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To whom and why occupations with native speakers are necessary?

For many people wishing to learn English, important criterion at the choice of English language courses are presence of native speakers as teachers. (The native speaker - the person whose native language in this case is English.)

For some reason many people had a stereotype. They consider that to learn English, to learn to think and fluently it is possible to speak in it, being only engaged with the native speaker.

Meanwhile it is incorrect.

For a start let`s understand why in general the person needs occupations with the native speaker. First of all, thanks to these occupations with the carrier, one may say, the atmosphere of the English-speaking environment is created. The student learning English should communicate with the carrier only in English, in a different way that will not understand it. It develops skills of communication.

Also one of the main functions of the teacher - the native speaker is development and fixing at the student of the correct pronunciation of words. The carrier will always correct and will tell how it is necessary to pronounce words correctly.

In addition, the native speaker will be able to tell about various special turns, idioms, words, slang expressions that it will enrich a lexicon of the student.

It is possible to tell on the basis of it that training in English with the native speaker is successful and effective in comparison with training at the ordinary teacher, but And there are reefs. Just people also do not notice them when they choose courses.

Who needs actually to be engaged with the carrier?

Let`s present a situation when the person learning English once long ago at school or at institute for advance on a career ladder wants to learn English. It is natural that for this break it can and something will remember, but whether it is enough of it that to understand the teacher - the native speaker?

Present that explain you something in language from which you remember only about 100 words and, perhaps, all. Well as? Presented? That still a picture when by means of gestures one person tries to explain another something. Unless this training will lead to success? It is unlikely.

In what difference of the teacher - the English carrier from the ordinary teacher? You will be able always to ask the ordinary teacher in Russian that you do not understand that in a case with the carrier it is just impossible.

Moreover, the native speaker can simply - naprosto not to understand what you experience difficulties in. Unlike you, English is to it native with which it goes a side - about - a side all life.

When it is expedient to be engaged with the native speaker?

You, most likely, already guess that it makes sense to be engaged with the carrier only if the person is able to think and speak English without problems.

In this case the carrier in English will be able to explain to the student the unclear moments. And the person, in turn, will be able to understand it. He speaks this language! Naturally, the carrier in this case will help the student to develop the correct pronunciation and to enrich a lexicon.

It makes sense to other people wishing to learn English to be engaged with Russian-speaking teachers.

If the teacher is a professional of the business, then he will help to clear all unclear what the student faced. Besides at teachers, in the majority, the correct English pronunciation is developed.

I know several people who, having lived abroad several years, speak English, but their pronunciation strongly limps. Also I have acquaintances who never in life went abroad, but at the same time have an excellent English pronunciation and, naturally, can write, read, think and speak in English fluently. And the last were engaged with ordinary teachers.

Here in brief I also told you about expediency of training in English with the teacher - the native speaker. And the choice, as always, remains for you!

If you have plans and desire to be trained in English, do not postpone them!

Be that who builds the life!