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How to hold corporate event with advantage for motivation of employees?

the Inattentive relation to personal interests of employees and fanatical desire to carry out magnificent office party can do considerable harm and even to demotivate employees. Pay attention to the following features of collective actions:

Voluntariness of visit of KM. Possibility of motivated and unmotivated refusal of visit. If refusal is motivated, the only thing reproach for deserter there can be enthusiastic reviews of colleagues of the spent holiday.

If the employee without good reason missed KM, to ethically find out in what the reason. Perhaps, this employee already moves away from collective and unconsciously avoids joint actions.

Availability of visit of KM. Let action will be available to all invited employees. Not each action - not expensive for the employee. Especially in women`s collective. Ladies well know: to look beautiful, investments are necessary. Otherwise the free gift from administration will turn into additional expenses for the employee.

A possibility of employees to leave when it is necessary for them. Even if right after " cold appetizers;. The KM is a positive motivating factor, but not the form nobody corporate slavery .

Possibility of family visit. That has to be provided. If for the company it is difficult to pay entertainments of the spouse or the worker`s friend, it is possible to warn about it. But, anyway, it is not necessary to oppose collective to the family relations of the worker. It will lead only to silent sabotage.

Participation of workers in the KM organization. It both questioning of employees, and oral poll of wishes about a holiday. Workers can be involved, realizing tasks in divisions, preparing sketches, skits and draws.

Heterogeneity of vacationers, nobody misses. the Collective can be diverse, both on age, and on interests. In - the first, addictions and tastes come to light in advance (see participation ) . In - the second, modern entertainment centers (at all not necessarily expensive) will allow to solve this problem technically. Active part of collective to play bowling or to visit a dance floor, to gourmets - in billiards. Someone will just sit in the bar and will listen to music.

The operated amount of alcohol. the Amount of alcohol has to be regulated. Do not allow employees to continue a banquet at own expense. Otherwise the amount of the drunk alcohol can lower quality of a holiday. And even to develop into something uncontrollable.

Action level, worthy for all . To One it is expensive, another it is cheap will not pass. Entertainments and entertainments it is good to tighten to the acceptable middle . Highly paid personnel (a top - management) have to treat with understanding to the average level of alcohol or a buffet reception. Anyway, expensive alcohol a top - y is quite able to afford on personal rest.

The KM is a further work for heads . Perhaps, they and here should not have a rest and relax. KM - a fine opportunity with one to sit and have a heart-to-heart talk, with another to dance, with the third to play a game of billiard. It is so possible to talk sincerely with disturbing worker . Or to involve in action dropped out employee.

Exception drunk (or sober) orgies . Remarkably, if the KM passes in so warm situation that the personal relations are entered. But for the benefit of managers not to allow their development to intimate. At least within Corporate Action.

Impossibility to encash. " Sack lunch; it is excluded. Eventually, correctly organized by KM is a good mood and even - plus health. But not comers will think next time before refusing. Especially, when will drop out of discussion of a party which for certain will take place next day.

Quantity - quality. Frequent holidays not only are expensive (well, eventually, is about - very rich companies), but also gradually stop being motivated. It is more preferable to celebrate 1 - 2 time a year. And to date one action for a professional event and to organize as incentive. And to organize the second as target, directed to study of the planned purposes. It is desirable to exclude secular holidays - in our calendar already much. Yes you also know that they also are so violently celebrated.

Insincerity and double standards.

it is better for b to avoid them. The false care of collective only during KM is the best way to beat off desire of workers to participate in a holiday and to discredit the management. If in the company the daily attention to employees is not imparted, it is better to hold more compact and official event. But further to seek not to forget about the workers and on weekdays.