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As deceive the Internet - employers ?

Work at home. Processing of correspondence. / p 400 dollars a month .

Cultivation of mushrooms. Materials paid. / p 600 c.u. .

The typesetter of the text Is required. Age of 16 years. / p 500 at. e .

Every day on the Internet hundreds of such announcements appear. From the promised sums of earnings begins to press heart, and before eyes desired trousers, the food processor, DVD - a player grow long ago And already fingers knock on the keyboard: I agree to working conditions . After the treasured e-mail is sent, the most interesting begins. Begin to do of you sucker . And the most real.

You want to construct a pyramid? Not simple, and on the Internet!

Still in the most popular way to earn money remains participation in the Internet - a pyramid. Various forums, even remotely not connected with work, dazzle with such announcements. Moderators are tired to delete such subjects:

Reading this topic, you already change the life! Be not too lazy! Read up this article up to the end! You do not trust? Well and it is vain! I did not trust too, but then changed the life! the story about how it is necessary to create the 6th web - purses is farther, to transfer money for each of them - on 5 c.u. - and to send the same letter to 200 e-mail addresses. Only instead of 6 - go, the stranger a web - a purse, you specify number of the. And further 200 people will send you 5 c.u. too. Arithmetics is simple: 1000 dollars a month. It would seem, everything is pure, without any ulterior motive. And not carcasses... at best you receive though some kopeks, in the worst - your purse will be blocked, and money from 200 people will go on purses of bright speculators.

Present that swindlers fooled three people. Everyone sent letters to 200 unknown people. Even if money will be transferred at least by a half, 1500 c.u. from scratch already turn out.

Victor decided to grow rich too. Opened a web - a purse and sent the necessary sum of money. Soon 50 rubles, in several days - 150 came to its account. Then there came the calm. Victor did not get the promised profit, and for 200 rubles bought the girl ice cream.

Translate to us rather! Not smaller popularity translators enjoy

. Employers ask to translate any text to understand, they suit you or not. It seems, quite reasonably. But also here the dirty trick disappears.

Anatoly only graduated from one of capital higher education institutions. While looked for serious work, decided to try happiness on the Internet. One of announcements drew its attention. Did not pass also weeks as the graduate began to translate technical texts. The customer promised to pay after Anatoly sends him at least 100 pages. I wanted to make everything quicker, in the days and at the nights translated these texts. By the way, they were difficult, it was necessary to look according to dictionaries, the head to break . I by mail sent these 100 pages and received the answer: It is A lot of mistakes, we will not give money, good-bye . What mistakes? I checked each word there! Threw me as sucker, and all. Offensively .

We grow up mushrooms, we cut out labels, we glue envelopes!

the Internet generously suggests to use your skillful hands for the benefit of society. Quotations at swindlers different. Can offer 5 thousand rubles a month, 500 rubles a day, 20 rubles for the stuck together envelope. You want, collect pens, you want, grow up flowers. The main thing that was, than to be engaged. And we will take away money from you. For delivery, materials we will find for what.

The marine fell into a trap swindlers recently. I saw the announcement, it was necessary to glue envelopes. I at that time almost had no money, only from husband got divorced. So this offer interested me! Solved, I will work, 500 c.u. are scarcer than hen`s teeth . Soon to Marin asked to pay sending by mail necessary materials. The woman gave money. On it her communication with the employer ended. It just evaporated in air.

We want to employ you! can tell

of Such examples thousands. At best, people spend the time, in the worst - time and money. Why there are a lot of persons interested to earn? Everything is simple.

Skilled swindlers well understand psychology. They know that the student lacks money for beer or a visit of cinema with the girlfriend. Perfectly understand that young mothers dream to find work of the house that not to throw the child on the nurse. An applause, the curtain opens. And here, on a scene a miracle - the employer! You can work free, a salary in 600 c.u. houses, the schedule. will arrange you? Truth? Oh, we dreamed of such employee long ago as you! Children, study, other work to us not a hindrance .

Read and think

When you read the announcement, first of all, pay attention to its contents. The worker from 16 to 60 years is necessary? Whether it is strange? Why to the employer youth without mustache? Moreover and for such salary. The astronomical sum is offered? From 800 c.u. for work for 3 hours a day? If you would be need employees, you would pay them such money? No. And others will not be.

Real offers on work are always reserved and concrete. In them the employer is surely specified, requirements to the candidate are accurately formulated and the address or the landline phone of the enterprise is given.

In the evening money, in the morning chairs If all of you - decided to work with

according to the announcement on the Internet, do not perform all tasks at once. Issue the pages of the text sent you, mushrooms or envelopes to the customer in parts. And let pays for each party. Refuses? Then do not send the following part, will not pay off yet. It is possible to refer to the fact that you do not know each other, distant work, you are afraid to be deceived. In that case, you risk only payment for the sent part of material. Happens that swindlers agree to such conditions. Also play for time to catch still something from you. You hold on like grim death. Otherwise the transfer with Chinese to one thousand pages will go to waste.

And a file - that will not open! the Customer did not transfer to

money, but tearfully asks you to give it the necessary material. To agree? Of course, no. If work is connected with typing or transfer, try to cipher part of data. That is, several pages will open, and you will prove to these that you are capable to do such work. And other part will be closed by the password. And his employer learns right after you receive the first salary.

Morals of this fable

As soon as before eyes DVD - a player and a fashionable blouse started gleaming again, think, but whether it will buy all this to itself the employer. For your account. Easy money attracts all including swindlers. Sitting in front of the computer at home, they can earn up to 20 thousand c.u. a month. To their happiness, trustful people in Russia and beyond its limits hundreds of thousands. Do not allow someone to deceive you. Be more attentive and more judicious. It is not necessary to trust announcements in Worldwide network when for good money offer you easy work. Not for nothing our ancestors in times when the Internet was also not trace, spoke: On easy work the fool zaritsya .