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The Regulus - a birdie singing ? Focus of the name of the novel of

there passed 15 years Since then. During this time I managed to work in the Soviet trade mission in Ankara and at different positions in the Ministry. And at the beginning of 90 - x it was sent from Committee on cinematography of the USSR by his representative to Istanbul.

My new work in representation consisted in sale of the Soviet movies in Turkey. I began it with the fact that made the list of the pictures which are most suitable, in my opinion, with the short translation of their contents into Turkish. At the same time began to study the local cinema market and to come into contacts with his representatives.

In those days in the Turkish hire the American cinema dominated, and the strong competition reigned in the local film industry. Many film directors, screenwriters and actors tried to earn by purchase and resale of movies. My representation was of to them a great interest as the Soviet movies, in comparison with other foreign, cost little very much, no more than 300-500 dollars for everyone.

The committee on cinematography of the USSR always received big grants from the state. Not for nothing a main goal in its charter it was proclaimed promotion of the Soviet way of life by method of art of the film . From the beginning of Gorbachev reorganization my affairs in Representation considerably went uphill. Cheap Soviet movies were snatched away as hot pies.

Among regular customers of Representation there was madam Ayshe Duru. She headed small firm under the name The Torah - the movie . Such name is habitual for the Russian hearing - we will remember at least Mosfilm, Lenfilm, Georgia - the movie.

In youth to Aisha Duru played in several Turkish movies and it was remembered to the audience as the quarrelsome woman who in fact and was in usual life. Beauty and uncommon actor`s talent contrasted with her impudence and bitchiness.

She early ceased to act, successfully married the famous Turkish actor and the director and began to script. Then began to be engaged actively in purchase - sale of foreign pictures. She even managed to come into contacts in Soveksportfilm and to present itself as one of the leading representatives of film business of Turkey. Therefore in Moscow heads of this department met to Aisha - hany under the highest protocol as if it represented Warner Brothers .

The quick woman was able to show off and a tax of in the best light. As a result in the heads of the Moscow officials there was an opinion that The Torah - the movie - rather major Turkish film firm with which it is possible to deal. Actually The Torah - the movie was to very few people the known firmeshka of the local film market which did not have then even the status of the legal entity.

Those years in movie theaters of Turkey the screen version of the novel " was released; Ç al ı ku ş u with the actress Aydan Shener in a leading role. The movie made the stunning success at the audience.

Madam Ayshe could not miss an opportunity to sell this movie to our country. She was ahead of all competitors and organized the copy of the movie with the Russian dubbing-ins in Pechenev`s translation, and in general insisted on the monopoly to trade with the Soviet Union. With this copy of the movie under the name The Regulus - a birdie singing madam Ayshe, being absolutely confident in success of the action, was in my office.

When reached me about what sale of the movie there is a speech, I was pierced by thought - here it, a destiny sign. The second time in the life I faced both a regulus, and a birdie singing. Nearly 20 years ago, we, being students, argued, discussing this novel, and came to conclusion about a mistake in its Russian name. But as me to tell all this to madam Aisha, I thought, - especially in detail.

Nevertheless, avoiding the details unseemly for a female ear, I tried to state the doubts in correctness of the name of the movie in its Russian option and thought concerning weakness of the translation of the novel in general.

Aisha - hany resolutely rejected all my arguments and categorically did not agree with the offer to change the name of the movie. On it a meeting with the owner of the " company; The Torah - the movie ended. She declared that she will find other opportunity to sell this movie, and, being indignant and being indignant, left my office.

Be continued.