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How many years to a bra? Historians of fashion approve

: at a bra anniversary, round date.

For the centenary history the bra underwent the mass of changes. Today this subject of a female toilet possesses such qualities of what and it is terrible to think. The bra changing color during an ovulation was born, the bra changing the volume, a bra by means of which it is possible to measure pressure, a bra with shape memory etc. of

However exact date of the invention of a bra to call difficult. Birthday of a bra is celebrated for the last several decades already the fourth or fifth time. Someone claims that he was 80 years old, someone - 90, and someone - all 200. The matter is that for mankind history the bra was invented several times.

We will try to track its history.

Approximately in 2100 B.C. women wore the bodice opened to a belt which left a breast naked. The suit was supplemented with skin pieces which visually slimmed a silhouette and did a breast of more volume. Such subject of a toilet reminded a corset more.

Ancient Greek women also carried something like a corset. It was laced up under a breast and left it barefaced. And for support of a breast during the movement of the woman put on apodesme - a small ribbon which was tied around a torso. Over time Greek women begin to carry mastodeton - narrower " option; apodesme . Depending on on what part of the body it fastened, it was called zona strophium or cingulum .

Women of Rome adopted at Greek women apodesme having changed only the name on mamillare fascia capitium and toenia . Fascia girls carried to contain growth of a breast. With the help mamillare too magnificent breast was dragged away. At last, Storphium served only for support of a breast. In Italy ancient Roman mosaics on which it is possible to consider these antique brassieres remained.

Several centuries later female bodies chained in corsets. Spain succeeded in XVI - m a century most in it. Even the breast of the growing-up girls was tried to be nullified, strengthening on it lead plates.

After revolution of 1789 - go years the corset sharply got out of fashion. From now on the female breast is supported by the kerchief intercepted under a thorax.

Only hundred years later, in 1889 - m to year, appeared a prototype of a modern bra. Exposed to Ermina Kadoll in the corset workshop the product which received the name le Bien - Etre what in translation means wellbeing . The corset consisted of cups which supported two sateen tapes.

In 1903 - the m in the Parisian medical academy was tested to year a bra which author was a woman - the doctor Gosh Saro. It made it, having cut in half a corset: the top half became a bra, lower - a belt.

In 1907 - m to year the " magazine; Vogue begins to publish a photo and models of the first bras. Most of historians designated this date as birthday of a bra.

Till 1920 - x years the models flattening a breast prevailed. In 30 - e years the emigrant from Russia by the name of Ida Rosenthal founded " firm in the USA; Maidenform and for the first time began release of a bra with cups of the different sizes with elastic shoulder-straps.

Gradually a design of a bra is improved. In 50 - e years, during an era of women with curvy shapes, the bra with tabs appeared. There were bras with adjustable shoulder straps. The period 60 - x nearly cancelled years this subject of a toilet.

Fortunately for the linen industry, there came byustgalterny counterrevolution soon enough - already at the beginning of 70 - x level of production started over again growing gradually, but finally the situation was stabilized only in 80 - e years when the glorified fashion houses - Yves Saint Laurent, Versace, Gucci - began to let out linen collections. The bra gradually again acquired laces and ribbons, and became not just underwear, but also attribute of a magnificent way of life.

Happy birthday, bra!