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How to be prepared for the wedding?

the Wedding - a cheerful and joyful event which happens time in life. (Though sometimes everything occurs, as in the song eh time, once again, is a lot more - many times .) In the course of the organization of a wedding the world rises upside down. Not to lose important points of a wedding celebration from a look, we will analyse it point by point.

So, at first it is necessary to define date of a wedding and to submit the application to the REGISTRY OFFICE. Term between filing of application about registration of marriage and day of its registration makes from 1 to 2 months. If you have good reasons, then term can reduce. Sunday and Monday - the days off.

At the following stage it is important to decide on the number of guests whom you want to invite to the holiday. There is a wish to make this day unforgettable and to spend it with the most beloved and dear people, but they appear much more, than you assumed, and often many of them you saw all time in life and that in the early childhood. The monetary aspect of the forthcoming celebration will help to resolve this issue, it is important to define quantity of money which you are ready to spend then the question with quantity of invited will disappear by itself.

As a rule, in a percentage ratio the picture of the invited guests looks so: 50% - from the groom and 50% - from the bride. According to the number of guests the place for holding a celebration is selected. It can be restaurant, the steamship, the beach, the estate 18 - go centuries or even a roof of a skyscraper, but the main thing - it has to be the place where it will be comfortable to you and your guests where tasty feed and hospitably welcome guests.

Invite the host (from freight. tamadoba - a seniority during a feast) which will accompany with cheerful toasts and competitions wedding evening, and di - Jay who will provide music of evening. And professional photos - and video operators will imprint this joyful event.

Provide in the scenario (if at you the hand is raised to write it) troubadours and other entertainments.

One more important question - what to put on?! If men are not so scrupulous in this question, then for brides is the whole history! Wedding dresses such set that there is a wish to buy everything and at once, and needs to be chosen only one dress. And sometimes it happens so that it is far more difficult to find a suitable dress, than to find the husband. By the way, modern brides not so scrupulously treat wedding attribute. If at the time of our grandmothers it was accepted to store a wedding dress, then at the moment it is possible to hire a dress. Anyway, to solve only to you.

If the wedding dress is necessary for you for only one day, then wedding rings will be with you throughout all long and, undoubtedly, happy matrimonial life. The choice of rings will also be difficult. Traditional gold rings 585 - y tests, owing to the structure (58. 5% of gold and 41. 5% of other metals, such as silver and copper), long do not lose gloss and beauty of gold. Rings 750 - y tests (an alloy of 75% of pure gold and 25% of impurity), owing to the fact that rings turn out softer, than in alloys of rings 585 - y tests are in smaller demand, and, so and are subject to deformations.

However not all gold that shines. Without exaggeration it is possible to note that now lovers even more often give preference to platinum. Platinum in itself - strong and dense metal, it well gives in to polishing therefore platinum rings will be practically in original state throughout long time. By the way, there are also examples of original wedding rings from the titan, copper and meteoric iron.

A wedding train - one more important detail of wedding day. It is possible to be, of course, originals and to move in the wedding day only by the subway, - any traffic jams and the general attention is provided to you. And if joking apart, then the question of transport is not less important. Each girl dreams that behind her the prince on a white horse rode, though the white limousine will approach too. It is necessary to approach the choice of cars carefully. There is a great variety of firms which are engaged in a car rental, but along with it there is also a risk to make an incorrect choice, and in the wedding day to be left without car of the dream, or instead of a desired white brilliant limousine to receive something, on as there is no wish to look.

Therefore remember several important points. At the choice of the car it is impossible to be limited to the correspondence acquaintance to it. Demand from a motor show of an internal meeting with that car which to you is leased. Carefully examine a car. Whether in a suitable state salon whether there is no fetid odor? Signing the contract with a motor show, pay attention to date and time of giving of the car, make of the car and number (whether it coincides with that which to you was just shown). Thus, you will secure yourself against unpleasant surprises in day of a celebration.

It seems, everything is ready. It was necessary to print (for example, on a rose bud) wedding invitations and to send to guests.

We hope, our instruction will help you at the organization of a wedding. But, that the holiday did not turn into a traditional drinking bout with " salad; " Russian salad; and the host with an accordion, address professionals who will save yours time - money, and will make your wedding ONE AND ONLY as you!