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Whether it is possible to win against a sleet, knowing English?

to Learn or not to study English? Recently more and more people ask this question. And the answer is prompted now by life.

On the eve of New year the family of my good acquaintance went to visit to the friend of the family to Sweden. At once I will pay attention that they went all family, and it: two adults and two children, to one of whom 3 years will only be executed. Flight to Sweden took place perfectly, without any troubles.

But the way back home turned just into the real test and the endurance test. As you remember, December surprised all Russians with unexpectedly expected to fall sleet which covered all with the thick layer of an ice crust and which at once followed it plentiful snowfall which for several days paralyzed work of the Moscow airports.

Here our adventure also began with it.

The departure from Sweden was planned for December 28. But weather conditions unexpectedly interfered and completely cancelled this plan, and it became clear only at the airport of Sweden, and, of course, nerves of mother and father were on a limit as it was necessary to calm tired children, especially little son whose joyful mood in general somehow very quickly disappeared when it became clear that it is necessary to sit at the airport and to wait for indefinite time when they declare a departure. In several hours of painful expectation it became known that the departure in general is cancelled as Moscow closed the airports and does not accept planes.

And here - to be in time home by New year and to find out time of the next departure, and was necessary to pull out from the storeroom of memory all stocks of the English words and turns, and what was remembered at English lessons at school.

It was necessary to approach a window of help and to obtain full information that occurs. But add to it that nerves not only passengers, but also employees of the airport by the time of this communication were heated that only aggravated misunderstanding and created additional irritation. Generally, dialogue did not take place, to find out when it is possible to leave the country, it was not possible. Of course, the mood at our family deteriorated finally, and the father`s anger just took already menacing forms.

But, fortunately, the girl who not only perfectly knew English was near, but also very friendly agreed to help to learn all necessary information. In general, only thanks to it, our family changed flight, and all - took off home Moscow, it was only necessary to make it through Denmark and already next day, on December 29.

But on an arrival home, misadventures did not end since only at the airport of Moscow it became known that the baggage is lost, it even just did not take off from Sweden. It finally discomposed our travelers since. in a suitcase there were not just necessary daily things, but gifts for New year which very carefully and specially were chosen the abroad for New year. The holiday was saddened more and more!

But besides, the acquaintance who in perfection knows English came to the rescue which phoned to airline which organized flight (there spoke only English), explained everything, left the written application. The company completely settled this question, having returned baggage in several days, having compensated the defects and having apologized. The holiday took place! Gifts were presented! Miracles happen, especially on New Year`s Eve! But those miracles which we create the hands are the most expensive!

Morals from here such is that, of course, nearby there are a lot of sympathetic friends and just good people who are ready to come to the rescue at a difficult moment!

But the most important is that it is necessary most to know language, i.e. if you want to change something in the world, then it is necessary to begin with itself.

It is possible to blame, of course, weather, the careless staff of the airports, slow service personnel, but knowledge of English - it is sometimes simple rescue and the only way of a solution.

So to increase the knowledge of English and to choose for itself suitable courses, pay attention to the next moments:

1. Occupations have to be effective - i.e. that material which you study has to have PRACTICAL application. It can be used at once in life in real situations.

2. Approach has to be consecutive - from simple to difficult. Today at a lesson sorted, for example, as my name is and where I live, and tomorrow, expression that would occur if Vasya repaid me a debt in time. Such principle does not work. Material has to undertake gradually. One piece is sorted, students acquired it, we take following.

3. Students who finish training at courses have to be happy with results. Ask to look or read responses of those who already passed though something on these courses. It is always a good indicator of quality of training on courses.

4. There have to be many practical tasks that there was opportunity directly at a lesson to speak English.

5. It is desirable that occupations took place in groups since then you have an opportunity more to practice and hear and understand different pronunciations, and most to communicate more, overcoming own constraint and eliminating discomfort from communication in other language.

Well, let`s begin to work small wonders. Take the first step - visit our fact-finding lesson!