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To survive: how to choose gifts to colleagues?

What to present to employees - a serious call which corporate Samurais should accept regularly. And the task from it does not become simpler at all! Every year it is possible to make colleagues a little more happily and as if between times to strengthen corporate spirit. And it is possible to bore and be disappointed in the abilities of the creative superhero. Here the last - just the annoying! That it did not occur, choose such gifts to colleagues as though you want to lighten mood to yourself. Who told that in the serious company gifts have to be serious and boring?

We suggest to act by a method of an exception and at once to strike off the list of potential gifts all boring, bothered and outdate. Handles, business skin circles, gift sets with a lavender, scarfs, baseball caps, linen bags - all this down with! By some miracle of the handle with logos of the companies break at once, baseball caps do not approach color of eyes, business skin it is not combined with boots, and on a lavender employees have an allergy.

Paradoxes of life in the big company - though employees also do one serious work, they too different to receive identical gifts. Generally, at best your gifts will be regifted or will go to become dusty to the dacha. In the worst - you will be revenged, having presented on birthday a dimensionless t-shirt with a logo of your company. To avoid this terrible fate, move off in searches Super - gifts which not only will lighten mood and your authority, but also will make your colleagues happier, and their relation to favourite work - is warmer.

What has to be an ideal corporate gift? In - the first, the gift has to raise a smile. Here the effect of surprise can work. In principle, under this requirement even the Tula samovars which can be branded at the carver of metal approach. There are nickelized, is with an art list. Only imagine your office filled with Khokhloma. Surreal picture. According to the same reference coasters are on sale - stylishly, agree.

Very much the idea to present to employees something that is associated with a kind of activity of your company attracts. But it should be rejected. The toy railroad could blow the mind of employees of the Russian Railway, but only if they are more junior than 35 years, and they have a male no children - boys. And that, even here a high probability that at them such piece of iron already is. By the way, such narrowly targeted, but cool gifts can be useful if on a nose thematic holidays.

And here, which - that intergender. Moscow game - according to this reference you will find the Internet - shop of board games for cool people . It is possible to choose Aktiviti Svintus or Manchkin - these are games which it is possible to play the big company. But if that, here and dominoes are - only do not give it to girls for March Eighth, they do not understand such jokes!

And here that all understand - bright emotions and interesting impressions. You can rent couple of limousines and go all company to the opera! Well, at least in a karaoke - bar. The main thing that such gift will not be forgotten. It is a pity only that this idea lacks no individual approach - there is a wish that each employee felt attention of the management personally.

Strangely enough, at once several people already guessed what is it could be. Such gifts appeared only recently, but they are! How about to do some flying in an aero pipe? Here it is possible to watch photos of happy airfloating people and to learn that the aero pipe is the special device created for training of parachutists. In it the same conditions are created that in air at a jump from the plane!

And still there were at once whole big companies which sell many impressions the whole sets at once. Somewhere it is possible to choose purely female set of impressions, somewhere the gift assumes only one action, somewhere at once there is a lot of. The Smile company, for example, suggests corporate clients to choose, fly independently to your employees, to float or turn back seaweed. Each gift represents a set of different impressions, and your happy colleague will be able to choose suitable experience. It is pleasant that most of suppliers of impressions offers branding - generally, watch the websites and choose the brightest and festive!