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Michael Jackson Biography (Michael Jackson Biography)

(29. 08. 1958 - 25. 06. 2009) Michael Jackson was born in Joseph and Catherine`s family in the city of Gary (State of Indiana). He was the seventh of ten children. Joseph organized family group Jackson 5, first they acted in local bars and clubs and even wrote down two singles on independent firm of a sound recording Steeltown Records, and then in 1969 with assistance of Bobbie Taylor signed the contract with sound recording giant Motown Records.

Soon Dzheksona towered to national level, and in 1970 their first four singles visited the first line of the American chart of Billboard Hot 100. Gradually Michael was allocated as the lead singer of a children`s quintet, actually it got the main solo parts. It attracted attention both surprising dances, and a behavior manner on a scene which it copied from the idols - James Brown, Jackie Wilson, etc.

The beginning of solo career

B 1973 the success of the family project began to fall, the rekordingovy company limited their financial opportunities and in 1976 they signed the contract with other firm therefore they had to replace a name with The Jacksons. From 1976 to 1984 they publish 6 more albums, driving about over the country in tour. Meanwhile Jackson let out four solo albums and a number of successful solo singles among which Got to Be There Rockin` Robin and reached in 1972 the first place in charts Ben (the ballad devoted to his domestic rat).

In 1978 Michael acted together with Dayana Ross in the screen version of the Broadway musical The Wiz ( Surprising Wizard from the Country Oz ) . On shootings he got acquainted with the musical director Kvinsi Jones (English Quincy Jones) who will become the producer of his most known albums. The first of them, Off the Wall (1979), presented Michael Jackson to the world as bright, talented young man and fashionable dancer. On top of charts got diskokhit Do not Stop `Til You Get Enough and slower composition Rock With You and the album was sold out in circulation more than 20 million. Many musical observers consider Off the Wall last top of a fleeting era of music of the disco.


Later was Thriller become history as the most sold album in the world and forever the changed shape of musical business. If to distract from figures and to ask how considerable was musical breakthrough of Jackson? The producer Kvinsi Jones said in interview to the " magazine; Time : Black music had to play the second violin for a long time, but its spirit - the whole driving force in bottoms - music which Michael connected to each soul in the world .

Let out in November 1982, Thriller gave to America seven singles: The Girl Is Mine (No. 2, a duet with Paul McCartney), Billie Jean (No. 1, award Grammy the largest hit for all career of Jackson and one of the most sampled tracks funk - music), Beat It (No. 1, one more Grammy ) Wanna Be Startin` Somethin` (No. 5), Human Nature (No. 7), P. Y. T. (Pretty Young Thing) (No. 10), and Thriller (No. 4).

Thriller headed Billboard 200 within improbable nine months (37 weeks) and did not leave limits of this chart more than two years (122 weeks). For this album Jackson got eight awards Grammy (including in the most prestigious nomination, the best album of year ) and seven American Music Awards (American musical awards). In 1985 the album was declared by the Guinness Book of Records the most sold album for all history . As of July, 2001, 26 million copies of an album in the USA are sold that made it the second album on sales in the history of America, behind The Greatest Hits The Eagles groups (27 million). Around the world, Thriller with a record circulation of 104 million copies was realized.

Jackson and his producers dexterously exploited actively developing musical television: its revolutionary videos became a basis for MTV to which only year during release of an album was executed. Popularity of a disk promoted, besides many other reasons, Jackson`s performance in May, 1983 on 25 - y to anniversary of Motown where it presented to the world 14 - the minute video shot to the song Thriller and sustained in horror film stylistics. At the same concert during execution Billie Jean Jackson for the first time showed well-known moonwalk .

The eightieth years

As the media exposure on Jackson`s person amplified, the singer and his environment used this sensation for extraction of financial benefit unprecedented until then. In 1983 it concluded the contract with Pepsi - " Coca; within which has to be to act in their commercial. During shootings there was an accident, from - for whom Jackson got burns of all person. Despite this trouble, in 1984 it was in the lead in the American charts, with the composition which is written down in a duet with Paul McCartney " this time again; Say Say Say . The next year Michael acquired the most part of shares of the company of ATV Music Publishing which had rights for the majority of songs The Beatles that served as the reason of quarrel with McCartney who dreamed to redeem these shares. Michael Jackson also worked together with Freddie Mercury, having made with him several trial records. Nevertheless for the unknown reasons cooperation did not take place. It was officially told about employment of both musicians.

During preparation of a new album Jackson for the first time was engaged in the charitable project, he in which his pit will be much. Together with Lionel Richie he wrote We Are the World (We - this World) - the charitable single executed with the participation of a huge scattering of stars of the first magnitude for the help to unfortunate children of Africa.

