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What can digital soap tray . How to remove?

Digital cameras, even the most unpretentious, have a set of support functions (frills) which are fine improving pictures. But, as practice, the vast majority of owners of remarkably clever things - tsifromylnitsa shows, does not know about this wealth. Well, laziness to read them instructions. The shop showed where to press and as batteries to insert, and awaking, let`s go to symat shadevra .

And then to abuse Japanese. Though it is almost possible to answer any question concerning directly process of shooting with this camera with the sacramental phrase: Reed the fucking manual! (and truly so!) . Many problems will be helped to be solved at very benevolent forums of an above-mentioned photo - club and on photoforum. ru.

But how to ask if you do not know about what? At few - malsk of the inquisitive user who took in hand a beautiful subject with a lens in front and the screen behind, the first question: And this hogwash, what for? are made by

of the Instruction to digital cameras wonderfully: super - are in detail chewed the smallest nuances and details of the handling of the camera, all set of additional functions, and here why these functions and where to apply them - guess!

Very few people from normal buyers of household photoequipment will get into special literature or into the Internet behind explanations. As a result - shooting on the full automatic machine, as a last resort - with use of subject programs.

And remarkable opportunities of a chamber remain off-screen . What then paid for?

Balance white


Unlike a film chamber, a tsifrovika it is necessary to specify that to consider white. Proceeding from this instruction, the chamber builds all color rendition. The automatic machine copes with some models itself rather not bad, but in most cases it needs to be helped. Come into appropriate section of the menu and, using it, establish nature of lighting. Will yield the most exact result installation on a clean sheet but it is not always possible. Let`s tell, you from the shaded window remove the street which is filled in with the sun

Very good reception - at difficult lighting to move according to the menu of balance white, watching the image on the chamber screen: if it coincided in the flowers with reality - it is and there is correct BB.

As the chamber usually determines by

of Breketing an exposition by average illumination of the field of a shot, under difficult conditions of lighting (big differences of brightness usually mean) in pictures are found failures in suites and/or in shadows - lack of details of the image in the lightest or dark places of the picture that there is a marriage.

In the " mode; breketing the chamber automatically fulfills one shot with correct an exposition and some more - with overexposure or a nedoderzhka.

It is necessary to choose the most successful then. The deviation step at more - less advanced chambers can be set manually.

I will note still that figure is more sensitive to overexposure, unlike a film. There is still a breketing on a zoom, on time, a movement phase... The imagination of designers is boundless.

a Series

Practically all digital cameras have the " mode; serial shooting . After pressing descent the chamber unsnaps a shot off-screen continuously. At each producer here the frills which it is necessary to understand attentively, studying the instruction.

Sometimes the chamber removes with the invariable parameters of an exposition which developed at the time of pressing of the trigger button sometimes corrects them at each following picture, and in the " mode; the watching sharpness also checks aiming for sharpness before each shot that is very valuable when shooting animals, sport, etc. of

Sometimes only with the help " series; it is possible to receive an interesting picture. Unlike films a series does not cost money to you - erased unnecessary, and all.

a diaphragm / endurance Priority

the Exposition - the amount of light energy necessary for receiving a picture. For this lighting an exposition - the constant described by exposition number which in turn is work of endurance on a diaphragm.

Automatically the chamber fulfills something. As a rule, it is enough for usual conditions.

But if you extremely need short endurance (sport, zverik, children who rush, like mad, that they were healthy) or big and the endurance is indifferent for you (you have a price support to mind of incomprehensible) - use the mode of priorities, and there will be to you happiness. Exposure compensation

If you remove

in special, but rather invariable conditions, exposure compensation is more convenient than an above-mentioned breketing. In fact is a shift of an exposition towards overexposure or a nedoderzhka.

Ability to use this mode comes with experience, but the general rule is extremely simple: light object against a dark background - shift towards a nedoderzhka; dark object on a light background - towards overexposure.

" Mode; macro

Generally, it is thought up for shootings of any trifle by a close up, but can be used in situations when you turned out from object of shooting at such unsuccessful distance that without zoom leaves too small, and in response to a zoom necessary to you the chamber reports that it cannot be guided at sharpness. Include macro also strike the audience with the masterpiece.

the Display

Since ancient wooden chambers producers did not please photographers with such magnificent view-finder. The display which can be inclined and turned is especially convenient.

Luxury, however, artful. Pointing the camera on the display, it is difficult to provide its stability. When shooting at small distance and with very short endurance the picture still will leave decently, but endurance more than 1/125 + aiming on the display = a shevelenka with a guarantee.

The optical stabilizer (if it is) will help. About electronic " stabilizer; let`s keep silent not to profane lips. Chamber immovability at the time of descent of a lock - pledge of an accurate picture. Therefore if is optical or electronic (at pseudo-reflex cameras) the view-finder, use it by all means. Pressing a chamber to the person, you thereby give it additional stability.

If you had to shoot, you know that firing from an emphasis - guarantee of hit. Rules of accurate shooting are completely applicable to photographing by any equipment. Especially it is important for those models of digital cameras where the producer to please to fashion puts the big display which is not leaving the place to anything else.

A shevelenka - to remove one more good way to deceive with automatic release. It is quite enough delay in two seconds after descent that the chamber calmed down after unintentionally sharp pressing the button.


All cameras are supplied with the built-in flash, and some still hot " boot; for connection of external flash.

Existence of this device creates illusion of freedom from external lighting. Alas, it not so. Range of the built-in flash is small - 3 - 5 meters therefore outside this distance it is useless, and within it creates an array of problems. But in a desperate situation and it is useful. Well helps out when shootings at kontrovy (a source behind object) and very hard solar lighting.

of Steam of useful programs

the Digital chamber is, in fact, the computer with a lens. Its shots - graphic files. If printing from a film, you conjured with reactants and an enlarger in stuffy darkness, bringing the image to the necessary standard, and members of household - to frenzy, then you lick computer graphics into shape in the complete comfort and without hindrances for people around.

The photoshop - great and omnipotent - is necessary to not everyone and not always. It is the program for pro and fans with ambitions. For simple correction - brightness / contrast, framing, some popular effects, etc. - ideal, on mine (and not only on mine) the look, is of Irfan Viewer . It can be downloaded free of charge on the Internet, having set a program name in any search program.

The program is initially free, small on volume and is very clear to any, even unprepared user. It - magnificent viewer : when you have to see a set heavy graphic files, it is simply irreplaceable. Vindovsky standard Picture and Fax Viewer to it - as to a lame dog to the Arab racer.

The special value of Irfan is that he quietly reads the RAW format for any chamber and one click will recode in any, necessary to you.

If you send the photos on to " soap; before you in all growth there is a problem resayza : to send files with the full permission and weight to megabytes - flour hellish, not necessary to neither you, nor your addressee. 800 X 600; 150 - The 250th kilobyte and about that - it is ideal for e-mail. Irfan Viewer perfectly copes with this task.

It is very good of Picasa . It is the ideal program for establishing order among pictures in the computer and creations of albums. But it has no Russian interface.

I will be happy if these amateur notes help to join nice ranks of digital photographers - people, certainly, lovely and nice.