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The Internet - a mirror of our life. Whether there is in it a deception?

By the nature of the activity I daily should travel around a world wide web. And if many, like me, visit the Internet owing to production duties, then some consider it as an earnings source.

However to be surprised there is nothing: the number of the various advertizing urging to be enriched exceeds all reasonable limits. And if we, watching advertizing on TV, with irony smile, understanding that its most part - elementary deception, then on the Internet many behave absolutely in a different way.

Certainly, the contribution crisis brought - many stretched in the Internet, in hope to earn in it. In the majority, it is the inexperienced users of a network who do not have deep data on work of the Internet or people, pecked on advertizing - only one Forex of what costs.

And it is valid what Internet in respect of earnings? And whether it is possible in it to run on deception? I always considered that the Internet - reflection of our life. In it there is a deception, truly? Why don`t it be on the Internet?

Unfortunately, people think of such questions later. Reflect when time when money when were invested and lost is in vain spent... It is possible to continue long...

No, of course, on the Internet there are ways to earn. And many of them are described on our website: someone earns from file hosting services, and someone likes to look through advertizing for money. And someone and on Forex tries to catch good luck. As they say, to everyone - the.

So in what a problem? A problem in us. We do not want patiently works, gradually increasing the profit. Life is accelerated - today`s slogans of life: Enjoy life to the full! and Live on full! . And, naturally, having seen the banner urging to live on full, that is to earn dollars so 50 in day the person follows this appeal. In most cases - without reflecting. You want examples? Please!

How many now advertizing about Forex? No, let`s raise a question not so. Let`s ask where it is absent? On the Internet is, on the TV is, the city transport is overflowed with it. And, tell that the hard worker who saw a leaflet in the subway, and got a false idea himself the trader will be able to earn from Forex? I am not inclined to conduct polemic about the possibility of earnings on Forex, an essence not in it. The person saw advertizing, decided to be engaged in earnings at the exchange (that speaks, by the way, in its advantage), made the deposit and successfully left it in the dealing center. Why? Because he knew about existence of the false dealing centers using technology of deception under the name kitchen . Because thoroughly did not check everything...

And various the Internet - the pyramids appearing with an enviable regularity? Such constancy speaks only about one - there are people trying to improve thus the financial position. Correct, clear, not everyone...

It is clear, such people are guilty of something. But whether it is possible to condemn them for it?

Listening to what is told us on the TV and reading newspapers, we learned to distinguish lie from the truth. Because the last cruelly beats us every day. We learned not to trust the government, banks and various funds but, in fact, we remain children, going online. And in it it is even more deception. For one simple reason - it gives great opportunities to any person. Can create the website any now - free designers full - fully. We also see consequences of it: the lime exchange offices, the false websites of viewing of advertizing, resources urging to trade in diamonds and gold, investing in it money etc.

What purpose of this article? And what to do - at all not to go to the Internet? Of course to go. To go and use its benefits, but at the same time not to lose the head. And to remember: the Internet - a mirror of our life.