The third (and the last) a tandem album Jackson - Kvinsi, Bad held the first place of Billboard 200 within six weeks and gave to the world seven more hits from which five rose on top of Billboard Hot 100: Bad I Just Cannot Stop Loving You The Way You Make Me Feel Man in the Mirror and Dirty Diana . In an album Bad Jackson and Kvinsi tried to follow the recipe of success of the previous disk (use of stylish bit, smooth funk - the jazz and an electric guitar), but to make everything much on a more substantial scale. The album was realized very with a solid circulation of 29 million copies.

Further Michael was busy with the first tour as the solo performer, in support of an album Bad . It was the trip around 15 countries which occupied the most part of 1988 for which all the time were provided to it in the full order the bus, the plane and the helicopter. In 1987 Jackson acted in the three-dimensional movie Captain EO . The last, with the budget from $17 to 30 million, lasted only 17 minutes and for that time was the most high cost movie concerning duration. It was the first appearance of Jackson on the big screen.

In 18 - the minute clip to the header song of an album Bad it was simple to notice changes in appearance of the singer. In spite of the fact that color of his skin was black throughout all childhood, since 1982 it began to brighten, and became light-swarty. It became so noticeable that all press, and not only yellow began to write about it. Jackson explained it with a rare illness of vitiligo and dispelled rumors that it is result of intended actions. Besides a skin svetleniye, the plastic surgery was other cause of change of appearance of the singer. Despite statements of several surgeons that Jackson underwent several a nasal cavity operations, and also on a forehead pripodnyatiya, to thinning of lips, operation on shchyoka Jackson to autobiographies of 1988 Moonwalker writes only about two plastic surgeries of a nose and creation of a dimple on a chin, and blames for other changes of appearance puberty and a diet.

The ninetieth years

Each step of Jackson was lit and analyzed by mass media, and his whims for years were widely discussed in the press. Michael was forced to spend the most part of time in a privacy on strictly protected from the foreign Neverland ranches (Neverlend). There he was visited by the few friends, including the superstar Elizabeth Taylor. On the ranch also there lived children to whom the singer was always not indifferent. In 1993 charges of depravity of the juvenile boy were brought to him, however business managed to be hushed up: according to assumptions of the press, Jackson just paid off from his parents.

This sexual scandal ran high in two years after an album " exit; Dangerous which release was preceded by a premiere of the large-scale video clip to the single Black or White ( Black or white ) . Display of the clip on MTV was allowed only after an exception from it of scenes in which Jackson breaks windows and imitates masturbation. Within five weeks Black or White held the top place of charts and became the biggest hit of Jackson after Billie Jean . As well as with previous, from this album seven singles were let out. Besides Black or White they included (No. 1) Remember the Time (No. 3), In the Closet (No. 6) and Will You Be There (No. 7). For Remember the Time the multimillion video with computer special effects was shot, and the Pharaoh of Egypt and its spouse were represented by Eddie Murphy and the Top model Iman.

In 1995 it was published extremely ambitious HIStory: Past, Present and Future - Book I - a double album which connected a disk from 15 new songs to a disk of the biggest hits. It was supposed that it will be the first part of the trilogy. For return to the reeled popularity the first single was it is let out Scream - the singer`s duet with the sister, Janet Jackson who became a megastar of the scale comparable to Michael by then. The song was followed by the futuristic video clip for which shootings over six million dollars - the record which is not beaten to this day were spent.

The album debuted at number one in Billboard 200 and was sold out with a circulation of 7 million copies in the USA (15 million worldwide). Many new songs from it were published by singles, among them there is a ballad about Moscow ( Stranger in Moscow ; Jackson promised to write down the song about the Russian capital, having for the first time visited here in 1993), epic composition on the ecological subject Earth Song (five weeks on the first place in Great Britain) and a sample modern a rhythm - and - the blues You Are Not Alone (its the thirteenth number one in Billboard Hot 100), Kelly`s Are written and produced for it. In the clip on You Are Not Alone Michael appeared seminude together with the spouse of that time - Liza Maria Presley, great Elvis`s daughter.

The following album with new songs admirers of the singer had to wait for the whole six years. However, in 1997 in shops the album of dancing remixes on tracks from " appeared; HIStory - Blood on the Dancefloor . Responses on this disk were generally positive, and the header composition headed charts of sales in many countries, including in Great Britain. The album passed in the USA almost unnoticed and did not reach the first line in charts.

