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How you will order?

Many consider that to be the good manager, it is enough to be able to send the subordinates to and fro - that the service honey did not seem . Meanwhile, it far not so. Contrary to this popular belief, it is necessary to abstain from mandative style, on the contrary. The less orders - the work is more effective.

According to psychologists when you charge to someone to make something (for example: Find it - that business and bring to me or To throw Semenov in the third change ) - it is already the order. Therefore, you initially refuse to the person freedom to think over what should be executed and as to make it. That is - to execute and report! the third is not given. The American specialist in questions of marketing John Rek sees two reasons for which such position bears a negative charge: in - the first, your subordinates has no opportunity to understand how to execute an assignment, and, in - the second - you do not allow them to study.

Of course, there are situations when most of all approaches to order. In army so not to do without it at all. For example, ordering to a platoon to attack height 11 you hardly want that soldiers at first thought over it. Nevertheless, it is even desirable not to give thoughtless, obviously impracticable orders to armies. And in management it is in general a cornerstone. Not incidentally sensible managers try not to order, and to instruct.

Instead of saying to people that it should be made, better to say it what you would like that they made D. Rek recommends. In this case you provide them some freedom of action. And, perhaps, they will think up which - that it is better than your literal order. Because the instruction induces people to think. Thereby they make the contribution to a final decision. And subsequently if necessary will be able to defend the achieved result with deep arguments.

But at the same time it is necessary to set a task most accurately, without leaving the place for discrepancies. For example, it is not recommended to speak: Check data for the last month and you come with the report . It is desirable to be expressed approximately so: Check data of the last month. By the morning on Monday I wait for your reasons. Present also couple of alternative options of effective completion of the auction .

Certainly, mission of the manager consists in the organization of as much as possible productive labor process. However one man is no man, do not forget about it. It is not enough to set a task - it is necessary to have near at hand the command capable to approach creatively its decision. Thereby continuous practical training is provided. What, in turn, allows to increase motivation of employees. And thanks to it the collective like to you respect, and you, one may say, grow in his eyes.

So, friends, next time, before giving the order to subordinates (for whom those, of course, are available), think - whether it is impossible to replace it with the instruction or the recommendation? It is thought, both parties from it will only be benefited.