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How to look stylish, or Remove it immediately

It is brought to your attention style elements from Tasha Strogoy and Sasha Vertinskaya, hosts of the weekly " program; Remove it immediately (STS).

First steps:

1. Most important: for a start adequately estimate the figure in front of the mirror. Find all the merits and demerits, and then select such clothes which will emphasize only your advantages and to hide shortcomings.

2. Choosing a dress, emphasize only EITHER a breast, OR hips, and NEVER focus attention both on that, and on another. It looks vulgarly.

3. If you have folds in a waist or a full stomach, give preference to blouses or jumpers with a smell.

4. If at you short or too wide neck, it is necessary to wear blouses with unbuttoned collars or with cuts of V - a figurative form, they visually extend a neck.

5. If you carry close things in hope that thus you will begin to look more slender, are forced to disappoint you - the close clothes look kurguzo and make impression that you are more stout, than is actually. Enter a taboo on the fact that to you not by the size.

We choose color:

1. Use bright and brilliant colors only when you are sure that you want to draw attention to the delights.

2. If you have a skin of a yellowish shade, bags or dark circles under eyes, refrain from dark top, otherwise you will draw attention to these shortcomings.

3. A combination of bright things with black - dangerous option. The black clothes in this case most often look boringly, and bright look as if it is bought in the nearest market.

4. If you are a woman very graceful, or, on the contrary, very large, learn to avoid sharp color contrasts between top and a bottom.

Your bra:

1. Choosing a dress, be convinced that your bra of corporal, or same color, as clothes which you are going to put on. The linen should not be more dark at all or is lighter than the main clothes.

2. If you have a big breast, then the choice of a bra - very important task. It is necessary that it raised a breast and accurately divided a waistline and the line of a breast.

3. Bras with open top part and with soft tabs perfectly look on women with a small / narrow thorax.

4. If you have a big breast, and you wear bras with thin shoulder-straps, be convinced that straps are on a back, at the level of a breast, but not around a neck. In such cases the linen often exists in itself.

5. If you have a small breast, then there will be quite enough thin shoulder-straps for maintenance of a bust. It is better to put on a bra even under tops and dresses on shoulder-straps, your figure will only benefit from it.

6. If you want to achieve a seductive depression in the ground, it is possible to advise to carry special tabs or special bras which are calculated on achievement of such purpose.

7. If you have a small breast, and you need seductive forms, try to pick up to yourself a bust with the special increasing tabs. A bra which is buttoned ahead of (the " type; Anjelica ) - too good exit.

We will talk that below:

1. Under light or transparent clothes you wear underwear of corporal color. It should not be visible under clothes (if, of course, you do not try to obtain it specially).

2. If you put on the transparent, but not fitting skirt, put on under it linen of corporal color. We pay your attention to what is better, that it were not thongs ( thongs it is possible to put on only if you have ideal, beefy buttocks).

3. That who was overcome by cellulitis to a solution we recommend not to carry thongs because they not in forces to correct this shortcoming, unlike other linen.

Use of accessories:

1. If you have not really beautiful zone of a decollete, you should not wear jackets with V - figurative cut. Give preference to high collars.

2. Never you carry a scarf or a collar over jumpers with round turn-down collars. It looks ugly.

3. If you have a big breast, advise to refrain from carrying long pendents which lie just in a breast depression in the ground.

4. If you have a double chin or the person too round - wear long earrings.

5. If you have a short neck, avoid big necklaces and a beads which fit a neck tightly.

6. To look elegant, it is necessary to select carefully jewelry under short dresses and business suits. It is possible to emphasize with accessories easily your identity and to create the style, but incorrectly picked up jewelry easily can depersonalize you.

Correctly we choose footwear:

1. If you have full anklebones, it is not necessary to buy footwear on hairpins, flats and other footwear with belts or laces which a cross - are crosswise tied on anklebones.

2. If you have very thin legs, avoid to wear shoes on thin hairpins, otherwise you will make impression that your thin legs here - here will break under weight of a body and clothes on it.

3. We advise women with a pear-shaped figure to avoid footwear with too spike, graceful heels.

4. Length of trousers or jeans has to be not shorter than the middle of a heel.

5. The black footwear best of all looks with clothes of dark tones. You do not wear black shoes with very light clothes, or do it very selectively and carefully.

6. You do not wear black shoes with brilliant, bright clothes. It looks cheap.

The offered councils are only the instruction to application, and still there are a female intuition and art of seduction. Only in total these components it is possible to look unique and it is fashionable.