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Successfully flight of the first-ever hydrogen pilotless LA

11 of January, 2011 came to the end the first test flight of the unmanned aerial vehicle working at hydrogen fuel was carried successfully out. Flight multipurpose " UAV; Global Observer passed at the height of one and a half kilometer within four hours.

Global Observer represents 21 - the meter car with wingspan of 53 meters. The device is absolutely ecologically safe for environment because of work on hydrogen fuel. Loading capacity in 180 kg and ability to be in a stratosphere at the height of twenty kilometers within a week without refueling was to the taste not only to the telecommunication companies, but also voyenno - to prospecting and other law enforcement agencies.

The developer of the aircraft with the elaborate name (literally Global observer ) there was an AeroVironment company with assistance of the U.S. Government investing in this project of $

140,0 million the Company - producer of AeroVironment began development of the drone in September, 2007. The first tests of the device carried out on the basis of batteries in an early autumn of last year, and already by the end of the year the company presented the full-fledged aircraft on the hydrogen engine.

AeroVironment is an innovative developer in the field of waste-free aircraft and aerodynamics. Practicing creation of the planes and aircraft using solar energy and hydrogen instead of usual fuel they achieved certain results: Global Observer became the first, strengthened swallow green aircraft.

Producers are sure that the Global Observer drone shortly will become replacement to geostationary orbital satellites, thanks to ability to carry out the same functions in a stratosphere and to more economic fuel consumption.

The new bill of the Air code

In the State Duma for consideration is introduced to the State Duma submitted the new bill of the airports for an exception of repetition of a situation of a New Year`s Eve collapse when waiting for a departure several thousands of passengers were forced to live in the airports practically. The chairman of the State Duma Committee and the author of the bill Sergey Shishkarev on the air told about guarantees which he will provide the new law to passengers.

He reported that the new law will accurately differentiate responsibility of the airports, air carriers and the federal authorities, at the same time in case of unforeseen and force majeure the main share of responsibility will be born by the airports and airlines.

New provisions in the law order obligatory granting soft drinks by the airports to passengers at a flight delay more than for two hours. The delay of flight from 6 to 8 hours will turn back for the airports obligatory accommodation of passengers in hotel. The truth the author of the bill did not specify who actually has to incur expenses on these actions: airports or air carriers.

Concerning a situation aviacollapse according to the new law the Domodedovo airport has to bear responsibility. In a case with the Sheremetyevo airport, the airline which postponed flights because of lack of reagent becomes the main responsible.

At present regulation of actions of participants of the market of aircraft in unforeseen circumstances is made on the basis of the Air code - the act adopted in 1998. Development and globalization of the market of aircraft demanded revision of the document long ago. Sergey Shishkarev declared that the bill was ready by the end of 2010, but the Russian Federation insisted Mintranport on his completion. New Year`s Eve events showed that introduction of the new law is more than urgent measure.