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Voice of America: The American bloggers criticize Khodorkovsky of

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Victoria Kupchinetskaya

Voice of America writes:

If professional American journalists and observers unanimously criticize a sentence to Khodorkovsky and judicial system in Russia, then the American bloggers express criticism and to the most disgraced oligarch, and also to the western mass media which in the eye the mote is not seen . the Famous blogger, professor of the State university in Sacramento Dwayne Campbell notes

on the website choosingdemocracy. blogspot that the American mass media do not write that Khodorkovsky - really the swindler also stole at the Russian people 20 billion dollars .

In 2006 he was 16 - m the richest person in the world because robbed the Yukos company which he acquired by frauds and plunders, - considers national journalist . - These means were stolen at the Russian people during transition of the country to market economy. Khodorkovsky was prosecuted and found guilty of corruption and failure to pay the taxes .

the Blogger agrees that Khodorkovsky was not the only thing who was engaged in plunder of the Russian resources (now, according to the estimates of Duane Campbell, in Russia about 10 large oligarchs and about one hundred more small ) and justice in this case selectively . But, according to professor of the State university in Sacramento, Khodorkovsky was the most courageous and became the richest. Perhaps, the blogger adds, the country with insufficiently developed economy is not capable to condemn all the oligarchs guilty of plunders yet?

But let`s compare a situation in Russia to a situation in the USA when as a result of corruption of the American financiers on Wal - the Street the economy of the USA lost about 13 trillion dollars, - the blogger writes. - However heads of major companies still on freedom - some only paid penalties. Such financiers as Richard Martin (Richard Martin), Jeffrey Leyn (Jeffry Lane), Matyyu Tangning (Mathew Tannin) from the Bear Stern company; Joseph Cassano (Joseph Cassano), Maurice Greenberg (Maurice Greenberg), Robert Uillumstad (Robert Willumstad) from the AIG company, Angelo Mosilo (Angelo Mozilo) from the Country Wide company - all of them on freedom. But they did more harm, from - for them more workplaces are lost, the bigger loss, than in a case with Khodorkovsky is caused to economy. But mass media in the USA speak only about such insignificant players as Berney Madoff .

the Blogger John Chakman, the economist by profession who was earlier working in the big oil company considers that in the USA and own problems there is a lot of - for example, the biggest in the Western world per capita the number of prisoners in the American prisons.

But once the Russian billionaire gets to repartition, about this business begin to blow at once as about unfair, - the blogger on the website wordpress writes. - Journalists do not want to analyse conditions and consequences of disintegration of the Soviet Union when such people as Khodorkovsky, tried in every way, parting forcibly others elbows, to take control of resources of the Soviet state. I am convinced that many journalists who so yaro criticize a sentence to Khodorkovsky understand nothing in the Russian vessels and the laws .