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Technology of creation of the car or How to learn English? Today I will tell

to you about one of the parties of English language courses which is not visible to the ordinary student. You can ask: Why to me it is necessary? . I will answer you. It will help you not only to understand how it is correct to choose English language courses, but also will show why many people on courses face the same problems when studying language, as well as at school.

Most of people, studying at school, then at institute, meet various difficulties in studying of language. As a result they finish the training, without having learned English. Some of these people throw this idea, and many go on courses, hoping that there - that they will precisely learn language. But, unfortunately, many meet the same difficulties also there. It would seem, people pay the earned money, try, spend time, and the result leaves much to be desired. In what business? Why does that happen?

Now various English language courses are much presented. There is a lot of them that the person the person interested to learn language faces a choice problem. Quite often people elect leaders of the market, believing that there - that them will be precisely learned. But in practice it not always so.

Let`s look who works as teachers at English language courses. Most often it is people who graduated from faculty of foreign languages. That is it is those people who within five years studied at institute according to the profound program, year from a year perfecting the skills. They are able to think and speak English without problems. And here such person comes to English language courses to teach, and begins to teach us in the same way as taught him. And it is natural. The technique by which it was taught is for it effective. But here suddenly the teacher faces a problem - productivity of many students on courses leaves much to be desired, they badly study and badly acquire information. At the end of level he sees that more than a half of group, and even is more, left courses. It is logical that the teacher will think that a problem in these people. It was taught by this technique, and as a result he learned English

Only here one big " is; but . May we how ordinary students to study the whole days for five years? Of course, no. And this teacher teaches us according to such program. What does it turn out? To learn language, it is necessary to graduate from institute or to go to courses 4 - 5 years or more? It turns out that so.

You can ask: But some nevertheless try to obtain progress on English courses . Of course, such people are. And there is a lot of them. The big desire, a hard work and a large number of time is the cornerstone of progress of these people. Usually they study just these 4 - 5 years. You have so much time?

What as a result turns out? We have a set of techniques of teaching various efficiency. to someone can carry

At the choice of English language courses more, and to someone less. Someone will spend 5 years and will learn, and someone will not be able freely to learn to speak English That you had more idea of it, let`s consider a similar situation in life.

We will consider production of cars. Long ago Henry Ford thought up system of conveyor assembly of cars at which the framework, passing various stages, gradually becomes the full-fledged car. At each stage to a framework various details in a certain sequence, for example, at the beginning - electronics, and then - installation of chairs are mounted. At the exit the car turns out. In this example we see the production technology. Following this technology, at the exit we will never receive a tractor. At us only cars will always turn out.

And what will be if we draw an analogy of a technique of teaching to production of cars? there is no

If exact technology, and that is not less important if this technology is unknown, then at us cars with various defects will turn out: one will be without wheels, another - without wheel, and the third will not have the engine. The reason of it is absence of technology of assembly of the car.

It turns out that the success of effective training depends on technology!

But whether there is such technology in training of English?

Fortunately and. This technology was brought from the Czech Republic 6 years ago and now is available in Moscow. It should be noted that this technology is very effective. It is proved by more than 10000 people who achieved success.

Separately it is necessary to tell about our teachers. All teachers who work on this technology before beginning work, pass training which includes:

studying of all obstacles which any person in the course of development of any subject faces;

exact tools how to cope with each of them;

studying of bases of communication just to be able to understand the student;

studying of how to sort each separate element of grammar, trying to obtain understanding and digestion of material by students;

well and main secret: how to help the person to break a language barrier and to begin to speak, without hesitating. such approach really successfully trained students are result of


You will be able to learn more about this technique at a free fact-finding lesson where you feel on yourself its efficiency at once, having taken part in a piece of the real occupation!

Hasbiulin Alexey,

advertizing manager of Applied formation of the CIS.