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To return sight to a blind goldfish of Graye. Really? Let`s try?

My name is Igor. I want to offer on yours court the history - perhaps it will seem to you interesting. I live in Moscow. I work as the aquarian (more than ten years). Including I look after aquariums in pet-shop. About a few months ago, to us the party of goldfishes came to shop. They unfortunately got sick. The illness was serious - all small fishes except one - died. The survived goldfish completely lost sight. For the rest it completely recovered. Approximately in the same time article from the Russian Reporter magazine - " got to me; The Brain can do everything . In it, in particular, it was told about the available scientific developments in sight restoration even at hopelessly blind people (you can read this article on my website). And then at me in the head there was a picture there was an idea - I decided to try to return sight to a blind goldfish. I created the website about Grayyu (the reference to the website in personal data, also without effort you will find the website through search engines - Graya one such). Online adjusted on it broadcast of an aquarium in which there lives Graya (so I called a small fish) and began to collect and to post various information on sight treatment on the website. And gradually (having studied various information on to the subject came to a conclusion that my idea not such and fantastic . But the most important - I want that Graye`s sight was returned (if it is possible technically ) absolutely free of charge!!! The essence of my idea is that if learns the big number of people (and they will be interested in its destiny) about Graye operation will be performed free of charge! And it will be favorable to those who will make it (also learns many people about them). During the existence (it is slightly more than three months) my site was visited by more than one and a half thousand people (learned about Grayyu more of six thousand people (the statistics of the website is public)). My idea seemed to very much of them interesting (several people took part in discussion on my website). But nevertheless, for implementation of my invention (to return sight it is free) this number of people obviously insufficiently. The success of my action directly depends on the size of audience which will watch Grayey. People are interested in a subject (and sympathize) - I checked. To me (individually) to collect necessary audience for implementation of my plan it is problematic - I too already checked it. Therefore decided to share the idea on pages of the magazine. Perhaps to you, at first sight my idea will seem not deserving attention? (in life there are also much more important problems). But, as to me it is thought, it is important to people to distract sometimes from the cares, and just to switch (especially there are enough problems at all). Here such funny thing was born in Russia). I by the way (following in the footsteps of not without the known octopus of Paul) suggested people to test Grayyu as the fortuneteller (so far to it sight was not returned). And what? Graya goldfish? (grants desires). Blind? (association with Vangoy). Generally I invite you to study my website - we will communicate, we will discuss various versions of the solution of this problem. By the way - in the MEMBER OF THE KOMSOMOL there lived a rabbit Pavlik. Too predicted (guessed). 120 thousand to the people looked at it). So - it is interesting to people). And it is interesting to me to do it. INTERESTINGLY!!!

At least to me would be desirable to find adherents. As at most - to try to return Graye`s sight. You will tell - a fantasy? And I so do not think! And I - think how to try to carry out it. Successful operations on animals were already performed. People operate too. And fishes? I in any case did not meet such information. So why not to try? Same to interesno:postavit a task which (perhaps) still nobody carried out - and to find the solution. Eventually Graya has the right to SEE. I would like to consider this problem from various aspects. Join!

Vazhno:ya I am not going to ask money for Graye`s operation (not under any circumstances). If operation is possible - it will be carried out free of charge. But for this purpose it is necessary that about Grayyu learned a large number of people. If it was pleasant to you - just tell about Grayyu to the friends.

My plan of return of sight of Graye is as follows:

Is admissible about Grayu recognizes one million people (and to them it will be interesting - whether to turn out to return it sight?) . Then I will look for clinic (scientists) which can carry out similar operation. If Grayey is watched by many people - the clinic to agree to perform operation free of charge (too one million to the people learns about them - it what advertizing) especially there is it not astronomical money.

my idea consists in that (and it is interesting to me) - whether it is possible to achieve in our country the same results as in Europe (reaction of people I mean) in respect of interest destiny of various animals. Here to you the last example:

rian. ru/animals/20110112/320745364. Why in Germany it is possible html

? And whether something is possible similar in Russia? Here I also want to learn.

P. S. I ask not to be indignant on the fact that I decided to try to return sight to a small fish, but not the person (I already happened to face similar reaction to the idea). Everyone tries to be engaged in the fact that it is interesting to it at the concrete moment - I dare to assure that my interests (and the feasible help to people around) are not limited to a small fish. I ask to speak on the subject designated in article. With pleasure I will answer your questions.