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What to feed with a family when in the house a sphere drive?

In life of each woman, perhaps, happened cases when in the house (and first of all, in the refrigerator) - a sphere drive.

Or you overworked so that you even house of - under control let out, - almost whole week nobody came into shop, or to a salary there was one - two days and are simple to come into shop there is nothing

So, houses are there is nothing, and on you with a reproach (and hungry eyes) not only children and the husband, but even your cat look.

Yes if still being silent! The husband with melancholy and aloud remembers lunches of the mummy, and children just want tasty.

But as, it is told, desperate situations do not happen, and for certain which - that in the house all are is, it is necessary only to scrape a bottom of the barrel . Macaroni, grain, flour Under a table in a basket - several bulbs and potatoes. Even in the refrigerator shining primitive emptiness there will be two eggs, faded carrot, an old processed cheese, half-banks of sauerkraut, bank of fish canned food

Unless it is food, you ask? Yes! And still what! Generally, we put on aprons - and to a plate. And cat and Wiskas will manage.

We will begin with fish canned food soup (them better to put in the last turn). And at first, when water began to boil, define in it the grated carrots, potatoes cut in cubes, salt, add a lavrushka and dry greens. As soon as potatoes cook, fill soup with canned food. And it is not important, in oil they or in tomato sauce, let it will influence only the name of soup.

It is possible to weld pea soup (if you even have no canned food): wash out half a kilo of peas, fill in with cold water and you cook until boils soft. Wipe it together with broth through a sieve. Salt soup and add fried onions and carrots (on vegetable oil with a flour tablespoon).

To such soup it is possible to give toasts . We remove a crust from long loaf. We cut in cubes and we spread on a baking sheet, do not forget to sprinkle sunflower oil. If in your refrigerator the cheese piece was overlooked, rub it on toasts and - put in the warmed oven that were roasted. There is no white loaf? It does not matter, also black will approach.

If suddenly in your refrigerator the small piece of forcemeat incidentally hid, it is possible to prepare for banal macaroni Italian gravy . For its preparation take two frying pans - one ordinary, another big, deep. In an ordinary frying pan fry forcemeat (on any oil). In deep - small cut onions (2-3 bulbs). Add pieces of processed cheese to onions, mix. Lay out the fried forcemeat, tomato sauce in a deep frying pan (if is not present, grate tomato) and dilute with hot water to a consistence of liquid sour cream. Salt, pepper, put the grated or small chopped garlic. Spread out boiled macaroni on soup plates, and generously water them Italian gravy. Royal dish!

Well and if there are no stocks?

Take crude potatoes, clear, rub on a small grater, and then slightly wring out. Add to weight egg, salt and pepper to taste. Properly knead. Let`s fry hash browns ! It is better to fry them on sunflower oil, on an ancient pig-iron frying pan (on a frying pan with a covering taste at hash browns not that!) as fritters. Of course, they are good with sour cream, but we in the refrigerator do not have it therefore we will make such gravy : in vegetable oil we will just fry onions. Even with usual ketchup hash browns are very tasty!

When there is nothing to eat, it is possible to prepare pancakes . Pour out milk in a bowl, fill flour and, shaking up, add egg, salt and sugar. Dough has to have a consistence of dense sour cream. And with what we will eat pancakes? If at you on a window sill green onions, this a stuffing grow will be very tasty. Cook hard boiled egg, small chop it. Small cut green onions, mix with the cut egg and salt to taste. Kindle a little butter, fill in a stuffing, fill with it pancakes.

If in your empty house there are a flour, egg, potatoes or cabbage, it is possible to make vareniki. And having eaten them, you are surprised why you did them only with cottage cheese earlier. For a stuffing it is necessary to make mashed potatoes or to slightly fry cabbage.

If you have milk, then for breakfast it is possible to cook porridge, only not absolutely usual. It is necessary to cook it in the evening because eat it cold. Cook ordinary cream of wheat, only without sugar. Rinse several cups with cold water, and in wet pour hot porridge. Cool, put in the refrigerator. Before giving turn a cup on a saucer. water a small pudding with jam, condensed milk or honey - generally, something sweet.

And if there is no milk? But maybe, you will have a handful of dried fruits? Then we cook porridge so: to wash out dried fruits, to fill in them with cold water - such quantity in which you are going to cook porridge. After a while put in water with dried fruits necessary amount of the washed-out millet. It is optional to put sugar in such porridge.

And for a dessert it is possible to bake black cake . To pound 3 eggs with a glass of granulated sugar, to add 1 glass of vegetable oil, 1 glass of jam if is - a lemon dried peel, 2 glasses of kefir. To pour soda (1 h l.) and flour (about 4 glasses). It is necessary to receive dough a consistence of dense cream of wheat. Prepare a form: on a bottom put the oiled sheet of paper, oil sides of a form and sprinkle with flour. Lay out dough in a form, having filled it on 3/4 as dough will rise when baking. Cake at 120 degrees is concerned, 25-30 minutes.

Or perhaps in your refrigerator the lonely package (or a bottle) kefir got lost? Then we will prepare dry biscuits . Shake up 2 glasses of kefir with 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil and a half of a glass of sugar to a consistence of dense sour cream. Extinguish an incomplete teaspoon of soda in a tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice, add to kefir, pour half a kilo of flour and knead dough. Roll dough in layer 0,5 cm thick, lay out it on the baking sheet greased and sprinkled with flour. Bake in the oven about 30 minutes which is in advance heated to 200 degrees. Cut on small pieces until the cake layer cooled down. From above it is possible to strew with icing sugar.

Pleasant to you and your family of appetite! Agree, even when a sphere drive it is possible which - what to think up