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The Regulus - a birdie singing ? Artful nuances of the translation

What to do, I thought. It is impossible to allow a release of the screen version of the novel to the Soviet screens with a mistake in its name. I had last chance - to meet the beauty Aydan Shener and to tell her what thoughts will arise at the Russian men who saw in the name of the movie where she acted in a leading role, the word regulus .

But as to make it delicately, language will not turn to tell east woman all details. Suddenly the efficient thought came. I will tell - I this history to her spouse. He as the man will understand everything correctly, and then will transfer to the wife.

The husband to Aisha - hany - Moustapha - beat opened in the Istanbul region of Beyoglu the cultural center with restaurant for actors and same as he, in the past of figures of motion picture art. We were not familiar therefore I had to agree about a meeting through his secretary.

Moustapha - beat met me with east hospitality inherent in all Turks and carried out to a cozy office of the restaurant. It looked imposingly, in a fashionable tie and points in a gold frame, but was much more senior than me. Having exchanged phrases of politeness, obligatory at a meeting, and having discussed the latest news in the sphere of motion picture art, I passed to the main subject of conversation.

Whether you Heard, mister Moustapha, - began I, - that the different people have a set of the slangy words designating features of a sexual structure of women .

Yes, heard, - answers, - in the English slang there is, for example, a term pearl gate . And in what, actually, business ?

And business is in that, - I continued, - that if to measure distance from a navel to paradise collar women will have it various . I did not manage to finish the phrase as Moustapha - beat slightly from a chair did not fall from a laughter peal. Having wiped the run tears and having recovered the breath, he paid the attention to me again.

And so, - I continued the thought, - those women at whom this distance short, the Russian men call reguluses . And it means that to copulate with such woman - a regulus to the man more convenient in front, and with that which has a long distance - behind .

I made a pause. So far everything went normally. Mister Moustapha sat silently, already without smile, and waited for continuation. And here I in detail told it about visit of madam Ayshe, the proposal made by her and the arisen dispute. And so, - I continued, - to sell to us the movie where your spouse in which Russian name there is a word " acted; regulus will be a big mistake .

Besides the bird whose name is taken in novel heading in fact is not singing. Its this obvious exaggeration vocal opportunities, it is approximately also possible to call a pigeon the soloist of the operetta .

I mentioned the operetta intentionally. The beginning of creative career of Moustapha - beya was connected with his emergence on a scene of the Istanbul operetta at the end of 30 - x years of last century.

I do not know that affected opinion of mister Moustapha more - the role played by his wife or the operetta, but at the end of conversation he assured me that will do everything possible not to allow in sale to the Soviet Union the screen version of the novel of Gyuntekin under the name The Regulus - a birdie singing .

I do not know whether he up to the end kept the promise, whether managed to an ubeditgospozh to Aisha in this so delicate business. In any case, it is more did not come to the Istanbul representation of Soveksportfilm of offers to sell the screen version of the novel.

There passed several years. The Soviet Union disappeared.

The Russian television bought the serial film which under the name " from Turkey; Regulus - a birdie singing began to show periodically on TV screens. Discrepancies of translation of the primary source and weakness of dubbing-in could not spoil excellent acting and a picture in general.

Madam Ayshe Duru got in the luxurious district of Istanbul Peary Reis a magnificent country house located on the bank of Bosphorus.

Book The Regulus - a birdie singing it was published in our country, and then the CIS countries of 56 times. The quantity of its copies exceeded 18 million pieces. Unlike the original of the novel in which there are 18 thousand lines the option in Russian has only 9005 lines.

In 2008 the Moscow publishing house World of the book let out an anniversary copy of the book. For it the translator overworked and improved the former text of the novel, the name to which, however, kept.

On a cover of colourfully issued book where there has to be a name of her author - Will solve Nuri Gyunektin, it is for some reason printed with Reshad Nouri Gyuntekin.