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Adolf Hitler. What real consequences of its activity?

on January 30, 1933 to a post of a reykhskantsler of Germany there ascended Adolf Hitler. In a year after death of the president of Germany Hitler becomes the president of the country and his Supreme Commander. The state takes a way of fascist dictatorship.

All of us know about the main events connected with his life is World War II and the Holocaust. Millions of people were tortured and killed because of Hitler`s regime; and those who survived at that time forever kept scars in the souls and hearts.

Briefly there would be enough listed above Hitler`s crimes with interest to consider him as one of the most negative persons for all history of mankind. Nothing can be more valuable than human life. Nobody will argue with it. Therefore when people begin to dig in fascism consequences, the majority nervously wave away - say why to rake over the past, and so everything is clear.

Unfortunately, it not so. That is everything is clear to not everyone.

I suggest to mention in this article those consequences of Hitler`s regime which most often remain in the shadow of his greatest crimes, but which made not less pernicious impact on the human world.

Cold war

Global geopolitical and ideological opposition of two countries of winners of the fascist mode - the USSR and the USA. Cold war split the world into two parts and for more than 40 years seriously complicated a political situation in the world.

Cold war exerted significant negative effect, unfortunately, on the USSR because if we did not lag behind in race of arms, then really lost in race of ideologies.

Trying to unite the population around idea bright future the Soviet governors at the roots cut off all rich cultural heritage of Russia. As a result, when Iron Curtain failed, our country was not ready at all to filter all information which began to arrive to us from the West.

It led to the fact that in the territory of the former USSR steel as mushrooms to propagate various criminal sects, the occult organizations and just swindlers.

Modern expression which is often used by our politicians in pre-election speeches, search of national idea - says to us that Russia as the kulturoobrazuyushchy power, is on the brink of disaster.


Is the well-known expression - to go too far . All of us know that if strongly to go too far in one party, and then to release, then it, in turn, will be bent to the opposite side.

The fascism brought to the world discrimination on racial and on a religious sign. Fruits of this discrimination are really awful.

First of all, it is expressed that millions of innocent people died; millions of families were destroyed. Many consider that the Nuremberg process is a point in fascism in the world. But I do not agree with it.

Having begun to unbend a stick which was bent by Adolf Hitler`s regime, the world community it bent in other party - extreme liberalism appeared. People spoke against in general any discrimination, any bans, it was not important, correct or not. Various currents (subcultures) which spoke against in general any dogmas and foundations began to appear. The most famous representative of these currents are a hippie with their slogan Make love, not war!

As a result universal values which for centuries world society sacredly stored appeared under the threat of destruction - first of all, I speak about a family. Disrespect for parents and the senior generation, the free relations, ignoring of ethical standards and morals led to the fact that the institute of a family in the world reeled.

Children began to be given birth less, abortions became more, stains became a norm - it is the first call. The legalized same-sex marriages, juvenile justice are the second call.

Similar radical liberalism is, in my opinion, a consequence of horrors of World War II and the Holocaust.


what I write is my personal opinion. I understand that everyone has the right for the point of view. I just would like to draw your attention to these questions and problems that you reflected or even participated in discussion (if it is, of course).

Any excesses - it is wrong. It is important to find that golden mean and to try to keep in it.

P. S. I ask forgiveness if someone`s feelings were restrained by me. A subject, certainly, debatable, but, in my opinion, about this it is necessary to speak and write.