Release of the following album was postponed more than once as Jackson sought to make ideally verified, faultless record which will correct his reeled commercial wellbeing. Its label Sony reluctantly agreed to invest millions of dollars in the process of record, rewriting and the subsequent promotion of an album seeming infinite that eventually led to departure of the singer on Epic Records label. Invincible (Invincible), let out in October, 2001, contained 16 tracks, including the single You Rock My World to which in the clip legendary Marlon Brando acted. The album disappointed admirers, was crushed by critics, and figures of its sales were twice more modest, than at HIStory .

Events of 2003-2004

In November, 2003, Jackson published the collection of the greatest hits Number Ones . 18 tracks which entered the collection included 16 earlier published hits, live performance of the song Ben and new single One More Chance . By the end of 2004, sale Number Ones worldwide exceeded 6 million copies.

On December 18, 2003 the police carried out searches in the Dzheksonovy estate Neverlend . Charges of seduction of the juvenile boy to which his reduction in a state of intoxication preceded were brought to the singer. In total it was talked of seven cases of the sexual intercourse with juveniles. The trial of the singer proceeded from February to May, 2005. More than 2. 200 mass media from around the world accredited the journalists for publicizing of scandalous process. The verdict of jurors is as follows: Jackson was innocent.

On November 16, 2004 Michael Jackson let out Michael Jackson: The Ultimate Collection` Box Set . This magnificent set of 5 disks - the period containing 57 tracks and 13 earlier unissued records, covering from 1969 to 2004, plus unpublished earlier live concert of 1992 on DVD - gives perhaps the most complete idea of virtuosity and Michael Jackson`s talent in his best years.

After court Michael Jackson retired from journalists on the island Bahrain and started preparation of record of a charitable single of memory of the victims of the hurricane Katrina . Soon it became clear that not all invited musicians wanted to participate in the project headed by Jackson. Though song I Have This Dream it was written down, a single it did not leave, on not clear circumstances.

Events of 2008-2009

in the Summer of 2008 the BMG Sony company started a global action within which residents of more than 20 countries of the world vote for the favourite songs of Michael Jackson, and thus take part in drawing up the collection of hits the king of bottoms - music in the country. On court of fans 122 tracks are presented. About 17 - 18 tracks on each disk will enter an album which in each country will be unique (all them can be 1 or 2, depending on the country).

Besides, Michael Jackson wrote down the new solo album which release was planned for 2009. Rappers of will participated in a recording of the album. i. am, Akon and Kanye West.

In November, 2008 the son of the king of Bahrain, the sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad of al - Khalifa by whose invitation the singer was in this country filed a lawsuit against Michael Jackson for non-performance of contractual obligations. The sheikh demands payment of seven million dollars to him.

In March, 2009 Michael declared that he is going to give the London`s last series of concerts under the name This is it Tour. Concerts had to begin on July 13, 2009 and come to the end on March 6, 2010. When on March 5, 2009 on special a press - conferences Jackson declared return to a scene, it was talked of 10 concerts at the The O2 arena stadium accomodating 20 thousand people.

However demand for tickets was so high that it was necessary to plan tens of additional performances. More than one million fans of Jackson could see speeches of the actor.

In April, 2009 tabloids reported that they at the next survey of the doctor found a skin cancer in Michael. The official representative of the singer doctor Tome Tome disproved this information, having said in interview to New York Daily News that Michael remarkably feels. It in prevoskhodnohms a state, and it has no diseases .


in the Morning on June 25, 2009 Michael fell in the house which he rented in the west of Los - Andzheles. At 12:21 local time was registered a call on number 9 - 1 - 1 and when doctors arrived at 12:30, Jackson did not breathe any more and was carried quickly out warmly - pulmonary reanimation. Soon he got to a coma and died after he was brought to the Medical center of the Californian university. Allegedly, cardiac arrest was a cause of death. The death was verified at 14:26 local time, and at 16:36 Michael Jackson`s death was confirmed by the coroner. Despite the lack of any signs of criminal nature of death of Michael Jackson, investigators of Police department of Los - Andzheles began investigation of death of Jackson. Opening is planned for June 26.

Performances in Russia

* For the first time Michael Jackson arrived to Moscow in September, 1993. Its concert was organized by " firm; Dessa also cost it $1 000 000. A concert took place on September 15 on the open area - the Big Sports Arena (BSA) of " stadium; Luzhniki at a pouring rain. Soon after a concert the firm stopped the existence from - for financial problems, the stadium was closed on repair, and in 6 days in Russia October putsch during which there were mass riots and bloody fights began.

* The second performance of Jackson took place in Russia in September, 1996 at the Moscow stadium Dynamo .



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* Forever, Michaell (1975)

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