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The Regulus - a birdie singing ? Features of Turkish

this History connected with Turkish and Turkey happened to my friend.

Once, in Soviet period, it worked in the Ministry of Foreign Trade and was sent to business trip abroad in the Soviet trade mission in Turkey. There he worked many years and during this time, improving the knowledge of Turkish, seized not only Istanbul and anatoliysky dialects, but also began to understand language of the simple people.

This story told by my friend in a statement from the first person: In the middle of 70 - x years I, the young engineer - the operator, after long registration, at last, got to work in the Ministry of Foreign Trade. Our department was engaged in import and export of communication systems, electronic and laboratory equipment.

My new chief, having learned that I know English, muttered literally the following: At us all employees know either English, or German. If so business goes, then soon and our janitor will start talking in English. And here in the Turkish sector shortage of experts with knowledge of language. The trade turnover with the country does not raise in any way. I will write down - I you on courses in group of Turkish. I think, it will do good and you, and department .

I did not dare to object words of the chief and began to learn Turkish in the evening. Our teacher perfectly owned him and was a skilled methodologist. Russian on a nationality, he was born in Baku and spent the childhood among Azerbaijanians. When time to be admitted to school came, its Russian was so bad that the boy had to be sent to the aunt living in Russia. In her family he quickly mastered the native language, returned to Baku where graduated from the Russian school.

In recent years the Great Patriotic War served in the Caucasus as the translator of Turkish in an army staff. Then studied at school of military translators and after its termination in the same place, already at the lieutenant`s rank, began to work as the teacher of Turkish. However through some time got laid off, carried out by Khrushchev in the Soviet Army, it was dismissed and was left without work. It was lucky to find a side job in University, and then to settle on courses already full-fledged teacher of Turkish.

When our group promoted in knowledge of language, the teacher brought on a lesson the book in Turkish under the name Ç al ı ku ş u . The author of the book appeared Will solve Nuri Gyuntekin. The teacher told us that this novel became for the Turkish literature the same that Jane Eyre for English and Gone with the Wind for the American. It gave a task to everyone to translate a fragment from the book into Russian. When we performed a task, the teacher showed us this book translated to Russian under the name Birdie singing . A certain I. Pechenev as we understood - the former pupil of our teacher appeared the translator.

Classmates compared to interest written by them with a literary translation. Of course, it was much better than ours. Yes in a different way also could not be, we learned language only the third year. Nevertheless, we managed to find several grammatical mistakes and inaccuracies in the translation, than we pleased the teacher much. You not bad worked - it summed up the result of this work.

When I took the book in hand, the translation of its heading was evident. It seemed that it is not sovsempravilny. The Birdie singing, - I reflected. - From what stata the translator gave such heading to the book? Read the novel once again from cover to cover and did not find in it comparison or communication of the main character Feride - hany with some songbird and with bird`s breed in general. Obviously, in translation of the name of the book the mistake " is made; - I solved and followed council to the teacher.

My reasonings were based on the following. The mistake consisted in the translation of the word ç al ı . Obviously, the translator took it for a verb " root; ç almak (to play, sing). In Turkish will play the piano piyano ç almak . By analogy with yapmak - yap ı (to build - a structure), ç almak - ç al ı (to sing - singing), the word ç al ı ku ş u it was translated as ö t ü with ü ku ş that is songbird. While dictionary translation ç al ı ku ş u - a zheltogolovy regulus, a little bird from family of sparrow. And it is impossible to call this birdie who is living in dense thickets and quickly running on the ground in any way singing as the sounds made by her are far from singing of a nightingale the same as sparrow chirping.

There was one more reason not to call the novel in Russian translation Birdie singing . Among prison folklore 30 - x years the criminal song about " is still not forgotten; to a birdie singing full of unprintable expressions.

However and the dictionary translation also cannot be the name of the novel as the word regulus on a criminal slang means a certain feature of genitals of the woman.

The teacher attentively listened to my arguments and could not but agree with them. He admitted that the translation of the book into Russian is not pleasant to it too. The teacher praised me for diligence. After that I became the first pupil in group and finished courses with excellent estimates.

Classmates discussed the mistake noted by me in translation of the name of the book too. In group even the competition on new heading was announced. I suggested to call the novel Vorobyshek on what objections of my companions did not follow. What our surprise when on a cover of the version of the book republished in the USSR we saw the heading " was; The Regulus - a birdie singing .

Be continued.