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The review on Wall Street: Money does not sleep (2010)

Money is a whore who never sleeps. She is jealous. If you do not care for it, then once you will wake up and you will understand that lost it forever .

Idea to shoot the sequel on Wall Street from the very beginning seemed to me doubtful. What there to continue - that? Federals sent the nominal villain to a lock-up, expressed to the nominal hero oral gratitude and strong shook hands. Their statuses are nominal because each of them is two of a kind. To one for 8 years write out medical plank beds for mutually advantageous information leak, another is given a badge of the Honourable informer. History of financial tricks and treachery in the world of big money on it was logically included into a stupor and stopped being interesting.

The fact that decided to be engaged in continuation not some the upstart, but the author of the original, the veteran of Hollywood, the screenwriter, the producer and the director, Oliver Stone confused. It would seem, it`s in the bag, especially as Michael Douglas agreed, despite the rising illness, again to embody an image of the charming geek Gordon Gekko on the screen. But it is always worse than continuation. Even then, when better. Stone grew old, Douglas too. Whether was enough for gunpowder? Let`s try to understand.

There passed eight years since the former financial bigwig Gordon Gekko (Douglas) left the hospitable state house. Left, by the way, in proud loneliness because friends left together with money. His successor disappeared in narcotic nonsense, the wife went mad, and the daughter Uinni (Cari Malligan) blames for all family tragedies of the useless father and the nobility does not want it in any sauce. Now Gekko is the amusing character from the past moving the sums for which today even you will not shoot the decent blockbuster. So, overindulgence one. Gordon writes books, gives lectures about the future financial crisis (here, it, the dog, does not lie) and poses as the Guru.

The young broker Jake Mor (Shia LaBeouf), the exact copy of ambitious and penetrative Bud Fox performed by Charlie Shin, dreams to fly up upward. Vigorous and purposeful, he seeks not only to earn so much not to carry away, but also to the best to change the world. It is known that you will try to do two things at once His mentor and the boss, the head of finance company Louis Zeybel (Frank Landzhella), fell a victim of unfair competition from artful and rigid Bretton (Josh Brolin) and, having lost everything, finished life under subway train wheels. Jake was left without work, completely in debts and makes petty plans to settle accounts.

So left (coincidence at cinema not a rarity) that Jake gently loves Uinni and dreams to reconcile her with the father once. Gordon wishes to bury the war axe too. Thus, all allegedly in a prize. Uinni - in an environment of the loving men, Gordon returns himself though some similarity of a former family, and Jake receives clever manuals and hints how to revenge the gone too far Bretton. However eras replace each other, and the human essence marks time. Or you just badly know Gordon Gekko?.

At Oliver Stone it did not turn out to act as a storm harbinger. While the picture was shot, rolled away at festivals and underwent additional cosmetic installation, the economic crisis entered the period of stagnation and stopped being news number one. Wall Street: Money does not sleep became ascertaining of the fact and the preacher of banal truth that perniciously affected financial results of the movie. The picture failed in hire of the USA, even, despite a large-scale advertizing campaign and premier display in Cannes.

The trouble of all sequels is that instead of continuation often palm off on us the same history adjusted for wind. Especially it is evident when between tapes the abyss in 23 years lies. What in general can cardinally change on the Wall Street where money acts as the main motivation? That is why Gordon Gekko`s character, despite tarnished reputation and outdated focuses, all the same continues to be quoted among young people yes of impudent.

Stone befouled own plan twice. The first time when started in Charlie Shin`s shot, thereby having smeared all deep moral message of the original movie on a wall. The second time when, without knowing where to put the end, went to moralising and svayal the final, worthy anyone, but not the creator Platoon .

I in general treat Stone`s creativity quietly because the director he venerable, but extremely uneven. It Born murderers extremely irritate with the barefaced cynicism and shocking. And to very few people the thought will come to mind to make of the great commander combative gay let even historically this analogy and it is traced.

The most valuable element of the second Wal Strita performers of the leading roles are. To Michael Douglas was and physically, and it is morally heavy to come back to Gekko because this image in his pit of the actor is key. But he is a good fellow, he coped and, despite a scenario brothel concerning this character, made it the most plausible.

All for some reason abuse Cari Malligan. I will not understand for what, it shivered lips very naturally. And tears slid on her cheeks easily and easy. Very nicely, in my opinion, played. A cut above the partner Shaya Labaf, which since the time of the first Transformers not strongly changed countenance and habits.

What left as a result? The big, colorful, playing paints clip. A two-hour lesson of economy from the cycle Interestingly about difficult . After viewing Wal Strita 2 there is a feeling that you were inflated somewhere, but, considering that characters often and with pleasure use financial terminology and build each other smart traps, not each viewer will think, where exactly. On this background a melodramatic triangle of Gekko Sr. - Gekko Jr. - Jake Mor gives to tired brains calm and plays a role of click of the hypnotist bringing the patient out of a condition of a trance. Shchelk! And what you do here-? The cinema - that already came to an end! .

P. S. Nearly forgot to mention the smartest character of the movie. No, it is not Josh Brolin though his glossy oligarch Bretton is quite good. I mean Juli`s old man performed by a legend of world cinema Elie Ouollakh. It something with something. Especially its company whistle for all occasions.