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The review on Eagles of law (Legal Eagles, 1986)

of Lawyers in Hollywood are disliked. By itself, in the cinema plan, not in professional. And for what to love them? These bureaucratic worms get under feet the gallant police officers and desperate daredevils saving the world, fatherland and civilians eternally. Their bias, greed, falsity and aspiration to tear off more money from the client was reflected in numerous jokes and spiteful caricatures. Therefore it is no wonder that lawyers in the majority of the Hollywood pictures appear in an image of the homebrew, vain and nasty slugs who are eager for a profit.

From any rule there are exceptions. For example, To Kill a Mockingbird Roberta Malligana on the work of the same name Harper Lee. The famous writer John Grisham in the novels sang of lawyers as workaholics and truth-lovers, having made them the central characters of such works as " Firm; Time to kill and Client . And the director Ayven Raytman, not less famous in Hollywood, decided to turn boring shuffle of pieces of paper at office and pathos speeches in a jury into romantic adventure action under the name " once; Eagles of law .

The assistant to the district attorney Tom Logan (Robert Radford) has no special problems in advance on an office ladder. It with ease finishes with the most difficult cases, pounding in powder of the opponents - lawyers and sending defendants for a lattice. Until on its way Chelsie Derdon (Daryl Hanna), the daughter of the artist Sebastian Derdon, the dead does not meet 18 years ago under tragic circumstances. The fire claimed not only the life of her father, but also practically all his pictures, the majority of which cost the whole heap money today.

Chelsie not unreasonably suspects the former partners of the father, large businessmen Victor Taft (Terence Stemp) and Roberta Forrestera, that they if did not arrange an arson in the house Derdonov independently, then not bad profited on a premature demise of the artist. After unsuccessful attempt to steal a picture which the father presented it on birthday from Taft`s gallery Chelsie appears in justice hands. Attractive and very inventive woman - the lawyer Laura Kelly (Debra Uinger) is engaged in her protection, however soon business thoroughly gets confused and Laura asks for the help Logan.

The divorced Logan not in forces to resist two charming women who need his services. He also did not imagine that in externally harmless circle of admirers of the fine arts serious passions can storm. Soon it becomes clear that Taft and Forrester are really dishonest, and to them obviously is what to hide from the public and law enforcement agencies. And when Logan appears under fire fire, and Taft nearly helps ours a grief - to detectives to go to a next world together with all archives of the firm, Logan and his girlfriend understand that they were got involved in dangerous game and one natural eloquence of criminals will not possible to stop

the Director and the producer Ayven Raytman became famous in Hollywood for the fantastic tape Ghosts Hunters (1984). And Eagles of law were born exactly between Hunters and other its brilliant comedy, Twins with Danny De Vito and Arnold Schwarzenegger`s participation. However Eagles did not become in Raytman`s career an artistic triumph for several reasons.

In - the first, Raytman, having felt taste of glory after deafening success of the previous movie, too counted upon own forces, having acted in a picture not only as the director and the producer, but also the screenwriter. Alas, in this field his talents were very doubtful. Raytman did not manage to sustain fully rate of the narration therefore the picture as if breaks up to two unequal parts. The first hour the viewer should miss frankly, watching relationship of judges, sad dialogues by iutomivshy duration a plot tie. In the second half the spring is straightened, the tape is filled with action and unexpected turns of a plot, but it did not help to rescue the final product any more.

In - the second, the choice for a leading role of Radford to whom in a lightweight detective story it was obviously rather small is doubtful. Especially after magnificent game actors in the tapes All presidential host Electric rider and Brubeyker . By the way, this failure for a long time beat out Radford from a saddle and after a failure Eagles of law in hire he did not act in six years at film, having returned on the big screen only in 1990 the movie Havana .

If not to know what Raytman and Radford separately are really capable of, their union, however, it is possible to consider as the quite good mainstream project. Involved veterans, the operator Laszlo Kovac and composer Elmer Bernstein in creation of the movie, the header song was sung by Rod Stewart, and in support to Radford provided two beauties - Debra Uinger and Daryl Hanna.

The main problem of the movie is in what to watch succession of events till a certain moment it is simply uninteresting. It`s a no-brainer that the unfortunate artist was done in deliberately by his bewitched friends therefore all intrigue consists in clarification of the specific villain. Here to creators everything is it was succeeded to keep secret till the end, in the final having surprised the viewer with the most unexpected candidate. But on it the ingenuity of authors ran low also all other events, including the romantic line between Logan and his assistant, and also natural Hollywood hepp - and, are quite expected and predictable.

Summary. A quite good disposable detektivchik with beautiful women at a background led by grown old, but still charming Radford. Now its place in a holder was surely taken by George Clooney who also periodically should play roles of representatives of the law. If you the fan of this subject are also wild about continuous use of a legal language and flashing lawyer speeches in court, I recommend to pay attention to above-mentioned screen versions of Grisham or to watch series Lawyers of Boston .