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What is BlackBerry syndrome?

BlackBerry Thumb that is, BlackBerry " Thumb; - the new disease connected with frequent use of portable wireless communicators and the advanced cell phones is so informally called. Businessmen and gamers are threatened by a new misfortune.

In due time a lot of talk went about a karpalny tunnel syndrome - the disease affecting hands of people who spend a lot of time behind the keyboard of the computer and a mouse. Let`s remind, it is expressed in a clip of the nerves passing through a wrist, hypostasis of fabrics, pains and prickings.

More ergonomic keyboards and mice - one of ways of fight, but, alas, not panacea - there is no ideal solution, apparently, yet (except for typing exotic still by voice). The many people suffer from this illness.

Now, on a new round of development of technology, the related disease developed: the severe pulsing pains in thumbs of hands trap those who often use pocket communicators with the microscopic QWERTY keyboards, such as the wireless device for on-line surfing and work with e-mail BlackBerry.

It appeared in 1999, and today it is already whole line of models which millions of people use.

The competing companies have many similar devices now. But from - for popularity of the Canadian machine of the doctor in North America began to call (informally) a new disease by her name - BlackBerry. That the company - producer of this communicator hardly pleased - it - that is not guilty at all.

In a number of the registered cases owners of the device, in plenty ponabirav letters thumbs of hands, could not use not only a communicator later, but even remote controls the TV.

But from affairs - that all the same you will not get to anywhere. Such sufferers are forced to print letters on the communicator keyboard a pencil tip that is not really convenient.

There is no statistics on this disease, but physicians say that the number of such cases grows. Not for nothing producers of such machines, as well as, for example, portable video game consoles, honestly include in instructions the warning of risk of injury of fingers at abuse of game (a set of texts).

Cases of an inflammation of thumbs at inveterate gamers - are also well-known. They are options skeletno - muscular damages which trap the modern people who got used to abundance of various buttons in their life.

Frequent repetition of one movement, physicians which for a finger physiologically, perhaps, and not really - that is convenient say - it is a right way to catch constant pains, from - for whom sometimes people cannot even sleep.

Prevention in such cases is obvious: these are frequent breaks in printing on such keyboard (game on the console), and it is even better - connection to the device of the keyboard of the bigger size. Plus - massage of fingers or even - electrostimulation of their muscles.

Treatment of pains begins with simple - applying of ice, massage. And if it does not help - the cortisone prick to the area of a thumb is necessary. In especially hard cases already surgical intervention is required.

Here what the hard work with e-mail on the run can turn back. It is necessary to hope for the birth of essentially new systems of input of texts. A look there, or what to waste time on trifles - by force of thought.

However, there is fear, as here we will be trapped by some new misfortune.