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The freelancer - a profession of new generation of experts?

We all practically strive for independence. It also is clear, and also to take out anybody has no desire every day to listen to reprimands of the guide to an occasion and without cause constant pressure and to perform never the coming to an end tasks.

All know that working on hiring, they are only small screws, not influencing the end result in any way, and their income does not depend on their efforts.

Here for this reason an increasing number of people work in freelance. And with development of the Internet this kind of activity became even more available. Value of the concept freelancer - the free artist, the person who is employed for performance of a certain work, without entering long-term cooperation. Most of all the freelance is popular in the field of journalism, advertizing activity, a web - design, programming, the foreign translations, consultation.

The scheme of activity of the freelancer is quite simple: search of the customer, negotiations and adoption of the order, execution of the order, delivery of the performed work. However not everything is as simple as can seem at first sight. The customer rather scrupulously approaches the choice of the performer, imposing quite serious requirements to such worker. Often the greatest number of orders is received by the most skilled freelancers who have rich portfolios. The others nervously smoke aside waiting for a situation when all skilled competitors are busy and will reach them turn and at last the casual order will arrive. Beginners very often take orders on very unprofitable conditions for themselves while the customer very much risks, employing not too skilled freelancer.

The freelancer is a big versatile person. It needs to have high qualification in the chosen area, and it is very desirable to have for it labor experience. He should bear responsibility for each order personally. Except high professionalism in the sphere of the rendered services, it is required to possess adequate abilities to self-discipline, self-checking, introspection and self-criticism. The freelancer is responsible for each mistake itself, risking the reputation. In fact, the freelancer is simply obliged to be the good businessman. It needs to sell over and over again itself, the skills, the professionalism. As there is no chief, to conduct negotiations, to create reputation, to acquire clients, to motivate himself, it is necessary to make decisions and to bear for them responsibility too most.

Experience of the negotiator is necessary for communication with the customer. The main thing governed here - politeness and a pedantry. The freelancer needs to meet expectations of the customer who entrusted him work. The client base, and as a result grateful responses and a rich portfolio is formed only of happy customers.

Own equipped office is necessary for the beginning freelancer. The home office has to be completed with the high-speed Internet, the scanner, telecommunication, the printer. It is possible to manage also the desktop computer, but where as it will be better to have the laptop and Wi - Fi.

Iron planning of your working hours is extremely important. Your operating mode has to satisfy your customers and at the same time to be convenient for you.

And the main thing, before start of the activity in a field freelancer critically estimate your skills and professional compliance: what really you can offer the market?

So, all of you made the decision to step into a way of negotiations with crowds of mad and pig-headed customers, fight against own mistakes, absorption of a huge number of information extremely necessary in hard activity of the freelancer, and the main thing - own laziness.

In the RuNet there is today a large number of the exchanges of freelancers, places where freelancers advertize themselves, create to themselves reputation and look for orders. At the exchanges of freelancers it is possible not only to find work, but also to obtain a lot of useful information, communicating with colleagues.

About the exchanges of freelancers in the RuNet there is a lot of information, it without effort can be found. In this article I would like to pay your close attention to a new type of advance of frilansovy services - specialized social networks. Spooo became the first such social network. ru.

Spooo! - the developing platform which is ideally suited also for the beginning freelancers and the most skilled. The interface convenient and clear, and the atmosphere friendly is also filled with desire of all and everyone to help each other. Thanks to the fact that the network is not ground only for freelancers, and it is adapted for any the Internet - businessmen, the spirit of mutual aid, but not competition reigns here. Nobody steps to anybody on heels, on the contrary, everyone is ready to gratuitous consultation or a good-natured response.

Main thing that Spooo! - the most real social network where each freelancer can form own client audience, interacts with it by means of blogs, clubs, advertizing platforms, personal correspondence. The structure of blogs is arranged so that beginners always have an opportunity to be lit, and skilled can get to a top of ratings.

Registration and use of Spooo!, as well as on any social network, are free. There are advanced additional services. There is a possibility of earnings of bonuses and acquisition for bonuses of additional services.

If to put to everything described in article also diligence, patience, there is a little diligence, and also persistence, then in only several months you will be able to feel confidently in the world of freelance. And the main thing, you will have worthy payment that you do the favorite thing.