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How plants purify air and water?

of our apartments are airborne in certain, let and small, concentration harmful substances, microorganisms and allergens and, at last, is frequent - an ordinary tobacco smoke.

Any book about room floriculture does not do without words that houseplants refresh air in the apartment. Each fan of house plants, listing the dignity of the pets, by all means will mention also that he with them in the room is easier breathed. But still this effect observed at the household " level; explained only with the fact that plants acquire the carbon dioxide collecting in air and emit oxygen. There are also processes of active absorption of air and other harmful substances.

It turned out that well-known all a houseplant - the chlorophytum purifies air more effectively, than many technical devices which are specially created for this purpose.

Having placed in the special small cell of a plant of several types and having well lit it, researchers pumped the gases polluting air in rooms there. Measuring then the volume of gases absorbed by plants, they revealed most efficient .

Thus it was found out that in 24 hours the chlorophytum completely purifies air of a skilled chamber of all harmful impurity. For some, still not known reasons, this plant assimilates harmful gases with a phenomenal speed, maybe, the reason is covered that it quickly expands, and it children receive food from air too. The chlorophytum breeds in the vegetative way, on its stalks there are shoots, then getting own root - so-called children .

It is quite enough one plant for weakening of influence of oxides of nitrogen indoors where there is a gas burning. But, for example, absorption of the formaldehyde emitted by thermal insulation from some synthetic materials in the apartment of average size, according to calculations, will already require about 10 chlorophytums.

In laboratory of sewage were engaged in studying of properties of a water hyacinth - one of the most prolific weeds in the world. Everywhere he is considered a wrecker. Really, the hyacinth uncontrollably expands, filling waterways. However it was succeeded to reveal also its useful properties. It turned out that this plant not only with the terrifying speed litters the rivers, but also at the same time purifies their water of harmful impurity. The water hyacinth perfectly absorbs phosphates, potassium and nitrates, that is those substances which pollute it. Researches of a water hyacinth suggested to scientists an idea of use of plants for purification of air.

Additional use of the filters placed in the soil is liquidated more effectively by harmful impurity in air. So, for example, the absorbent carbon entered into a pot with a plant considerably increases cleaning properties of a plant in general.