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What is wanted by the woman, or the Mistake of men in my bed of

is not pleasant to Many men when their behavior in sex is analyzed and estimated. It awfully angers them. It seems to them that all only and think how poizoshchryonny to humiliate their man`s advantage. But you are not my man, and we not in a bed therefore I can tell a little what is not pleasant to me. Perhaps, it is also useful to someone.

- you do not want to use a condom? Good-bye.

- I what, it is similar to the person sick with AIDS?

Well and how you will order to talk to it further?

Maybe will be enough to fill up in twenty seconds after proximity? Maybe will be enough to turn away to a wall? Banal, in principle, things, but how many even centuries you can go on about it? To what persistent! Well everything will be made in order that the woman did not want to repeat it with you... Yes give you to it a little attention and warmth not TO, and AFTER - to you with interest everything will return! The woman very watchfully waits how will treat her after passion. Otherwise there is a smack of an ispolzovannost...

Men, why you so quickly become not original? Your actions become more and more automatic each time. And here I already know - now he will make it, then is. Same every time... It is boring. As Monday. As a result the first romantic heat leaves and you get used to master two primitive operations with the woman and at the same time absolutely sincerely do not understand why and for what it is necessary to spend forces for something bigger and to pay from the internal resources. And whether costs. Or you understand, but to pay there is nothing?

And there are persons who saw enough a porno and confident in a deep priobshchyonnost to this business. Here where all miracles of acrobatics are shown! And everything is empty... It is only equipment more than nothing. The female body does not respond to pure mechanics. And erogenous zones, in my opinion, concept not so anatomic. It is not a certain part of the body, and even not in a way of impact on it. Somewhere I heard that the main erogenous zone - a brain. I quite agree with it.

And still... Please, do not awake me finally at night if I obviously am not located to the fact that you want. Sometimes the only desire which wakes up at me at this moment - to hit to you on a physiognomy :) I am not always such, but if I persistently do not want to react whether it means that I really terribly want to sleep?.

Also there will be enough already each sexual intercourse to hand over as Lenin offset! There will be enough quantity of my orgasms to carry as asterisks on shoulder straps. Really you think that I do not see it? You behave so as if around a bed the examination committee sits. Also you work not for me, and on an assessment...

Do not dare to lean on me all over! Do not tear my linen. Buy and tear how many will take in head!. Do not tell me about the last girlfriends. I just do not wish to listen to it!. Move away the jealous dog! She growls every time when I touch you.

And still men have no such mistakes which would be awful and irreparable. Everything can always be discussed and corrected if from two it it is not pleasant to someone. The main thing - to learn to communicate with each other and to make of everything light.