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Your help to children is very necessary.

For someone will seem silly and inappropriate, to post similar article on the website Life.

But if to ponder upon sense of the name of the website then it is possible to understand why it placed this article.

These boys learned pleasure of hockey. Illness not punishment. Life gives test to strong. Also gave test to them. Each of us can help these boys to cover this not easy distance. To help them will cope with an illness. To help itself will cope with indifference, - an illness of not less terrible.

The one who is able to earn, knows how it is not simple. That whom the child was ill, knows that any, smallest sum can help sometimes. And someone can save life. Even a call by phone and just support, kind words of good people, especially hockey players and parents - it is very important. It is possible just to arrive to hospital and to talk to the boy, to shake hands and support.

God gives tests to strong. Shaking hands with these little men who learned pleasure of sport and force of fight against misfortune we not only we strengthen them in fight against diseases, but also we receive a part of this force.

If at present you cannot personally help, then try please, to bring this information to the acquaintances or friends who can help boys. It is the big help too.

If people do not learn to help each other, then the human race will disappear from the face of the earth . Walter Scott

Tom Shulgin (the hockey player of the Constellation team - 2001)


Requisites: JSC Sberbank of Russia, Moscow

Tver otd. Branch 0331

P / from 30301810338000603804

V Sberbank of Russia

About 30101810400000000225

OPERA of the Moscow GTU of the Bank of Russia

BIC 044525225 INN 7707083893

the Code by OKPO 02751791

For transfer into Shulgin Vsevolod Vladimirovich`s account (father Thomas)

Account 42307. 810. 9. 3804. 0800525

The quote from a forum kidshockey branch. ru: Saw this boy, the good boy, leg hands all at him (in the hockey plan) why life is so not fair... give

to Parents of patience, Tom of health and an elementary fart, Pahom in a pm we will help what we will be able...

Vadim Lentikov (the hockey player of the Dynamo team - 97)

Is seriously ill

Requisites: Account No. 40817810738120632143

of Box. the account No. 30101810400000000225

in the OPERA of MGTU of Sberbank of Russia

additional office 9038/0393

BIC 044525225 KPP 775003035

INN 7707083893

OKATO 45286580000

the Card No. 676196000070021283

is open addressed to Bolshakova Galina

Phone for contacts: +7 (906) 074 - 3494 

Volodin Vitaly (the hockey player of the Petrochemist team - 95)

the Blood cancer

Requisites: Nizhnekamsk RSD No. 4682/055

Otd " Tatarstan Bank; Personal account 40817810362356341001 / 53

are open No. 8610 in payment processing center of NB RT of KAZAN

K/sch 30101810600000000603 BIC 049205603

KPP 165102001

INN 7707083893

P/sch 30301810362006006235

addressed to Danilova Olga Vyacheslavovna (Vitalik`s mother) for

the Quote from a forum kidshockey branch. ru: Vitalik transferred the 2nd chemistry, but feels not important, is very weak. Let`s ring Angela Vavivolova`s center today, phone was transferred to mother. I called people for specification of the account and I was told that in banks everything is known .

Parents wanted to advertize on television. But some vicious circle: on television demand the certificate of an illness, and doctors do not give it. But we surely will think up something!!! .

And why do not give the reference?

But doctors do not give motivating with the fact that there was a case reporters came in large numbers, removed everything, asked. Just to them not hunting as it seems to me with these to communicate that they were disturbed about it that yes once again as and why (do not give at us in Nizhnekamsk). Just do not want publicity. Let`s try to take in Kazan. The diagnosis was made. Concerning Moscow well, but we try to agree with the center in Kazan .

Yes, just all these officials are afraid for the for...........

Here phone of mother of Vitalik: 8 917 281 67 41- Olga. Donors are very necessary to

, just how many from Nizhnekamsk went people (on 10 - 15 people) only one approaches. though such and widespread group 2+ ..... At the moment all references parents of the boy have


It is possible to help boys right now. To make payment of any feasible sum perhaps electronic payment (Yandex money, plastic cards, etc.) on the website of " charity Foundation; Hockey to children! (the reference is given).

Or directly in fund: " fund; Hockey to children 2010 107113, Moscow, st. Sokolnichesky shaft, 1B, building of " Sports palace; Sokolniki .

Phone: (495) 645 - 2065 Information on accounts of the boys needing the help and treatment is provided to

by the website kidshockey. ru. (the reference is given)

Thank you, for your unindifference and participation.

yours faithfully. Irina Alyokhina.