quickly close up any entertainment program and pretend that you are busy with something important: work or study. The last from the declared novelties - fast search from the " menu; Start-up and any appendix. And for receiving search results it is not necessary to press Enter: suitable files, folders and programs are displayed directly at an inquiry set.


according to informal sources, essential changes will also concern processing of a sound. The website of Microsoft about it is silent, but authoritative network editions claim that, in - the first, all games, movies and musical compositions in Windows Vista sound in 32 - bit quality. And in - the second to operate loudness it is permitted in each program separately. Let`s say you do not like background music in game. Suppress it and start the musical Windows player with the necessary settings of loudness.

Processing of a sound in Vista will become, allegedly, much quicker as the computer makes all necessary operations not in a kernel of system, and at the level of the user. What does it mean? Let`s try to explain. When you start the player (or any other multimedia application), he addresses drivers of the sound card at the level of the user, and they, in turn, transfer inquiry to OS kernel. In Vista the last link of a chain drops out thanks to what time of processing is reduced.

However, on a barrel of honey there was a tar spoon. It is rumored that Vista does not support hardware acceleration of a sound. So if you are going to change the audiocard, do not buy Audigy 2 or X - Fi - their potential in new OS will be unclaimed. Look narrowly at decisions from Creative better. They support the OpenAL technology developed, by the way, especially for games. Windows Vista will easily come into contact why processing of a sound in games will even more accelerate with it. However, all these rumors can not be confirmed.


But the most important innovation for a dessert. The real paradise for the gamer is promised following, already by the tenth DirectX version debuting together with Windows Vista. But if you plan to deliver to DirectX 10 on the Windows XP, we are forced to afflict you: the technology is compatible only to new OS, on all previous window leaves it will not even begin to be established. However to conservatives of Microsoft it is ready to offer DirectX 9L, the updated version with support of some opportunities of DirectX 10.

New DirectX reduces load of the central processor, shifting more tasks to the video card chip. Thus all opportunities of modern graphic adapters reveal. If you are not sure on what to save up money first of all - for the new processor or the video card, then choose to a vidyukh you do not progadat.

Directly under DirectX 10 several projects are already developed. Reported about the loyalty of new technology to the Electronic Arts, Namco Bandai, THQ and Funcom company, they act as publishers of 10 games, compatible to DirectX. In the list of releases such potential hits as Age of Conan appear: Hyborian Adventures, Alan Wake, Company of Heroes, Crysis, Flight Simulator X, Halo 2, Hellgate: London and Shadowrun.

WHETHER there is a SENSE?

You are tormented for certain by a question: what computer will cope with all listed frills ? The devil was not so terrible as it was painted, at least, for gamers who, as a rule, regularly update stuffing system unit. The official requirements declared by Microsoft quite keep within a framework of reasonable. Having system with 1 GB of random access memory, 128 MB of video memory and the processor with a frequency about 1 GHz, you can safely install Windows Vista. And it is even not the minimum configuration! With a scratch the system will earn also from old PC from 512 MB RAM and 800 - megahertz CPU. However, in this situation it is necessary to forget about the Aero interface, but a compromise on that and a compromise that to renounce something.

On everything leaves that the sense in a new operating system of Microsoft is. There is a wish to trust, the company will make transition from old Windows to Windows Vista the simply and painless.