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What dishes will approach tea?

Art of tea drinking consist not only in ability to lay the tea table, to make tasty tea and to occupy guests with fascinating conversation. It is important to pick up successfully dishes which will accompany tea drinking.

Nourishingly and strong

Tea snack can be divided into four groups: nourishing, easy, sweet and fruktovo - berry. Dishes which guests are capable to gorge on are considered nourishing as it is easy to guess. First of all, it is pies and pies with thorough stuffings: meat, liver, egg, cabbage, fish, rice, mushrooms, cottage cheese, etc. Here also various snack pancakes belong.

To nourishing snack it is the best of all to give teas with bright, saturated taste. For a nourishing tea table strong black teas will become ideal: Ceylon, Indian (from Assam) and, sometimes, Kenyan (generally they are rough even for a nourishing table, but there are exceptions). From these teas it is not necessary to wait for any subtlety and refinement and they in this case and are not necessary. Strong teas will keep pleasant tartness and very pertinent dushistost which will perfectly add taste of baked and fried dishes. At desire it is possible to add sugar and/or milk to tea - to a nourishing tea table it will not damage.

Strong tea with plentiful and nourishing snack is a classics of the Russian table. Tradition it is not simple to drink tea, but to gorge on existed at us always: and in meshchansko - merchant, and in noble culture, and at the simple people.

Easily and curiously

Light meals are dishes which are convenient for eating, and not only at a table. If tea drinking informal, then with a light meal it is possible to stroll, either to stand, or to change from place to place. Among similar snack it is possible to call sandwiches (a baguette, butter dab, a slice of a light-salted trout etc., etc.) and sandwiches (we will tell, cucumber with cottage cheese cheese or any other of English cuisine). It is the most pleasant to eat them during conversation or behind any quiet entertainment: they also do not demand concentration (unlike the same pancakes), and perfectly support the general tone.

The best tea for light meals - Chinese black kimun (tsikhun) and blends on its basis ( Russian caravan ). An easy sushinka in taste of this tea and its delicate tartness in combination with light meals give curious effect - so-called effect of surprise: habitual dishes (that can be more banal than some sandwiches!) and usual, at first sight, tea together suddenly is given by unexpected nuances of taste. Besides a kimun with light meals smoked teas (in the simplest case - a Lapsang souchong) and teas with a bergamot are well drunk (only not strongly flavored). It is already best of all not to add sugar to these teas.

With pleasure and strictly With sweet snack everything is simple

: these are various desserts and sweets - confectionery, chocolate, jam, honey, nuts, pancakes with sweet stuffings, pastries. Without sweet snack the holiday table usually is not represented, and it is necessary to select to them tea especially attentively. And the choice can be carried out by two principles: tea or supplements sweet of snack, or resists to it. The result will be equally good.

In the first case the most successful company to sweet snack - the black flavored teas with a sweetish smell: orange, vanilla, peach, with aroma treat, etc. Such teas are pleasant to women more often. The combination of desserts to more strict teas will be to the taste to men. It is possible to carry to them kimun (together with blends) and Assam. And also the Nepalese teas, the Indian darzhiling (not the most refined, but in this case some roughness of tea is very pertinent) and the Chinese black teas which are on sale in Europe under the names Yunnan and Sichuan . All of them are drunk without sugar: to the flavored teas of rather own sweet, and in pure teas sugar will ruin that vigorous tartness which just and is a basis of pleasant opposition of tea and sweets.

The English classics

Selecting light and sweet meals to tea, it is impossible to ignore the English tea culture. In its classical option the tradition of such snack and their compatibility with classical English teas are brought to perfection.

Already mentioned sandwiches (two narrow strips of white loaf, a various gentle stuffing), skonsa enter a standard set of light English meals (peculiar, rough and slightly " sweet; " cookies; well combined with cream and jam) and fried small loafs (to which it is possible to give salty oil, honey or maple syrup). Sweet English tea snack - it is obligatory any ginger cakes (though simple ginger little men though magnificent ginger cakes), puddings, fruit and chocolate cakes and various cookies.

All these snack, both easy, and sweet, are perfectly combined with any traditional English teas - from rather thin (a darzhiling, blends on the basis of a kimun, Earl Grey) to very saturated (smoked teas, strong mixes for a breakfast).

By the way, in the menu of traditional English tea drinking - it is unimportant, morning or evening - not only tea and dishes which wash down with it enter. The English tea drinking is also small having a snack : salads, easy fish and meat dishes, and even white or sparkling wine will be very pertinent on a tea table. However, all this is seldom used directly with tea.

The fruit freshness

of Snack fruktovo - berry is, naturally, fruit and berries. Fresh and dried. The tradition to drink tea with fresh fruit and berries is widespread widely (so drank tea and in Russia - you remember, on a table at kustodiyevsky Tradeswomen there are both apples, and grapes, and a water-melon). And here tea with dried fruits is rather east custom, the East always surpassed by a variety and quality of dried and dried fruit the West.

Apples, pears, grapes, slices of a water-melon and a melon, peaches, apricots, strawberry, wild strawberry, raspberry (as well as fresh fruktovo - yagody desserts, including - with ice cream) are perfectly combined with tea. But only with tea same easy and fresh as they are.

Good green teas, including jasmine, slabofermentirovanny uluna (continental Tieguangyin, Taiwan Lishan, etc.) and the best darzhiling, fragrant and easy, with fresh fruit and berries will be drunk greatly - but under one condition. Snack has to be a little, they should not dominate on a tea table - their role in this case consists not in sating, and in that it is the most favorable to shade tea.

With dried fruits - the dried apricots, dates, dried pears, a dried melon, a dried cumquat candied by olives or dried plums with different aromas - teas not less refined, but more saturated are very good. These are Pu-erhs, the silnofermentirovanny and sustained uluna, the Taiwan red (black) teas and some, especially qualitative, grades of Assamese and Ceylon tea. Dried fruits - universal tea snack: easy, dietary, perfectly emphasizing taste of tea. And if you want to pay attention to drink, without reflecting, give to it dried fruits.