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How to untwist the website? Quality of content

We already understood that it is more important than qualitative and unique content if you want to untwist the website without investments and knowledge, there is nothing. After acceptance of this truth before persons interested to untwist the website there can be the following question:

And how to learn to create this most unique and qualitative content?

the Question of really thinking people and if you really want to receive on it the answer, then sooner or later you receive it for example if you read up this article up to the end! Let`s think what problems can arise before the people wishing to untwist the website by means of author`s content?

of the Problem

1. Quality of content does not give in to measurement. it I already wrote

of Missile defense in the previous article. Quality of articles and texts on the Internet is a conditional concept which for each person the.

2. Nobody seeks to create figs about to the Vyya texts.

of quality, it is possible to claim with confidence that her author did everything possible that it was as it is possible better and more usefully for the user. Only not always it turns out to write so that the text had success and demand.

3. People are not always rather informed in a subject on which it is necessary to write article.

Here, I think, everything is clear. People do not possess the necessary information which is necessary that the created content turned out qualitative.

4. People do not know about what to write. There are no ideas!

It is the main problems which can arise on the way idea - information - the article . How to solve all these problems and to learn to create qualitative author`s content?


1. Be focused on usefulness of content.

2. Do better, than at competitors.

3. Constantly study the niche to be aware of the latest events and innovations.

4. You watch what other authors in your niche write about.

5. Create more materials.

The more will be content, the quicker to you the success will come.

But, it is only theoretical councils thanks to which all of you will be able equally to achieve what all of you aspire to if you know what specifically to do.

Let`s pass already to practice because there is nothing more important it.

of the Practician

to learn to write qualitatively articles (that is just necessary for promotion of the website from full zero!) you have to use several the technician and the ways facilitating writing of any material.

1. First of all create the shock " file;.

Shock " file; (swipe the file) - all this the useful materials created on your subject and collected in one place for studying and the analysis.

Collecting the necessary information in the shock " file; you get huge field of activity on studying of materials that by all means will lead subsequently to emergence of your own articles.

Council: that yours shock " file; always was near at hand, it is possible to use a Google service. Documents are located at of Google. com. This service is very convenient to

in use. Thanks to a Google service, you will be able to look through the materials kept there anywhere, the main thing that there was an Internet access.

2. Use search engines for collection of information.

Searchers - the excellent tool for your filling shock " file;. Bring together all (well, or almost all) information on your subject (niche).

3. Collect content from blogs on your subject or the crossed subjects.

it is also simple to i to Find

information of your subject on blogs, as well as to find it by means of searchers. In fact this same. Distinction only that here it is necessary to add the word " to your key inquiry; blog .

For example, if your niche cross stitching , just hammer into the search engine cross stitching + blog , or so: blogs on cross stitching . Entering different key inquiries, you will find more and more various websites on your subject. Just copy the pleasant notes in the shock " file; with which you will work then - to look for ideas for the author`s articles.

Council: use different search engines (Google, Yandex, Rambler) to find more information since at identical inquiry results in each searcher will be various.

4. Look for useful materials at thematic forums. to

Here the situation is similar to a situation with search in blogs. Instead of the word blog you substitute - forum . Sometimes so it happens that, answering some question asked at a forum, people write nearly whole article. You have to seize such moments and not miss them.

After you are convinced that enough material is collected, you need to use it - to analyse, process and turn into the author`s content.

Use of collected content

1. Create abstracts materials. Having read

and having analysed, let us assume, 5 someone else`s articles, think how from them it is possible to write one, but more informative and qualitative. It is possible after you write it, it will become the fullest and complete guide on the subject.

2. Create " collections; materials.

Example: 10 main mistakes of men in a bed 8 secrets of magnificent sex for women or 7 qualities of the successful person etc. People love concrete figures in headings, and, as a rule, such articles are quite successful.

3. Create fights materials.

Example: Yandex. Direkt vs Google AdWords Nokia 5235 against Nokia 5250 etc. Usually such buttles create a quite good agiotage around article that leads to a large number of viewings.

4. Well and, at last, create the author`s content. Now you know

how to look for, collect, and to use information to create the author`s and unique content. The main thing, be not satisfied with what has already been achieved and be constantly improved. Improve the skill in writing articles.

And it as we know, is very important for promotion of the website from scratch.