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How treasures are exorcized?

this Subject, about treasures, is rich with any beliefs. Many fairy tales and the legends also contact superstitions about treasures; at each edge the hero or the robber of former years to which all found and required treasures are attributed.

In east provinces treasures belong to Pugachev, on Volga - to Stenke Razin, in Ukraine - Garkushe, in Central Russia - to Kudeyar and so forth. The treasure is given not everyone; the owner of a treasure, on the death, wanders quietly around and protects its old and is sensitive: or you will not find at all, or and you will find and you will not take, it will not be given in hands; you will not smoke on weight; you are struck as you will touch, exactly who to you hands and legs will kill; you turn on this place and you will not leave, exactly the wood goblin bypassed, prick you will not put a treasure again back; or, if the treasure underground, in the cellar, a deep hole, then taken it does not get out in any way, before you the earth is closed, iron doors with locks are shut; or the invisible being will jump out from nowhere, will grab and holds on the place, while will not let go a treasure; or the mountain will pull hard on a shoulder exactly so also not to turn language; or legs will give away, or will become, will rest as if grew to the earth; or, if you take a treasure and you will carry away, then how many you carry it home, you take gold, and you will bring crocks; or, at last, you will take and itself is not glad; all family spodryad will die out.

All this because that the treasure is put with lead or with pledge that the treasure happens always almost reserved and is given that only who will execute pledge; relieves of this duty only color of a fern or a gap - prygnun - a racer - plakun - or sryg - a grass, iron ore or a kochedyzhnik; all spirits will obey a fern and a plakun, and the jumper breaks locks and locks, winning against any obstacle.

Sometimes the treasure wanders not only a candle, a spark, but even some animal or the person; if, having guessed to hit it backhand and to tell; amen, amen, be scattered, before you the jug with money will come to be. During dredging of a treasure different passions always happen, and devils frighten and torment the seeker, it is possible to borrow from a treasure sometimes if it gives, but to term bring, otherwise the trouble big will comprehend. It is also possible to change money at a treasure and at the same time even sometimes to shorthand it, having put the same number of coins, smaller value.

We mentioned that the treasure is put with a mot or on a precept : it means that who buries it, that has to prichityvat in all the time aloud what pledge puts on it: e.g., a seven-day post and then to dig barehanded on a new moon; or on a gap - a grass and so forth

One person buried a treasure, keeping saying: on three heads valiant ; so, the treasure will not be given anybody if does not bow to it three heads valiant; and other tramp, sitting incidentally right there in a hollow, overheard it and peregovarivat every time: on three stakes aspen . The treasure obeys always the last plot; therefore, when the owner left, and schemed him cut down three aspen Coca and bowed them to a treasure, took it very quietly.

There are also plots, in everything similar to other plots, both for laying of a treasure, and for its outcome.